Augustin Hadelich -- Paganini Concerto 1 with Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Jader Bignamini (2020)

Augustin Hadelich

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    Recorded live on January 26 2020 in Orchestra Hall, Detroit
    Nicolò Paganini - Concerto No. 1 in D Major
    I - Allegro maestoso (cadenza by Augustin Hadelich)
    II - Adagio
    III - Rondo: allegro spirituoso
    Augustin Hadelich, violin
    Detroit Symphony Orchestra
    Jader Bignamini, conductor
    copyright 2020 Detroit Symphony Orchestra

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    1. DAMAR

      Eccezionale. Un mago del violino

    2. Tzu-Chi Huang

      Wasn't it supposed to be a harmonic in the first few chords?

    3. Martin broughton lenihan


    4. 蘇仁聰


    5. alain moglia


    6. classicfan

      Paganinis Konzert D-Dur, das die Finessen der Violin-Technik geradezu vordergründig zur Schau stellt - diese makellos zu bewältigen und dabei dennoch so musikalisch, ja so liebevoll zu spielen - das ist höchsten Lobes wert!

    7. J M

      I cannot watch him enough! Superb in every sense!

    8. Supachai Salopek

      I love his cadenza!!

    9. Jackson

      You're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Cesar Dunning

      Wonderful. Claps for Augustin, claps for the orchestra, claps for the director. Claps stand up.

    11. 施淑燕

      謝謝 有感的拉琴高手 本人真常聽古典音樂喜歡者可是外國字不識我

    12. edson motta cavalcanti

      I.m from Brazil I love your music Perfect Amazing congratulation..the best Tecninc violin...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏👏👏

    13. LastSaint 777

      How is he not more famous? This is the first time I've ever heard him. He sounds so very good

    14. jacc88888

      This is the most naturally musical interpretation I’ve heard of this work. The phrasing and timing is amazing and every notes ‘sings’ that you forget about how technically difficult this work is. Very different to other performances of this work I’ve heard. The Del gesu isn’t too bad either!

    15. calvin gyasi

      Wonderful performance. Such clarity and impeccable technique. Amazing cadenza.

    16. Gustav Grace

      That cadenza 😍😱

    17. tania iorio

      Sei un genio! Grazie!

    18. budi setiawan

      Everytime i listen to paganini with the virtuoso violinist, it always stabs my heart very deeply

    19. Aram Khachaturian

      Such an amazing and powerful tone that he can produce!

    20. Harry Potter

      Goddamn those harmonics!! How?!

    21. Bogdan Przekop

      Bravo My Dear Friend August...

    22. redrum4mlaid

      years from now people will watch this and recognize Augustin and this performance as one of our generation's best

    23. drcurioustube


    24. Raul Antonio Munguia Mejia

      Augustine, you are one of the best musicians in the business. No one will outshine your light my friend but as a conductor myself it's hard to NOT see how this man on the podium, who is lucky to have you there, comes on stage before you. It is the soloist, the orchestra, and lastly the conductor. Exceptional Performance!

      1. Augustin Hadelich

        You are totally right, but actually in this case there was a special occasion: the Jader Bignamini was announced, that day, as the new music director of the Detroit Symphony, so they played a video at the start of the concert announcing this news. This is why he went on stage first, it was right after this announcement.

    25. Zero Point

      Oh my, gosh! That was phenomenal.

    26. J W

      Is that Mr. Hadelich's own cadenza??

    27. J W

      A true master violinist!!! He makes it all seem sooooo easy and effortless. Unbelievable playing!!!

    28. Viola Bear

      You are the greatest young and most human violinist of the new age!

    29. pepe bastardes

      Friends! This is Szeryng's 1743 "Le Duc" Guarnerius, in the hands of Agustin!!!

    30. Yalcin Eren

      Paganini 1 is my favourite violin concerto and this was one of the best performance I've ever heard. I put it 2. row after Hilary Hann. Also his violins sound is amazing and liked that cadenza.

    31. bichitovic

      Hay que decir a mi entender que Agustín es un muy buen violinista pero La cadenza no es la misma.No estoy acostumbrado a oír un Paganini así.Pienso que a esa pieza le falta el ritmo típico de Paganini.El brío y la agresividad musical del autor.Un Paganini demasiado dulzón y con un ritmo que no es el suyo.Oigan el mismo concierto por Salvatore Accardo y entenderán lo que quiero decir.

    32. DP

      Paganini eccelso , tutto italiano , pulito limpido il cantabile. Grande Augustin

    33. Bruno Andrade

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a>

    34. Chad Peiper

      When technique allows for this level of musical expression -- second to none -- in a live performance nonetheless, what can you say? Thank you. Augustin, your work inspires!

    35. Johanny Veiga Barbosa

      Where I can get a music sheet for the cadenza? So pretty!

      1. Johanny Veiga Barbosa

        Augustin Hadelich thank you ! You are so amazing !

      2. Augustin Hadelich

        the pdf of the cadenza is on my website actually!, if you enter the main page (click on "english"), and then in the menu select "about", and "cadenzas" from the submenu.

    36. łemon zest

      the cadenza was technically incredible, but it just felt so jarring and contradicting with allegro maestoso

    37. Sibylle Keupen

      Traumhafter ton

    38. Masht Ali

      his violin (Szeryng) is super gorgeous and he definitely deserves it. He plays as clean as Szeryng himself.

    39. Old man and the Sea

      Hadelich currently performs with the 1744 "Leduc / Szerying" Guarneri del Gesu lent to him through the Tarisio Trust for an extended period. To me, he produced the best tone from a Guarneri del Gesu.

    40. Old man and the Sea

      This is one of the best Paganini Concerto No. 1 performances I have ever heard. Techniques ,to him, are no longer something to impress the audience but the integral part of his being. His fingers effortlessly flied on the fingerboard, producing notes that were as pure and sweet as the honey that instantly melted in your ears. The last time I had such excitement was when I listened to Shlomo Mintz played the same concerto using Paganini’s own violin “El Cannone”. Bravo👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍🎉🎉🎉🎉

    41. S. S

      Wow that cadenza written by yourself... So impressive! And your incredibly precise technique!!

    42. Wagner LS

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1074">17:54</a> - Cadenza by Augustin Hadelich. Bravo.

      1. Eduardo AM

        Quédate con quién te mira como la asiática lo hace a Agustín Hadelich 17:54

    43. ziriyab

      On one level it is just great to hear a performance of this piece which understands that everything Paganini wrote was, above all, lyrical, and - a few obvious lollipops and flashy variations aside - not merely an opportunity to bash the way through a load of violinistic gymnastics (the contemporary newspaper reviews most often report the rapt attention which Paganini's singing tone aroused and commanded of his audience, and not the mere flashiness of his playing). On another level, if Nathan Milstein was the Aristocrat of the Violin, then Mr Hadelich is surely his rightful successor. There's my tuppence-worth ♫

    44. Nick, Helen York

      Every note is considered, and makes sense musically, and when he plays the music comes so far before the technical aspects (which are effortless) - perhaps how Paganini himself would have wanted it and perhaps how he played? The downward chromatic scale at around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="655">10:55</a> is one example of how he takes something showy and makes music with it.

    45. anatoly tsentsiper


    46. J M

      Wow, what a world-class soloist! I look forward to your performance in New York!

    47. Luiz Carvalho Neto

      Loved his cadenza. The first time I came to know Augustin Hadelich was when I was studying Telemann’s fantasies and bought his DVD. I was mesmerized by his sound!

    48. Motiv

      I have performed in concert with Augustin (myself in the orchestra) in my city several times. Always a pleasure!

    49. Motiv

      Such a legato interpretation with a wide breadth in tempo. And beautiful slides and portamento. Very refreshing!


      Bravo!!!!! Quelle Interprétation!!!, Cadenza Magnifique !!!!!!!!

    51. Marianne MICHIELS

      Just amazing!

    52. T G

      So relaxed! I am convinced.

    53. Lea Parseghian

      That cadenza tho😱😍

    54. Lea Parseghian

      Skill level: ling ling

    55. IrksomeRain

      What a wonderful cadenza, personally it resembled the style of Wieniawski a bit

    56. Justin L

      my god the tone is out of this world

    57. Joe Cleary

      Fu$%ing genius

    58. Toni Anzlovar

      A friend of mine says you need to slap your violin like a bitch to get the sound you want out of it. Augistin treats his violin like a priceless porcelain doll -- and gets sound out of it. I am perplexed.

      1. Toni Anzlovar

        @Augustin Hadelich - Yes, obviously :) This is a honor beyond my expectations (thanx for the answer). And truly, you really treat your instrument with more respect than many violinists. Your posture and especially shape of your left hand is different to others, quite personal and gentle. I really enjoy your tutorials too. Thank you!

      2. Augustin Hadelich

        your friend has problems :-)

    59. James Boone

      He is so gentle. It's impressive. He's very relaxed. When I am playing this piece I am relaxed. But my gosh not like him. But all the tension to stay relaxed should come from the bow. If your bow hand is not relaxed then your whole body is tense.

    60. ブレイス

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1073">17:53</a> cadenza

    61. sapiena sapiena

      love it!

    62. G Luijten

      Augustin plays wonderfull, but the image direction is very poor. The director is more often to see as the soloist..... :-( Who is more important in this video ?????

    63. 김영근

      Impressive. Captivating. I wonder why Heifetz didn't bother record this piece.

    64. Izuku Midoriya

      Detroit Smash!

    65. Kiel Smit

      Am I the only ling ling wannabe here?

    66. jairo nabarro

      Parabens...muito bom esse concerto, Augustin é profissional de primeira.

    67. bbjib

      Гениальное исполнение гениальной музыки. Спасибо!

    68. Du Wir

      Hadelich is great. I like especially his Bartok vc no. 2 performace on youtube.

    69. Shourya Mukherjee

      Standing ovation well deserved

    70. Carlos Pineda Avila

      🙏🏼beautiful and amazing! Bravo!

    71. dm Porter-Gage

      I was there with friends and we all agreed, it was one of the most beautiful performances we've ever heard. Incredible, truly special, look forward to seeing him again.

    72. TheSolarNewbie YT

      i am the 1.3k like

    73. Arnulfo Vázquez Chavelas

      Muchas muchas felicidades 🎊 👏 gracias por tú gran ejecución.

    74. WorksAs Intended

      Such a powerful sound!

    75. Kristof Barati

      Very nice performance Augustin!

    76. carlos amador

      Quality performance !

    77. Alberto Cantúa

      I had the pleasure of seeing Mr Hadelich in Houston earlier this year where he performed this same piece. I sat front row, directly in front of him. I typically reserve the word "virtuosic", but I think he is exactly that. Captivating player!

    78. Mundoads Marketing Agency

      Me ha hecho llorar. Genio.


      MARAVILLOSO!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    80. handelviola

      So good! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼