AOC endorses Bernie Sanders for president

Fox News

Fox News

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    Ocasio-Cortez spoke at Sanders' first campaign rally since his health complications; Ellison Barber reports.
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    1. Victoria Godley

      Bernie Sanders for President

    2. nicksantana93

      Fox News is covering Bernie’s sanders while cnn and other media won’t. Fox has actually been pretty good with coverage and different view points.

    3. God Is Good

      LMFAO Y'all Maga zombies are so used to Fox News giving you fake news, not today..😂😂😂 Now y'all pissed off because Fox News just delivered real news. Bravo Fox News Bravo for showing and speaking the truth.

    4. NeonFluffyCakes

      Took a chance on a Fox video, pleasantly surprised.

    5. Daniel B

      I love Bernie. I hope he wins in 2020.

    6. vdubman67

      Why would an old white man have a black rapper named KILLER MIKE who raps about killing police officers who protect us ? This gangster rapper endorses Bernie are black people suppose to think Bernie has their backs ? Bernie let crooked Hillary cheat him out of his only chance to ever have any kind of hope for anyone to ever take him seriously . Bernie is a socialist who has one agenda and that is only to fill his pockets with our money , and for all the political prostitutes that want Donald Trump to release his tax info lets look into how much money they have made and how they made it like Nancy Pelosi who is worth 243 million being a long term political crook !

    7. Rob Brown

      Shepard Smith would be proud of this report as would Walter Cronkite. This is the way quality journalism used to look. Good job, Fox news, and this is coming from a democratic socialist progressive! I am voting for Bernie!

    8. Chris Hobson

      both clueless

    9. Jonni


    10. George Guerrero

      aoc, Another Obnaxious Communisy

    11. walkintothefuture

      "A long shot campaign" is a district that is almost 100% Democrat.

    12. Joseph


    13. SSp232

      Socialism raised my health insurance from $284/month to $793/month under Obamacare. Im not a millionaire. Millionaires can afford to hide their money in shelters. It’s the middle class who pays for socialistic ideals. Always.

    14. Ama Jang

      Because of CNN I am here watching FOX. Good job guys

    15. RareSeldas

      Not a terrible video, but unfortunately as a propaganda network. The worst of American corporate news.

    16. John

      Good Job fox news!! I'm serious this was better reporting than CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, I checked.

    17. JT

      I want you all to take a look around and find someone you don't know. Maybe somebody who doesn't look kind of like you, maybe somebody who might be of a different religion than you, maybe they come from a different country. My question now to you is: are you willing to fight for that person who you don't even know as much as you're willing to fight for yourself? Bernie Sanders

    18. U. S. S. A.


    19. Alien Hybrid

      What's her plan? Bernie dies in office of old age and she becomes President? 🤔 Since she's too young then Nancy Pelosi would become President by succession? That's their plan and I see through it 😳 Too bad a commie will never be president or that might have worked🖕😙

    20. Danaleks 2206


    21. Danaleks 2206

      Очень интересно


      Bernie has 45 years of failure passing on the tradition to the young soon to be gone aoc

    23. Mahjabin Afsar

      Bern the swamp! Bern the corruption! Bern the racism! Bern indecency! Bern the injustice!!.............

    24. Azalea TV

      Scary thought.... Bernie is Dem Nominee... he picks Aoc as running mate for VP.... Bernie wins... has heart attack... dies... AOC becomes first woman POTUS ! 😯🤨🤪😱🤯🤔🥴🤢🤮😫🤣🤣😂🤣😂

    25. shooter4hire shooter4hire

      Let's see if she remembers she's voting for blue not red ...last time she stated red seat

    26. Tim Coleman

      Ocasio-Cortez probably wants to be his VP. I mean really let’s just say he won the Democratic nomination and then the presidency. All he has to do is live long enough to take the oath of office and boom he has a heart attack and she’s the Prez. You know she’s thinking that!

    27. Dorrene M

      Bernie frightens the PREDATORY CORPORATISTs. 'ProLife' Texas CUT $$ 400 MILLION from DISABLED CHILDREN'S FOOD and Education funding BUT BRAG ABOUT THEIR BOOMING ECONOMY. JESUS CHRIST said numerous times HE HATED PRIDE & HYPOCRISY (GREED/LUST). That's why a camel can make it through the eye of a needle before RICH MEN!

    28. Christian Albert

      So Fox News did better coverage of this than CNN did

    29. Father Gabriel Stokes

      Thank you, Fox!!

    30. Steve C

      Awesome news. Maga

    31. Gunnar Spencer

      Nothing like an endorsement from a man-hating RACIST to get you back on track there Bernie. NOT!!

    32. Brandon Quintero

      Wait... This segment was garbage. Well done Fox

    33. W C Guy

      It's mind-blowing that Americans would actually consider socialism an option. Shows people know nothing about the ideology, it's failures, and most important--bloodshed. AOC is a literal puppet that regurgitates what's she told to say.

      1. W C Guy

        @KingofHearts You don't throw away our Republic and cite tax loopholes for the reason. Thankfully, there are enough nutjobs, like you, to make this a reality.

      2. KingofHearts

        W C Guy Do you? Why is it acceptable for corps. and the rich to be given bailouts and subsidies, so they can buy back stocks and exploit tax law? Also you may wish to look into how democratic socialism differs from socialism. Bernie is for the former.

    34. Ragnar Lothbrok

      So I kook endorses a commie.

    35. Vicomte Raoul

      Allez allez allez !! ! !! !

    36. Scott Jensen

      Good luck stupid mask fucks

    37. okey dokey

      Poor Bernie

    38. buddy camp

      Bernie for the grave 2020

    39. Glenn Rosulek

      Great! Lets endorse the little geniuses export to their Malay! "Thousands of Mexican migrants camp out on roads and bridges to enter United States amid surge in asylum seekers fleeing corruption and drug violence" 🙄

    40. The Brexiteer

      Wow! that's just scuppered Bernies chances!👍😂👌

    41. Jake MacHine

      Tiny rally for a weak candidate. Around 5,000., Very small for a nice day in NYC.

    42. Chase Dizzie

      Are Fox and Bernie building a... relationship? I feel weird inside

    43. Harry Hooligan

      The reporter, Allison Parker seemed so exited about the “ thousands” in the crowd at Bernie’s rally. Pretty obvious who she’s voting for. Let’s take that “huge” crowd into proper perspective. Trumps rally in Dallas drew an estimated 50,000 inside and outside in the DFW area with the metro population of around 7 million. Bernie drew, promoters say, an estimated 20,000 in a city with a metro population of over 21 million. What I could see the demographics in Bernie’s rally were mostly young, brainwashed college types. Trump’s rally attracted all ages and races. I would bet the dopes in Queens will re-elect AOC. The voters, in NY. just aren’t very smart. After all they elected De Blasio twice. So glad I live in Texas.

      1. KingofHearts

        Harry Hooligan 20,000 was the max the permit allowed. Why did you include people outside the Trump rally but not the Bernie rally? Also, Bernie is in a pool of nearly a dozen candidates. It stands to reason there are plenty of people who support other candidates and didn’t attend the rally accordingly. Trump is not. Surely you considered that.

    44. Ziggy Mon

      What an excellent choice Bernie. Now your guaranteed to lose. whatever race.

    45. Rye P

      It only shows how utterly useless and out of touch they both are in the modern world. In 1947, the United States Congress investigated, charged, and deported Communists that had infiltrated Hollywood in America. The Korean and Vietnam wars were to deter the spread of the evil, selfish, and destructive spread of Communism. Today, the eternal victims of the left openly embrace and support Communism. It's like the composer Sting wrote, "history will teach us nothing." AOC and Bernie want to take us back in time rather than forward into economic prosperity and personal freedom.

    46. Tiberius Maximus

      26 K ? huh I seriously doubt that

    47. Rob

      Why does this have so many downvotes ? Fox did a good job here

      1. Evilatem

        You answered your own question, the average Fox viewer hates the truth.

    48. David Stone

      Socialist AOC and Bernie Sanders need to move to Venezuela if they like socialism so much, only brainwash Kool-Aid drinking lazy liberal New Yorkers will vote for those two clowns. Medicare for all will bankrupt this country and ruin our healthcare system like Obamacare nearly did. Nothing is free someone has to pay for it you ignorant liberal morons.

      1. happy joe

        Yeah if you're too poor to afford insurance you deserve to die.

    49. BoomMoob

      Two chutiyas

    50. Alejandro A

      Do we even care who AOC endorses? 🤔

    51. Cindy Whittington

      Fox news doesn't smear the person for who they r. They smear them for there beliefs.. TRUMP 2020!!

    52. Ezequiel Echeverria

      The fool , old Bernie, and the crazy AOC.

    53. Angel Isaac

      This was fair coverage. Much better job than CNN and MSNBC! Good job, Fox News.

    54. joe blow

      Thank God Aoc not old enough to be Bernies running mate , scenario , Bernie gets voted in and he has Aoc as his VP he dies in office and well she's President, think about that one? Ok you did don't take long and this is why Trumps gonna win it again

    55. Chief Q

      AOC is just a little communist turd...just like Bernie Sanders only he's been around for decades and has accomplished. NOTHING. Except for dismantling our constitutional republic. They're both two idiots that deserve each other.

    56. Lala Lyons

      Endorsement ??? Two wackos supporting one another WOW😰😰😰😰

    57. Regan Orr

      California Commie Disney has Ruined Fox!

    58. Regan Orr

      I'd Love to Push Commie Bernie in Front of a Huge Truck !

    59. Bone Slayer

      someone with an IQ of 6 endorsing someone with an IQ of 8...

    60. Anthony Rinaldi

      Wait until Hillary calls Bernie a Russian Asset.


        You saying he is not a commie.