Barcelona 6 x 5 Paris Saint Germain ● UCL 2017 Quarter-final Extended Goals & Highlights HD



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    Barcelona 6 x 5 Paris Saint Germain ● UCL 2017 Quarter-final Extended Goals & Highlights HD
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    1. Dante_ YT888

      Let's gooooo

    2. Mathilde VANCINA

      The second penalty...🤬🤬🤬

    3. udeesha alwis

      This is what barcelona are meant to be!!!

    4. 0949 Doyoon

      1:21 he is angel

    5. Tu comentario me la pela

      Greatest robbery in football history way worse than Stamford bridge

    6. Rosangzuali Varte


    7. Ismail Zaigham

      Good game

    8. djordan firmando

      Come back terbaik sepanjang sejarah saat Neymar berada di Barcelona

    9. anton anton

      barselona keren

    10. Kholid Rojo

      El Barça a veces es asistido por 3 árbitros ... porque el Barça está bajo contrato con los medios de televisión hasta el partido final ... entonces todo es hecho por el barça .. pero desafortunadamente Messi hace unos años se convirtió en un público fiel de la final de la Champions League. sí ... una lástima para el Barça con la todopoderosa estrella Messi ... Los jugadores del Liverpool no son tan buenos ... pero los jugadores tienen buen humor ... perder la victoria habitual ... comparar con CR7. si el club defendido por CR7 pierde un gol. CR7 enciende el espíritu de sus colegas. si messi incluso se inclinó no emocionado .. pero lo que realmente quiero ver es a Messi jugando en un club fuera del Barça ...

    11. Renato Da Silva

      Você Ama Deus Leia al contrário

    12. Renato Da Silva

      Você Ama Deus Leia al contrário

    13. BluePlayz

      miss this barca

    14. hans sarpei

      12:07 when u entered the wrong hole :/

    15. giwxatzi

      There was no penalty, an offside goal , a penalty for psg that is not given. What a ruin of football, and they still talk about an incredible come back... Thats why Liverpool kick your ass some years later. UEFALONA

      1. Jona Leung

        Liverpool sucks

    16. votrong khoa

      6:25 suarez is offside

      1. votrong khoa

        @onel hutagaol thanks

      2. onel hutagaol

        votrong khoa that pass from player psg


      Humillación total

      1. lasslass


    18. Willian Guimaraes

      hj faz falta um jogador desse no barça que quando o messi não esteja inspirado bote a bola no braço e decida igual o neymar fez

    19. lasslass

      😂Manolas Origi😂

    20. lasslass

      Joke referere

    21. lasslass


    22. lasslass

      UEFA mafia

    23. Pritam Kar


    24. Joshua Akinwunmi

      This shows Liverpool is a far better team than Barcelona. The referee favored Barca too much in the game, the first penalty was not deserved but the second was tho. The penalty itself is already controversial but let’s leave that aside,m. During the comeback of Liverpool against Barcelona there was no penalty, the players worked for their goals!!!

      1. MJP823

        in no way does this show Liverpool is a better team than Barca tf? your reasoning makes absolutely no sense this was in 2017 you are aware of that right?

    25. lilian eugenia peña

      Mandril basura

    26. Joooão Victor

      Filho de uma pitada

    27. Mubashir jr

      Its...neymar He is the game changer

      1. NectoAnimations


    28. Kyle Slades

      The referee even lets players run into the penalty box before the penalty was taken. UEFALONA

    29. Kyle Slades


    30. Office Manager

      who here supports man city

      1. Just A B-17 Flying Fortress

        @Luis IOS honestly though

      2. Luis IOS

        Office Manager nigga this is Barcelona and PSG, where do you see Manchester city?

    31. Ömer Faruk Işık

      fifa 2012 spikeri la bu

    32. Rishi ks

      And then came valverde

      1. Abass kuyateh

        Reigina Daniel Volo

    33. Tên Hâm Một

      fuck you barca

    34. Haziq Azrie

      Im from the future, and barcelona is still waiting for a corner....

      1. The Infant Finite

        Whatever you say dumb, this comeback is clearly better than your corner taken quickly by Origay😂😂😂

      2. PR3STO36

        Haziq Azrie rent free


        You are right

      4. Mattias Asmar

        Im from the future, and liverpool still waiting on the freekick...

    35. Arturo Gordillo

      Uno de los robos más grandes de la historia

      1. Gerardo

        O el robo a la juve

      2. Gerardo

        Igual al robo del Real Madrid al Bayern Munich en los cuartos de final

      3. Luisillo HG

        Junto con el que le robaron al Chelsea El Barcelona como siempre robando partidos cuando tiene la soga en el cuello

      4. Aldaire Vasquez

        Arturo Gordillo mmm cavani se come un mano di maria tmb eso tmb fue robo

    36. I 1ove You 3000

      Neymar ❤️❤️

    37. Andreas Ch


    38. hasan brothers

      What a come back

      1. Tu comentario me la pela

        hasan brothers robbery*

    39. TeRMiNuS_AsSaSiNAtiON _

      9:59 di maria made 🤫 and then this noob got the karma in his face

      1. Gino Moriconi

        yes, Holy Noob... with a champions a lot of titles and a preview career in real Madrid 😗

    40. Wake People Up.

      2nd penalty was so fake lol


        Wake People Up. i am not sure if it was fake..then again if you watch on tv you’ll probably like “thats only just a scratch” i feel like that too..but once you play football..its different from our looks like it dint hurt but it did..

      2. Jirachie

        @michael chagwiza Barcelona had the referee's all to themselves that night. Was one of the saddest matches in the century in terms of how corrupt the sport can be. Then again, even with that, PSG did deserve nothing with that performance.

      3. michael chagwiza

        wasn't fake, elbow

    41. Cann Awsm

      I don't know what neymar plays

    42. Carlos Argandoña

      Like si es un crak messi

    43. a k

      barcelona is the best and paris sucks and drools all the time

      1. eeg maa


    44. S D Nongrum

      11:40 there are players inside the box

      1. Peeky GEFT

        @Alexniclo bro, are three of PSG and just one of Barcelona. Really Uefalona?

      2. 4 subscribers with no videos

        Nixon Sanchez that’s not right

      3. Nixon Sanchez

        Alexniclo No because it was our penalty, and it was mostly PSG players in there, you nonce. It would have been retaken. Learn your football UEFAdrid fan. Dumb kids these days.

      4. Alexniclo

        Sebastian Nongrum proof of uefalona

      5. ForgetMyname

        Refs couldn’t be bothered

    45. Nicolas Taddei

      Sua tumb esta errada este jogo ocorreu nas oitavas de final

    46. Nickmar

      Funny. Cause it thought Barca were knocked out of the quarterfinals in that year by Juventus

    47. Oscar Tran


    48. Бекарыс Утепбергенов

      Barcelona the Best club in Europe

      1. NectoAnimations

        Uefalona is the greatest club of all time

      2. Kholid Rojo

        the club I hate the most

      3. Kholid Rojo

        Barca is the world's best club because it often plays with 14 people (3 referees) ...

      4. sml 1601

        Corner taken quickly... origi!!!!

      5. Oh Captainmycaptain

        Best "corrupted" club, Yes.

    49. Giovani Teixeira

      Não tinha VAR? Último pênalti roubado.

      1. Salta Beyshebaeva

        Fuck you stupid

    50. Jay Jay

      Uno de los mejores juegos ❤️⚽️


      Vai toma no cu esse cara só tá gritando

    52. CardJitsu5 Gaming

      poor emery man

    53. Cleiverson Queiroz Melo

      Que jogo em 😃😜

    54. ali omar

      This match had a life in it. One the best matches ever seen.

      1. ali omar

        @Armageddon GG why you say so.

      2. Armageddon GG

        Corrupt match in a life

    55. sebcoKOB

      Puta barcelona .....

    56. العراقي حمودي الراقي الخفاجي

      ميسي mese

    57. Mayliton Football


    58. Jair


      1. Tu comentario me la pela

        omiii envidia? Solo dijo la verdad culerdo

      2. Joker DAiMLER

        No deja de ser el PSG un equipo cagon y mediocre, LOL

      3. Nicolas Taddei

        Cala te

      4. PajaroFeiik_YT

        Tenía que llegar el ardido de turno

      5. omiii

        Madre mía lo que hace la envidia!!

    59. Dg Yakushi

      Esse jogo poderia ter sido a maior virada do futebol, mas o roubo a favor do Barcelona estragou a partida

      1. RptimaoTV

        Mas que foram dois jogaços nao da pra negar kkk