🌟Ballon d'Or 2019 RAP BATTLE🌟 Messi vs Van Dijk vs Ronaldo - Live!



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    1. Austin Metal

      1:26 to 1:48 is my favourite

    2. Bartek Gora


    3. Aditya T

      Ballon dor goes to coutinho😍♥️

    4. Mwangi Gitonga


    5. Filip Plays

      Does Ronaldo like champions league glory

    6. Luke Skywalker

      it should of been Mustafi

    7. Δημήτρης Αυγερίκος

      1:49 I'm preety sure that should be said by Ronaldo.

    8. LGDS Memes

      Messi won? THAT A DISGACE A ****ING DISGRACE

    9. Abhishek Pundhir

      It is Messi

    10. Champions League Winner

      Champions League??? I won it 25 ;)

      1. Champions League Winner

        Jk I love 442oons I will never betray dean :)

      2. Champions League Winner

        LET’S MAKE IT 26 TIMES!!!!!!! Little shit

      3. Champions League Winner

        Shit I haven’t won it on my new team:/

    11. Mullin is my Lord

      I liked this video, I think Didier Drogba was good.

    12. Gamer Dave

      This shitty cartoon is NOT 'made for kids'... Zlatan will do it for kids

    13. Marcelo Aliaga

      Did anyone notice that when ronaldo said poortugal he winked

    14. Teklewold Atnafu


    15. Eggy Boi The 69th

      With the dark backround it looks like Drogba has no hair... Edit: I just searched it and he had shaved his hair. Silly me.

      1. Jaze Hiskey

        You went full Karius 🤣🤣

    16. Paul Abraham

      Boo vvd should have won the ballon dor

    17. HenkeTip Tip

      best one yet

    18. Anubhav Hariram


    19. Anubhav Hariram

      lmao he cant say juventus instead of that he said piemonte

    20. Joikaz Gamer

      The fact Virgil actually lost with one percent is killing me

    21. Challenge Coppa Globale - Bisceglie

      Van djik: "Not a single player dribbled past me" Ronaldo: **Wins the 2018 champions league against liverpool**

      1. Byegood 'ale

        @Challenge Coppa Globale - Bisceglie mo che dup

      2. Challenge Coppa Globale - Bisceglie


      3. Byegood 'ale

        Con la foto del bisceglie sotto ai 442oons ti farei una foto

    22. Omega Exterminatoru

      Messi win

    23. Kirito_ KuN

      I swear they only prefer goal scores then defenders too win bruh defending is also a big job😒

    24. Adriano Karo


    25. Alex Young

      And the 2019 ballon dor goes to Zlatan Ibrahimovic

      1. Silva D'or X

        How did he won ? He because he's Zlatan Ibrahimoviç

    26. Joseph Fasil

      I know Messi won

    27. Goran6

      Fun Fact:If You Watch Art Of One Dojo and 442oons Art of one Dojo Puts 442oons's Rap Battle Song In Some Videos ;)

    28. King Liang's Mum.

      Dear Diary, It is 2030. The ballon dor ceremony was last night. Ronaldo won it, messi and him has 10 ballon dors, van dijk made copies of it. Hopefully none of them win it next ye- OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE OH SHI Dear Diary, It is 2182. Ronaldo and messi now have the least ballon dors by 30. Van dijk has the most by 199. The cermony is live right now. He must win. Dear Diary, HES WON! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! MESSI AND RONALDO RETIRED AFTER HE WON HIS 200TH!

    29. My YT

      Why you are using Argentina 0-2 Brazil as you know Brazil cheated in that match

    30. Tg in TroubLE

      Nemanja matic! More like mustafi!!

    31. Eser Ali


    32. Ricardo Milos

      Why peoples is watching this

    33. Ole Gollum Solskjaer

      No VVD lost by 0.3% (Messi 23.4 and VVD 23.1)

    34. s walker09

      Who do you think the best player in the premier league is (my friend thinks it’s Jamie vardy lol

    35. Rajaan B

      Virgil van dijk Virgil van dijk Virgil van Dijk Virgil van dijk 4 Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo 7. Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi .10 De Jong Won next year the ballon dor

    36. TellMe ImANoobK


    37. Karl Fibian

      I think van dijak won the rap battle, but messi won the trophy

    38. Svenergy


    39. ПарКет ТВ

      1:04 Pep lost by one in the Manchester derby

    40. Aryan Velgekar

      Breaking news your not even the best player at Piemonte . DUDE THAT WAS SIC