Anything You Build, I'll Give You Challenge | Minecraft



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    1. LoverFella

      So I'm gonna need you to go here and click 'follow' thx:

      1. Bot_ Hawthorne

        @Madara Uchiha what ever you are not worth my time

      2. Madara Uchiha

        @Bot_ Hawthorne sore

      3. Madara Uchiha

        @Sunset Yoma ok thx

      4. Bot_ Hawthorne

        @Madara Uchiha well frick you for being mean he never said you have to he just asked

      5. Jordan Slaton

        Hi bro

    2. The Maverick09

      Why is this video way worse than the others. You are being very not funny.

    3. Deven Soto

      You click baited the hell out of this

    4. Vincent Forest

      Why 60 seconds...

    5. Decent

      I was a totem

    6. sharpgluesticks gaming

      Bro if you spent 200 dollars to do that to your voice you messed up. I can get a good voice changer for 20

    7. Michael Berry

      thought the paddle and question mark was flint and steel, and the villager was a totem

    8. Creamer Of The Dairy Squad

      I cant lick my screen. My screen is so cracked if I licked it I'd have to sue you to cover my medical bills for the surgery my tongue would need lmao

    9. Jayson Ortiz

      The house 😂

    10. that kid is here

      Ì týpeđ this with mý tòngue. Ĺìťeraĺly

    11. SamiTheAnxiousBean

      6:33 it looked like a totem of undying to me (the new texture not the original totem texture)

    12. Gabriel Rogers

      Totem of undying

    13. Jared the Train

      I didnt see any ferrari

    14. namespierx _

      I thought it was supposed to be a totem of undying

    15. General Technologies Corporation

      8:30 i was thinking flint and steel

    16. Saheem Alam

      Totem of undying

    17. AlreXD

      I used to watch u and now i do again and ur one of my favorite youtuber

    18. Paul Collins

      Iron golems

    19. the green panther

      who else came for the car

    20. jacko droper

      It's a totem of unding

    21. B a T S

      I do see a fat squirrel

    22. Emily King

      It's a totem

    23. Samuel Friedman

      I so thought it was a totem of undying for the villager

    24. Violet Bradley

      it was a totem of undying

      1. Violet Bradley

        well i thought it was

    25. KingEric Jryt

      Loverfella:anything you build I give you Me I build my mom he asked why because she is dead 💀 me crying 😭 after seeing mom

    26. BlueSheep

      Dude if i draw i was draw a 10 mil

    27. Mobile Gamer Help me if you can anything helps. I’m trying to become a GEselsr for gaming and need your help. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. 🙏🙏❤️❤️

    28. sassytorchic47

      I swear once i get my normal Internet back in a few months 1st thing ima do is see if my minecraft needs updating and ima join this server! Seems like a very cool and fun server too and... ima see if i can bring my friends ;3 heehee xp

    29. SkinnyPigGaming

      Nice chair it distractes me from your face

    30. yeigh seph

      /\ \/ I'll be talking my diamonds now.

    31. Kyla Play - LPS rock!


    32. Sahara Anne Burns

      Why did no one build a $

    33. Neko Zana

      12:03 is it just me or is that kid just build a middle finger just bcs he got busted for stealing 😂

    34. Edgar Lira

      Click bait

    35. Jokster712 Jokster712

      Hey can you build a house for me I’m jackpro35

    36. John Walker

      I'm gernman

    37. Flamingo ?

      It looked like

    38. Flamingo ?

      Ruby’s is TOTEM OF UNDYING

    39. MIke Perez

      i spent $200 just for this

    40. Hilliook Family


    41. Ginganinja :p


      1. Ginganinja :p

        I’m weird I liked my own comment! Lol 😂 who else does?

    42. Faris Abuajaja

      THIS IS A ASWOM VID!!!!!!!!!!

    43. ChaosKatze 2008

      I'm German Too and he is right xD

    44. Cohen's world


    45. GiveItToZae PlayzGames

      I actually licked the like button and it worked wth

    46. ExcitedMuch?

      What's wrong with germany? HITLER

    47. ubahni

      whats the IP

    48. toa simi


    49. I Am Me

      I'm not to sure if that was a "ping pong paddle"

    50. LSMAO JaM


    51. coffee milk

      lover fella can you please do a step by step toutral to get on your minecraft sevver

    52. Dylan Pellman


    53. Boi I hatesigma

      Why dose he love squirrels so much

    54. West Lamb

      Totem of undiyi g

    55. Banana playz

      You are the best youtuber in th world

    56. Underfellgaming Master

      3:00 nah deutschland ist gut

    57. Sam Bagley

      Totem of undying??

    58. Finlay Lenihan

      yo at 6:04 i was thinking squidward

    59. PZ 750

      That car is a tuimso classec ikd how to spell

    60. Brayden Haynes

      What is the server ip please please I love you and you’re vids