AS Monaco - Paris Saint-Germain ( 1-4 ) - Highlights - (ASM - PARIS) / 2019-20

Ligue 1 Conforama Official

Ligue 1 Conforama Official

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    AS Monaco vs Paris Saint-Germain Highlights (1-4) in video.
    Ligue 1 Conforama - Season 2019/2020 - Week 15 Stade Louis II - Wed, 15 Jan 2020
    Goals : Kylian MBAPPE (24' - Paris Saint-Germain) / NEYMAR JR (45' +2 pen - Paris Saint-Germain) / Pablo SARABIA (72' - Paris Saint-Germain) / Tiemoué BAKAYOKO (87' - AS Monaco) / Kylian MBAPPE (90' +1 - Paris Saint-Germain)
    AS Monaco Team line-up : 2 - Fodé BALLO-TOURE / 3 - Guillermo MARIPAN / 4 - Cesc FABREGAS / 6 - Tiemoué BAKAYOKO / 9 - Wissam BEN YEDDER / 11 - Gelson MARTINS / 14 - Keita BALDE / 17 - Aleksandr GOLOVIN / 25 - Kamil GLIK (c) / 39 - Benjamin HENRICHS / 40 - Benjamin LECOMTE
    Paris Saint-Germain Team line-up : 1 - Keylor NAVAS / 2 - Thiago SILVA (c) / 3 - Presnel KIMPEMBE / 7 - Kylian MBAPPE / 10 - NEYMAR JR / 11 - Angel DI MARIA / 18 - Mauro ICARDI / 20 - Layvin KURZAWA / 27 - Idrissa GUEYE / 31 - Colin DAGBA / 33 - Tanguy KOUASSI
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    1. Kevin Pedro


    2. m 2m

      Mbappe is the beast

    3. Resortified HD

      Can’t believe this commentator gets paid, woeful deliverance

    4. SIX

      France has such a boring league.

    5. 홍자본가

      So quiet.

    6. IDREES

      That pass from njr tho

    7. Anjum Shahzad

      Navas legend

    8. Wolf Toxic

      wonderful mbape, so great

    9. Cronus 5'9

      Why wasn’t the pen ruled out if there’s VAR

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    11. Vino Nvr

      Gol pertama no seleberasi,gol ke dua seleberasi😂

    12. Born Winner

      Kylian Mbappe is a great football player. He is very successful being so young. Truly exceptional talent.

    13. verrati ribeiro

      Mbappe não comemora no primeiro mas comemora no segundo

    14. saf net

      3:53 CR7 Celebration but...

    15. manhit 777

      the number 33 had no name on the dorsal minute 3:18

      1. Mx0

        its kouassi, he's a 17y player i think? he have yet to sign his first pro contract so that's why. but rumors say hes going to sign leipzing instead.

    16. chisom ezeanyika

      does anyone realize that this league boring because psg will win every year

    17. bonface macharia

      I will know PSG are good if they reach the quarterfinals of the UCL

      1. Junior Imafidon

        They will but Dortmund hot a striker now

    18. Ricardo Vargas

      Mbappe, más grande que cr7 y Messi, campeón mundial y falta mucho más

    19. MUHD JEGA

      neymar only happen to score penalties 😌🥴

    20. Justice Ojule

      PSG should conquer in the UCL this season not only in the domestic league.

    21. Lucas Christino


    22. Eräjorma 69

      Monaco's defense is open wide like a pussy of an elephant

    23. Banc Biny

      Match real

    24. i9XL

      Neymar is don't happy in PSG 😷 Pleace back Barcelona

      1. joey Tribbiani

        RIP english

    25. Arsim Rapuca

      shume bukur

    26. Treiter Vlogger

      Ben Ketser lieve mensen

    27. Asad Samir

      Like if no team can defeat PSG in this league

    28. Stošija Jović

      Sarabia is one of the best

    29. Stošija Jović

      Mbappe is the most selfish player assistent on the world

    30. AN7 TV


    31. AN7 TV


    32. Siaw Bright

      Dear Neymar; Please against Lorient, we need a hat trick.

    33. ?

      Time for Mbappe to leave and go play with the big boys. It's like he is playing real life Fifa in Ligue 1, smdh😂

      1. sillu1991

        @hashpesos Bundesliga is a shit league. Equal to Ligue 1.

      2. hashpesos

        @Artaomin All three leagues that are hard? Ligue 1 is a shitty farmers league

      3. Artaomin

        like Neymar when he play in Liga, like Aguero in BPL, like Lewandoski in Bundesliga

    34. Phantom Renegade

      Kouassi has no name on his shirt lol #33

    35. JAH FAN

      why didn't mbappe celebrate first goal ?

      1. Ethan Nono

        Because he played at Monaco.

    36. Ahmed Mahmoud

      PSG learned from mistakes

      1. Ahmed Mahmoud

        @Zoran Jr what nigga...I'm not Somali wtf are u saying

      2. Zoran Jr

        somali kuwaad aa tahay

    37. Pro Man

      It was not a penalty at all..

    38. Erick Silva


    39. Ben Melouk

      Morano 0 slimani 4

    40. k tom

      Mbappe is mostly pace. If in a few years his pace is gone he will be an average player.

    41. K K

      What happened to the money Monaco made, they never invested smh

      1. Pseudo original mais pas trop

        Ben Yedder and Slimani

    42. alpha beat alphabeat

      Mbappe react in second goal ( at 3.50mn) " ouhhh ouhouuhh" 😂❤ congrats paris !

      1. Husain Mithaiwala

        @saf net is gay

      2. saf net


      3. Husain Mithaiwala

        @Maarco Poolo is gay

      4. Maarco Poolo


    43. Yuscian Govindasamy

      Psg really killed the league

      1. sillu1991

        @alpha beat alphabeat Atleast Lyon have invested also some money to players. In Ligue 1 standards a big money and Monaco also.

      2. alpha beat alphabeat

        Logik the Psg is the most rich in ligue 1 with big stars. Ligue 1 need more investisment ( lyon monaco marseille nice lille bordeaux can be great team with more money)

    44. André Ribeiro

      Neymar esse ano vai estar entre os candidatos a bola de ouro.

    45. alexie

      Keylor Navas Desde a copa de 2014, jogando em altíssimo nível. É um jogador top demais. Ele é um dos melhores goleiros do mundo.

    46. dileep ob dileepoliyildileep


    47. Ygor Henriques

      3:17 - Neymar com nome na camisa e o camisa 33 Kouassi sem. Kkk

      1. Montenegro

        Ygor Henriques É pq o Neymar tem nome no futebol, já o Kokô uassi não tem

    48. Tymtym du 13

      J aime pas Paris

    49. Tymtym du 13

      J aime Paris dsl mais moi c est Marseille sinon abonne toi stp

      1. alpha beat alphabeat

        Cest trop rare comme mentalité moi aussi je supporte le club fe ma ville ( on est tres chauvin dans le foot) mais j aime voir paris jouer et ca fait parler de notre championnat dans le monde entier cest bon pour tout le monde. Cest la seule equipe française qui a le potentiel de briller en c1 je supporte tout les clubs francais tout comme jetais a fond pour Marseille en c1 en 93. Il faut que ca tire notre ligue vers le haut si seulement on pouvait avoir au moins des gros investisseurs pour lyon , Monaco ( comme cetait le cas il y a 3 ans) et marseille notre ligue se referait une santé et brillerait dans toute l'Europe. Ca serait bon pour tout le monde apres on peux pas repprocher a Paris d avoir accepter ces gros investisseurs et tomber dans de la jalousie alors qu aucun club n aurait refuser a leur place et davoir des neymar mbappe icardi navas ibra beckam di maria etc.. je souhaites a tout les clubs d avoir de gros investisseurs acheter de grand joueurs et surtout pouvoir les garder pour avoir une vraie concurence dans notre ligue.

    50. Manoel Aurélio Soares Júnior

      Navas joga muito, sem badalação, sem mídia, sem defesas espalhafatosas, pra mim foi injustiçado no Real e não foi à toa que ganhou 3 champions. Falhas acontecem, mas olha as defesas que ele fez, consistente!

    51. sure bets

      Será que o Neymar não vai jogar uma partida mal pra dar uma canja pros antis?

      1. LucasPokemon

        se pegar o histórico da carreira dele, provavelmente nao.

    52. Frank Russell

      Thanks for the English

    53. XTRON6391 loves himself

      This team is on another level


      Mbappe toca a bola tbm po!!!!

    55. გიო ღოღე

      Bravo tuchel

    56. Mc Frant

      Мало Головин мало мало Головин!

    57. Иван Дзиньковский

      Moreno avait tort avec la tactique - il devait jouer comme à Paris, en conséquence, il a mis Golovin dans la zone de base

    58. Quando você ver momentos de futebol eu estarei la

      Neymar joga muito

    59. Alexander Mason

      who is this commentator lol

    60. Osman Hussein

      Navas is underrated