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    It’s time for one of the weirdest carwow drag races of all time! The Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV is taking on the beloved Audi R8 sports car… Oh, we’ve also thrown in a racing drone and an RC car to really raise the stakes! Can these miniature machines become heroes by beating two of the most desirable cars out there today?! You’ll have to watch and find out!
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    Check out the RC Car here:,b:Arrma,c:25,c:25-20&ItemId=C-ARA109001
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    1. alex orzan


    2. Ridwaan Ahmed

      Now, see how much you could save on a TV car or a drone with Carwow!

    3. {BRO} MadMaxMik

      I have a rc car to but iT charshed

    4. panashe ndlovu

      I would love to see sv velar vs f pace svr and glc63

    5. bvc100

      Awesome combo race

    6. Thephantom916

      That guy owes him a new drone

      1. Karlos Fpv Uk

        Thephantom916 that was only the battery flying out in the crash..only damage was the propellers £2 :)


      we want yaani


      listen you are not doing amazing races as before when you did it with yanni

    9. Amir Akbari

      Still no golf mk8 and new bmw 1 series reviews but this stupid drag race, really?!

    10. Edward Marsh

      You should’ve used the traxxas that does 100 mph

    11. Кислород

      When the droneboy stepped out of the car you should drive away from him, then it become a double fuck for him 😂

    12. Алибек Алибек

      Ok I'm not gonna lie when I saw the title i was like "okay Carwow really? Wtf." Drones vs cars. I almost didn't click but glad I did that was hella entertaining. I want one of those RC's lol

    13. Umar

      But you also put some extra weight on your car and your car is already heavy you should put the third person in the audi r8 to do the fair weight distribution

    14. PPC4

      Hope car wow Contribute something to repair/replacement of that drone.. I mean if you can afford and AMG G-wagon you can afford some electronics and carbon fibre... At the least in hindsight for brutally laughing at someones pride and joy being demolished.

      1. Karlos Fpv Uk

        PPC4 no damage it was the battery ejected from the drone. it was my oldest drone so not my pride and joy but thanks 😊

    15. Emmanuel Mulaudzi

      Hey he didn't mention the toys horsepower

    16. Jeff Christie

      that was brilliant Matt very entertaining well done my friend x

    17. Naruto sengan

      That arrma hauqbalwb what ever the name is rlly fast

    18. Moniruzzaman Mohammam

      crazy video

    19. tom lewis

      A proper FPV drone will smash any supercar in a drag race. A proper 8s racer.

    20. Chrome Donut Gaming

      Next : Drag race Wheelchair VS toilet VS Audi R8 VS Toyota yaris

    21. RandomGaming


    22. Robert Glembin

      Welcome to 2019... bruv hahahhahha

    23. AM G

      Please don't do that again. It's unwatchable and not very interesting to us petrol heads

    24. volvos60bloke

      * yawn *

    25. Dariusz Pasoń

      Fit lovers look like ?

    26. MPOWER

      I love config of the r8

    27. MPOWER


    28. 2000s GameCube Gaming

      It was funny to hear that audi roaring and seeing a small quiet rc car taking the lead at the start 😂

    29. A ALI

      😂😂😂 niggas pissed

    30. Tatiana Robu


    31. ironman gamer12

      Imagine a rc car beated the audi r8

    32. EHSAN KHAN

      I laughed harder that i was supposed to when the drone crashed and when matt wanted to crush the RC car and the RC guy actually gave it full speed .. lmao !!

    33. neznayka neznayka 😂😎

    34. Marcell Smuts

      You should do more of these tipe of videos it is actually very amazing and to add very funny with the fact that the G-wagen lost

    35. Rubycupid Mb

      Why do you do the flying with that wings bit in the rolling race.

    36. kui Q

      interesting can't believe audi stops better than the light weight RC car. I thoght the rc car gonna stop much quicker like the go kart

    37. SEVAN Rezan

      G 63 vs range rover sport svr

    38. sameercoolboy ware

      Do a maserati vs Lamborghini please I will love to see that

    39. Nikhil Tari


    40. traffbros

      so how much can we save on carwow for that drone?