Awkwarder Question Game!!

Dolan Twins

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    We get asked a series of really awkward questions. Whoever can't answer them truthfully has to skinny dip at a public beach...
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    1. Emily Reeve

      Grayson Dolan has a foot fetish everyone 😂

    2. Emily Reeve

      "Pus, spit and booges" - Gray "I thought the was your biggest turn on" - Ethan 😂😂😂

    3. Emily Reeve

      "I'm sniffing people" Ethan D 😂 I mean same to be honest 😂

    4. Pringle Hills

      I mean everybody talks about their favorite Dolan twin but I love them equally tbh❤️😘

    5. Daniella Nagulesvaran

      omfg pls do a sequel😂😭

    6. Mary Hannah


    7. Kyra Greenberg

      2:50 Ethan’s hair is wack

    8. Alex!s Mullins

      Ethan is slideshow mike😂

    9. Marlie Cox

      0:06 your welcome

    10. Mia Taylor

      i like chocolate and strawberry with my pizza does any one agree

    11. Lillian Harger

      3:35- ethan "i was young, like 2 weeks ago xD"

    12. mo nelligan

      dude their voices are so much deeper now.

    13. Dunja Vostic


    14. Hey I

      No one: Grayson: why do u have a shirt on Tree branch: FALLS

    15. Emily Nilsen

      what did he say behind the BEEP BEEP- BEEP BEEP-BEEP that made grayson so insecure

    16. Alyssah Delgado

      I’ve only watched about a years worth of videos and I’ve seen Ethan vomit about 6 times too many 😂😂😂😂😂

    17. brittany burney

      Lol omg Grayson

    18. Austyn Avery

      Why are they always throwing up??

    19. Austyn Avery

      Why are they always throwing up??

    20. Jessica McHenry

      the beginning💀

    21. alaina burcham

      who was the first middle and last name of the girl u kissed last on lips ethan not answering HINT:EMMA

    22. Homira SamyeeSamyee

      Anyone else get jealous when Ethan or Grayson talk about them kissing, dating, making out, or being with girls? No just me ok....

    23. Wolf Pack

      I live in Hawaii

    24. ponthea

      4:42 i kinda want to know

    25. Xx.dolanfan.12xX 1234

      Something that will literally make me puke 9/10 times is those baby foods where you have water and like mix it with the powder together

    26. Elda Jasarevik

      The start got me

    27. Sagerian Bittner

      So for a video idea the twins should get there pubes wax.

      1. Precious_ GachaBaby

        This video was made in 2017 and they already have..... True fan check! 😂

    28. Maui taylor

      Someone notice that Grayson says " i prefer a person" and not " a girl"???

    29. queen_black _diamond

      I bet him coming off that Cliff hurt like hell 🤣🤣

    30. ł Ü

      E: *at the beginning of the vid ahhughhh*

    31. leila dodosn

      omg if u stop the video right at 3:25 u will c the funniest face from grayson in ur life

    32. Sheirynette Vega

      Ethan: don't touch me Me: oh yes!

    33. emma dixon

      0:07 😂😂

    34. THE LEGEND


    35. Vanessa Haddock

    36. Vanessa Haddock

      Can someone please tell me what Ethan said at 6:57???

    37. Bee Boop

      Blurs out e puking Makes a video about them throwing up colorful milk

    38. Dysfunctional :/

      ethan is slideshow mike

    39. m a r t i a n g u r l

      The ocean was blessed

    40. Suga and Spice

      10 seconds in and they already have me laughing

    41. Jaiden Barstad?!

      4:42 the way gray says shut up:) my hearttttttttt

    42. Audipop 700

      ok this probably just happened to me, but for some reason this video wasn't on their channel for a while. I was looking for it a few weeks ago and i couldn't find it

    43. Eilidh Mcnair

      I would pay them to have an uncensored version

    44. its nayda

      i cant believe grayson actually naked

    45. Sheeda Rose

      No one : Ethan : *throw up*

    46. Jocelyn Gutierrez

      “Why are you shirtless” *falls* 😂💀❤️

    47. michelle vargas

      Ethan: I dont have a turnon Me: oh honey we all do 😂

    48. Cherise Viljoen

      That happens to me... I puke every time I drink room temp water it's so weird I also get really sick for the rest of the day no lie

    49. Elizabeth Cortez

      They’re literally ignoring every question I wanted to know the answer to

    50. Gracey Penley

      Ethan: why are you shirtless Grayson: confused face** Ethan: you look like a dou-AaH Grayson and Ethan: *falls**