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    Relive José Mourinho's Internazionale defeat Bayern in the 2010 UEFA Champions League final in Madrid.
    The #UCL Final Flashback series takes an amazing behind-the-scenes look at some of the greatest finals in the competition's history. An episode will publish every Sunday before a Champions League match-week through the 2018/19 season.
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    1. Kevin Adun

      Die hard inter fan from west Africa the Gambia 🇬🇲

    2. Akbar Ganie

      Forza inter

    3. Dot Hedot

      Love you inter💙🖤


      I love INTERNAZIONALE forever

    5. Yuxor


    6. William Ramos

      Never knew Rocky played football

    7. 4.20

      Love you jose

    8. Ayush Mishra

      For me mouronho is the father of ideal counterattacking team

    9. Paolo Ghirardini

      I'm an Inter fan since 1988, when Lothar Matthaus played in our team and we won the italian title against the fabulous AC Milan of the dutch players and Napoli with Maradona

    10. Ady Dee

      Back then when nobody knew how to counter Mourinho instant park the bus tactic

    11. Bauscia78

      Juventus's fans will never understand what it meant, will never feel this emotion. PAZZA INTER AMALA!!!

    12. Vito Milia

      Dopo 10 anni Il magnifico triplete dell'Inter continua a logorare chi non ce l'ha.

    13. Valeriano Cipoletta

      🖤💙tutti nel ❤per sempre tutta la vita

    14. Clau Ferna

      Que hermoso e increible equipo , muy competitivo y prevalece el compañerismo y el respeto mutuo .Tengo que ser sincera se extraña mucho este equipo ,los jugadores , como circulaban la pelota , claramente el juego , bárbaro !! Abrazos y todo mi cariño a cada uno de los jugadores y el cuerpo técnico .Muchas gracias por todo. VAMOS MI QUERIDO INTER 😍💋❤️❤️

    15. Felipe Castillo

      10 years

    16. Crazy Diamond

      La prima squadra in Italia ad aver centrato il triplete...Un primato che nessuno potrà mai eguagliare...

    17. Cristian Fuentes

      So happy 4 Zannetti great player.

    18. M


    19. Francesca Bortoluzzi

      2010 Inter...One of best team ever 🖤💙

    20. Blanco el manco

      Hoy 10 años... internazionale we love you

    21. houssam dz

      بعد مرور 10 سنوات على اللقاء 22/5/2020

    22. Andrew Mocella

      10 years ago me chills and gets me choked up at the same time!

    23. Ergün Doğan Official

      Yolu Türkiye'den geçenlerin finali gibi Hamit Ribery Pandev Snijder Eto'o Quaresma Başka var mı?

    24. Nikolas

      Orlandoni's UCL: 1 Buffon and Ibrahimovic's UCL: 0

    25. JustMe _

      McDonald Mariga 1 champions, Ibrahimovic 0

    26. Jason Won

      GOod job spoiling the match with the title

    27. GoodNews4You

      Mourinho is perfectly suited for Italian football with his counterattacking style He should go back and win the champions league with juventus

    28. Omkar Chavan

      I miss this Jose

    29. Ony Prasetyo

      In memoriam very beautiful for inter...

    30. Idham Halim


    31. Theo Wee

      Kenangan terindah selama saya hidup mendukung inter milan

    32. Mas Pur

      Jose Mourinho is specialized one

    33. WELLE TV

      Arnautovic wins more Champions League than Ibrahimovic XD LOL

    34. InterNiuniu


    35. Super Francy Bros

      Bayern Munich-Inter Milan is the new Germany-Italy😂😂😂😂

    36. andra12 markovic

      As a bayern fan this hurt

    37. Zlasim Ibrasimovich


    38. Mannan Habibi

      Forza inter... Emmuach

    39. Christian hou

      good memory for our inter Milan fans

    40. Cristiano Fumagalli

      Pure emotions, pure joy, pure football beauty Everything else is just bullshit

    41. Ivan Drago

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="525">8:45</a>

    42. Enzo Montaruli

      Milito not even in the best 23 in the Balon d'Or List that year...a real shame.

    43. imam ruanagara

      Forza Inter !

    44. Ben Ben

      Milito was a fucking beast in the game!!!!!!!!!

    45. Guilherme Bittar

      That's what happens when Mourinho doesn't need deal with tantrums from his man-child players

    46. Nathan De Jongh

      Diegoal Milito

    47. oladapo julius

      Great strikes, great game

    48. Diego Electro

      Milito, zanetti, cambiasso 🇦🇷👏

    49. Ismael Barre

      Beyern is the worst team the can’t win at their stadium

    50. Yamil Cordoba

      Grande Milito, hizo goles en todos los partidos claves en las tres competiciones

    51. Taziah Slentiller

      You should put a hidden camera when halftime team talk on Inter side, cause that team is killing every top team in europe, and of course we want to hear mourinho psycho his players.

    52. André Moura

      Melhor treinador do mundo ele é português ele é único ele é José Mourinho! 🇵🇹🇵🇹

    53. Rodolfo Aguilar

      mi Equipo mi Corazon

    54. Izzat Shariff

      Cambiasso, zanetti, samuel, milito. That inter is more of an argentinian team than an italian team.

    55. Arik Bonex

      The real Ballon d'or Wesley Sneijder

    56. Benjamin Tanuwira

      How I wish I could go back to May 22 10

    57. Nabil french

      Well Sylvester Stallone was a great player

    58. Kate Music ID

      FoorzA Inter..

    59. Guanpeng Gao

      As an Inter fan, I respect Mourinho forever

    60. Pero Radova

      Sneijder and Milito were fookin Monsters in that game, that season.. This is what INTER should be.. a team that has some of the greatest players in history yet still short of European trophies.. chasing ACMILANS Euro-pedigree.. Inter definitely needs to be contesting the CL every fucking year

    61. Riccardo Vailati

      Rivedere questa partita e la partita dei Mondiali 2006 dell'Italia contro la Germania mi emoziona sempre tantissimo

    62. King Tshilobo

      That inter team wasn't just fair.. Diego Milito bad man

    63. Honey Lindsay

      Jose is the best. GOAT

    64. Running With Chris

      This is why I love football. You can go back to these classic matches & the emotions never goes away. Missing the Champions League & Football overall!!!!

    65. Muhammad Abdullah

      "35","70" awesome diego.. internazionale match 2×35 FT👏👏👏

    66. Bayu Pramono

      ada yang dari Indonesia?

    67. Nicolò Fusi

      Chi è dell'Inter metta like

    68. Daniel Ilibman

      damn bayern had an awful team that starting XI is horrific kinda makes you wonder how they made it to the final in the beginning well if totenham made it last year then i guess any one can

    69. Edoardo Rubin XVII

      a real man can't cry,but i'm NERAZZURRO

    70. Luca89 Malli

      Quest'anno saranno 10 anni da questa serata LEGGENDARIA!!...ho solo 30 anni, MA prima di morire voglio rivedere la mia inter vincere la Champions league!!🖤💙🖤💙🖤😊

    71. רקוויאם לחלום

      Beautifully made! Grande Inter Best in history!

    72. Menot Erlambang

      Who is the commentator?

    73. Alhambra Media

      great memories, 😭 always forza inter 🔵⚫️

    74. 19 98


    75. Adaam Hidrey

      I remember watching this final as a kid on sky sports, zanetti holding the trophy aloft. Magical night's like these made me fall in love with the champions league. P.S. That inter kit 😍

    76. Gijs

      When finals actually felt like finals

    77. Mat Payne

      This year belongs to atalanta

    78. Inter Stellar

      Internazionale allenata da Mourinho campione d'Europa e prima squadra italiana a fare il Triplete. Squadra leggendaria.

    79. Jimmy Cooker

      Goosebumps. What a season that was Jose worked a miracle there the demolition of Barca in the semis was really a tactically masterclass and Diego milito wow he was something else that season, unplayable he tore that Bayern defence to shreds.

    80. F

      Jose needs a group of men with sheer determination and desire to win games. he can only get spoiled brat like Lingard and Pogba and ended up miserably.