#AskEthanAndGrayson 4

Dolan Twins

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    The annual ask Ethan and Grayson video is back with more questions than I think ever
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    1. Adriana Mostoghiu

      Wth did Grayson put tape on his Nips . 😂

    2. Junior Salcido

      ethan: nah nah nah *breaks plate* me: who is ethan now logan paul who

    3. Georgios Kyriapas Paniaytou

      Who else is on a Dolan twins marathon. ......its 1:00am here..........🙂

    4. Amanda

      10:20-10:24 Grayson literally broke Ethan with that question

    5. Love Batman

      dude nolan’s fuckin hot

    6. Kaytlynn Cartagena

      Ethan knows how to take a bra off faster than I do and I'M A GIRL!! 6:28

    7. Kenzie Dani

      nolan is fake

    8. Gianna V

      Make the 2019 one now! lmao ethma 🤪🤪

    9. Lily Knight

      Can you come to other countries outside us & uk, such as China?

    10. Mrpotato Eivers

      where's our AskEthanAndGrayson 2019??

    11. Lily Ann

      How dare you hit Nolan, Ethan !!!! He deserves better brothers

    12. Sophia Lavelle

      #askEthanandGrayson would you rather eat pizza for the rest of your life or sushi @ethandolan @graysondolan

    13. hi there


    14. Kassidy Sickles

      13:28 Omg. I don’t even know why I am laughing so much😂😂😂

    15. Princess J

      Are u gunna do #askethanandgrayson this year🤔

    16. Amara B.

      Graysons Face 11:01

    17. Aesthetic Alice

      2:54 awww grayson ;(

    18. 13:07 when Ethan got upset about Nikki 😂

    19. how tf did they do that part w// James & Emma???!!!

    20. Saif's Hub

      13:34 TRIGGERED

    21. Ellyriah Scott

      Awn 😩 Ima Say Dis Again Bc Why Not 🤷🏽‍♀️. But I Wanna Cry Wen Nolan Comes Bc Hes So Adorable n They Treat Him So Baddd 😂😂😩

    22. Peyton Schuyler

      We need one for 2019😂:( #askethanandgrayson 5

    23. Ella Erickson

      Anyone else notice Grayson signaling Ethan to say something during the tattoo part like if u did

    24. Yra Yap

      Rip Nolan ik he’s not real but rip

    25. Annie Mata

      Love how they call each other a bitch

    26. Amaia Murat

      Ethan: *looks at arms* why am I so scrawny? Also Ethan: *buff as shit* Me: I-

    27. Amaia Murat

      No one ever: Grayson: so we’re gonna be- I mean I’m gonna be- I have-

    28. Fazrin Nazira


    29. WhereAreTheFreshAvacados

      Am i the only one who noticed they tagged romeo in the description😱

    30. xxlexycxx

      nolan dolan!!!!!!! mind blownnnn

    31. Maite Brink

      The dutch one was totally wrong but it was funny

    32. Chloë Grosjean

      10:18 ethan just rethought his whole life

    33. Lisa Reynolds

      Is Ethan's mouth OK??

    34. XxQueenxiexX

      16:25 *Grayson the Italian jumped out*

    35. crazy child

      Poor nolan

    36. Sophia Hoffman

      its july 2019 and there still isn't another one!!!! bro where is it?

    37. Rose Tears

      Ethan : 6:30 Me : wait where did he get that bra ? Emma : shows up later in the video Me: ummm ....

    38. Jason Jace

      The last number of the likes is who your personality is closest to 1 Ethan 2 Grayson 3Emma 4James 5Sssniperwolf 6Azzyland 7Colleen Balenger 8Miranda Sings 9Cardi B 0Adam Standler Comment who you got!

    39. Elianna Huerta

      I came here for Nolan, I got nolan

    40. aoi k

      how about ask ethan and grayson 5 ? :(

    41. Emilia Brusco

      When is #AskEthanAndGrayson 5 comminnnnggg outttttttttttttttttt 😩😩

    42. ghanam dounia


    43. Kaitlyn Huffman

      The bra video looks like Grayson taking off a bra

    44. Poppy Sagar (Poppy - 2024)

      Who’s waiting for the 2019 version?

    45. Emma Is shooketh

      Please do an ask Ethan and Grayson 5 plss

    46. Brea Harris

      the video idea sounds great. Plus I don't do anything but binge watch yall anyway

    47. T pose Mike Glosouski

      When he said he can’t talk in a British accent without yelling that’s a lie go back to that vine where he’s at “school” like at there house and he did a British accent and said “hey guys do you know where the restrooms are” then Grayson and Ethan dressed up as girls Grayson says “oh my god his accent” then falls on the ground lol I hate that I just wrote this whole thing

    48. Candece Salas

      6:30 Ethan I think u mean “by taking Emma’s bra off every day”

    49. María José Morales

      We need the anual Q&A 2019 😍❤


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