[BE ORIGINAL] TXT(투모로우바이투게더) 'New Rules' (4K UHD)



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    [BE ORIGINAL] TXT 'New Rules' (4K UHD)
    [비 오리지널] 투모로우바이투게더 'New Rules'
    본새 943퍼 장착한 TXT 'New Rules'
    넘 멋있어서 왼발 오른발 동동 •••
    오프닝 천재 제스쳐 천재 얼굴 천재들❤
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    1. S T A R M Y

      You know what's more hot? ATEEZ × TXT

    2. tae 04vkook:3

      hermoso baile y el arte que le ponen a esta gran canciòn

    3. Saskia Oosterwolde

      This is the video with the most views on studio Chom so let’s try and keep it that way and get the video to atleast 10m views fighting moa💜

    4. Anastasia Erich


    5. Kai Kamal


    6. Sun YaN

      Иччи не достойны

    7. Sun YaN

      А почему нет собсна

    8. Sun YaN

      Стримим стримим

    9. Sun YaN

      Иччи не победят, пошли к черту

    10. ᅵ나임ᅵ

      노래 진짜 너무 좋다 대박.......

    11. Serena Moon

      Suuuppeeer ❤❤❤

    12. Kayla Sullivan

      Their almost as good as BTS (my opinion)

      1. Marialuz

        pls don't compare them Moa are so sensitive mostly who don't stan bts..thank youu

    13. cherrylia믿지_ MIDZY

      boys with talent

    14. cherrylia믿지_ MIDZY

      i love txt

    15. Waeng Taebeom

      I watch this daily ngl

    16. mari s.

      Taehyun is art.

    17. mari s.

      Beomgyu love ya.

    18. mari s.

      Yeonjun love it.

    19. mari s.

      Soobin is so sexy~

    20. mari s.

      Kai is so beautiful.

    21. mari s.

      *_Choi Soobin!_* *_Choi Yeonjun!_* *_Choi Beomgyu!_* *_Kang Taehyun!_* *_Huening Kai!_* *Tomorrow x Together!*

    22. mari s.

      *_Choi Soobin!_* *_Choi Yeonjun!_* *_Choi Beomgyu!_* *_Kang Taehyun!_* *_Huening Kai!_* *Tomorrow By Together!*

    23. mari s.

      tomorrow x together

    24. glovia sempra

      Who is here ?

      1. sk doremi


    25. angie E

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="164">2:44</a> look at soobin... HE'S BEING RUDE

    26. sandro emilio tamargo rojas

      I❤ TXT

    27. mari s.

      *Tomorrow x Together*

    28. mari s.


    29. mari s.


    30. mari s.


    31. mari s.

      *_Choi Soobin!_* *_Choi Yeonjun!_* *_Choi Beomgyu!_* *_Kang Taehyun!_* *_Huening Kai!_* *Tomorrow By Together!*

    32. mari s.

      Kang Taehyun so cute

    33. mari s.

      vieron a taehyun, god is taehyun

    34. mari s.

      MOA GO, 10M!!!!

    35. 모두 예쁜데 나만 캥거루

      하루 한끼는 걸러도 이 스튜춤은 거를 수가 없다🤧

    36. 최연준처돌이

      이거 학교에서 큰 화면으로 보면 너어어어어무 좋아요 완벽한 투밧투의 미모와 춤선을 볼 수 있죠

    37. Yumiko Gacha

      Their legs- They're so tall- THEY LOOK LIKE ANIME CHARACTERS

    38. Liyelle Fantasia

      Can't wait to see them perform this again after a few years💙💙

    39. Liyelle Fantasia

      5 visualsssss

    40. Liyelle Fantasia

      I really love their choreo. It's so unique

    41. Fatani Ainunnisa

      It's almost 10M viewers OMG!!

    42. 뮤무

      이래서 첫 컨셉이 중요한 거임 투바투 잘 모르지만 첫 느낌에 약간 해리포터 학생들이 머글 세계에 몰래 침투한 느낌이었는데 이 영상에서도 그 느낌 강하게 보여서 좋다 ,,

    43. Lewis -


    44. Lewis -


    45. Hadrian Dias

      Feels like yesterday

    46. Isti_

      I watching this while waiting their next comeback

      1. Hadrian Dias


    47. 가로우와이프님

      진짜 휴닝카이 미쳤냐 존나 빛나 연하왕자님아

    48. jungkook aegyo

      *Lets make this to 10M*

    49. bibidijun

      Day 15 Hang on MOAs comeback is near

    50. ᄏᄏ

      휴닝카이 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    51. chivaaree bb

      its just me or what but this is the only video i seen in studio choom to have a subtitles?

      1. Hadrian Dias


      2. esperiwinkle

        studio choom txt-biased wbk 🤭💅

    52. Janet Park


    53. dinayunyta famili

      txt fighting!!!!!!!

    54. Milky Moon

      Not a day I don’t come here.

    55. enxlumière

      9,302,672 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="806">13:26</a>

    56. 쪼꼬라떼

      뜰마다 들어와서 댓글 다는 건데 최연준 진짜 개미쳣음 저 얼굴은 사람이 아니다 ㄹㅇ 하늘에서 내려온 천상계 미모 ;; 사람이 어떻게 저렇게 생겨 ?

    57. Yeon Bin

      Lets make this video 10M views

    58. Ksa Ksa


    59. Jonathan B. Diamante


    60. Lewis -


    61. Lewis -


    62. Ayato

      Best Kpop choreo ever!!

    63. Malfunctioning Multistan

      Im offended at how small taehyun’s waist is

      1. Onize Ajayi

        Actually tho They're all so smol and in beautiful shape. I love❤❤❤

    64. mari s.


    65. Rossi Mhh


    66. Soobin Suga


    67. 熊亞っ

      10M MOA GO GO

    68. kpop fan

      slow-mo hits different in this video if you put it to 0.75

      1. Onize Ajayi

        You're so right I'm loving it ❤

      2. Squishy Candy

        Ikr, like this song literally can do no wrong.

    69. 보노보노

      ㅁㅊ:::::: 나 왜 이거 지금 봤냐::: 얼굴 화질 무빙 삼박자 개완벽깔쌈하네

    70. bibidijun

      Day 14

    71. yu-77 99

      Yeonjun 💗💗💗💗💗💗

    72. lucci silla

      next 10M

    73. Sofia Kim

      Is it just me or the BTS fanchant fits the intro? Love them and TXT too

      1. Laetis Sea

        Not only with this song, also Crown, Run Away and CWJLTMA

    74. Dee Honey


    75. bangtanholic _

      Questions I think about 3. Is there intelligent life on other planets than the earth? 2. What is the meaning of the life? 1. How can I be biaswrecked by my own bias?

    76. jimin logist

      THE VIEWS 💅

      1. mari s.

        stre3m please

    77. 빛멘수데나즈

      Turkey !!! Go to Turkey !!!! 터키 !!!!!!!

    78. 빛멘수데나즈

      Go to turkey !!!!! i love you txt :))

    79. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27

      Let's str3@m this MOAs let's makes this to hits more million v13ws!! while str3@ming the mvs let's also watch this atleast 2-3 times a day!

    80. 모아미 _Kim Angie 27

      10M is coming soon~~