Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? (Official Video)

Official Arctic Monkeys

Official Arctic Monkeys

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    Arctic Monkeys - 'Do I Wanna Know?' from 'AM', released 2013 on Domino Recording Co.
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    1. Superkyo Trolls

      Love this song

    2. Humble Ferret Gaming

      When it’s 1am but you finally found this song so your just gonna stay up and repeat it for awhile

    3. XpertAssassin

      Yep here before 1B views

    4. Blood Haven Studios

      I just heard someone say fartic monkeys.

    5. Matthew G

      Bro I thought this song was made in like 2005

    6. INFERNOdark

      The crew anyone

    7. Depeche ModeForever

      Killer bass on this track🔥 Yall should listen to Two Words by Retrofile ... Another song with dope bass Anyone have other bass driven song suggestions?!

      1. PrideOfAmsterdam

        Seven nation army

    8. Trap Grix

      Come on 1bi

    9. Annotater

      Why do people think this is good

    10. mark davis

      This song sucks....

    11. Caroline Scheidt

      The Best Song

    12. Olvin the cannoli

      This song sounds like you're playing Russian roulette with a raccoon in a motel

    13. Michael Surran

      Pizza time in the city XD

    14. Cj Spartano

      Ronaldinho ? FUTPARODIAAAAS !!!

    15. Nenea Nico

      Bruh , this song is so bad .

    16. bruko84 m

      If any song deserves a billion views its this one. 44 million more to go

    17. KRONO_YT PUG

      no entiendo nada pero me gusta

    18. Ahmed Bahloul

      this song reminds me of the peaky blinders

    19. Lele Eidt

      How old were you when u discover that this song was released on 2013? Me: today, I thought this was such a new song, omg, I'm shocked.

      1. Simenzss

        I dont discovered this song I discovered this group. Listen other albums mate I'm sure you will love Arctic Monkeys

    20. johann _


    21. Rodycaz

      Awesomely used in the Peaky Blinders Series 2 finale. Perfect fit for the show.

    22. Omega Alexius

      TBHC is a good album

    23. Raniya

      When is this iconic song going to reach 1B views?!!!

    24. mac pada

      dont like this comment

    25. Aaron Corpuz

      Person: *becomes famous* Racist tweet they’ve said 8 years ago: 1:35

    26. Matthew Sammut

      You guys want to get this song to 1 billions views... how about 1 billion comments ?

    27. Ma Zen

      158k retarded

    28. Ma Zen

      I want to live to see this song hit 1 billion view

    29. Are You BO_OS

      Peaky blinders brought me here

    30. Lucy Light

      Get it to 1bil

    31. Abyss Oblivion

      This is the most nostalgic song ever

    32. Ty Wild327

      Weird video, but amazing song though. I first heard this in The Crew

    33. ALi Zaman

      Your channel is under new management by order of the Peaky Blinders

    34. insect0114

      Adam: I don't wanna know

    35. Brandonn Camachho

      omg this song on acid FUCK ORGASM IN MY EYES

    36. Patrick Wright

      Join the here before 1 billion gang here!

    37. Arthur Boff

      Parabéns! Um comentário em português!

      1. henrique senise _

        🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 boa mlk

    38. The Boys Gameplay

      Ángel es way

      1. The Boys Gameplay

        @Dani529 métete los dedos

      2. Dani529


      3. Dani529


    39. PapaTopRamen

      Home Depot song

    40. 1970s

      Cold apes is my favorite band

    41. Nathan Higgs

      Well why wouldn’t this still be popular so many years after we listen to it and now it’s are burden to carry on the legacy of the song

    42. Katrynne Alves da Silva

      2020 da like👎

    43. Ele Na

      Shelby approvedd

    44. Alan Menocal

      Hace unos días tuve sexo con una chica que físicamente me traía loco y se le ocurrió poner esta canción y ahora es imposible escucharla sin acordarme de ese momento que por cierto la canción solo hizo que me quedara como un bello recuerdo 😏

    45. Dayy.


    46. Nicu Emeritu

      No one come here from Peaky Blinders?

    47. Raimundo Lopes Carvalho

      Estou graças ao instrumental da novela Babilônia

    48. Jack Craghill

      Brazzers hot step mom Oh shut this ain’t pornhub lol

    49. Jack Craghill

      Sexy bastard

    50. Jack Craghill

      Get your bum out xx

    51. Victor Norris

      955967183rd view

    52. Самуил Йовчев


    53. Currently Cursed

      Nobody: Me: liking comments from two years ago because this song still slaps

      1. Thaddeaus Daniels

        Bro so true I be liking songs from like 10 years ago on some songs.

    54. Rockers Malaya

      Just need more 45million to make it one of the rock song to reach 1 billion views..🔥🔥🔥

    55. Justin Hadley

      Jeez this song makes song makes trigonometry looks so sexy!

    56. Jude Miller

      Anyone else think the art style looks a lot like Superjail

    57. The Fakey Cake Maker

      I put this song on and my husband knows it's time to pretend to have a headache...

    58. Jx H

      I just wanted to be one of the strokes...

    59. Lilly Talty

      Been looking for this song since the main guitar rift crawled into my mind this morning

    60. math lab

      if only we all stayed single to end this misery