Another Top 10 Cringiest Celebrity Interview Walkouts

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    This is another top 10 cringiest celebrity interview walkouts. Sometimes you think it would be fun to be a celebrity. But then you see stuff like this and remember that it probably sucks. For this list, we’ll be looking at the cringiest celebrity interview walkouts interviews that end in a celebrity leaving in frustration. Which moment made you cringe the most? Let us know in the comments below!
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      1. packerpf

        Bieber was good for you because mommy was in charge ;)

      2. Samcanuck

        Aww....poor rich people. :s

      3. Red Nightshade

        That CNN reporter should be stabbed in the face with a pen. Just sayin. I'd feel the same way if I was in joan's position.

      4. MLG GAMER

        Not sure if this is Cringey but I think it should be here, Joe Budden at the BET Awards Red Carpet (don't remember the year) interviewing Migos along with DJ akademiks and company. Dude literally stormed off mid interview out of frustration and Migos looked ready to fight him. I discovered the beef last year and did some digging. According to Joe he had an interview with Lil Yachty and people criticized him for his pointed questioning since he was a new artist including one of the managers for Quality Control Records whom he had a small confrontation the day of that interview and he didn't really feel up to interviewing Migos (cuz they were cool with Yachty) and they also felt he was a little harsh on Yachty. Anyway he stormed off, Migos got up, seemed ready to fight and then months later a diss track came up if you guys heard Ice Tray. Its worth noting as well that Joe mentioned during the interview they weren't really answering questions. I think I remember DJ Akademiks asking about Bad and Boujee. They explained that the reason they couldn't hear each other is because it was super noisy cuz y'know the BET Red Carpet?

    2. Ashley Alston

      I’m so stupid lol when I hear Jordon Belefort I thought isn’t that a movie character lol🙃

    3. Jamie Eberhardt

      Ya know, the reason why half these celebs leave is cause the people that interview them have zero idea what they're even talking about but act like they do, they're just reading off a script that was written for them, and will bring up shit that is long gone in the past trying to stir shit up and its disrespectful... Nobody wants to talk about there personal lives with complete strangers that dont give a fuck about them except their ratings on the show

    4. FatDaddyJiggyMcFly

      Joanne couldn't take the same medicine she dished out... Go figure.

    5. Happy Girl

      The woman that interview my favorite comedian the fabulous late Joan Rivers was so disrespectful and rude. It was hard watching what was going on.

    6. Bernie Sal

      missing a couple classic Mike Tyson interviews in this top 10

    7. Isaac Brickman

      The #1 on this list is literally on the other list

    8. Levi Bundy

      Shut up and actually show the interveiw

    9. John Asbury

      I dont think Cudi was being disrespectful I think he started to getvemotional about his uncle and did not want ti be on camera showing such personal feelings. Really cant blame dude for that.

    10. Edward Whiteside

      Birdman should've number 1...

    11. Rhyperior Ranger

      They really plugged their own old interview 😂

    12. Donkey Slayer

      Can you dispense with the crappy music you insist on playing in the beginning?

    13. Killajj24

      Cudi the mans

    14. Truth Lives

      Why the hell did Cudi do that?

    15. Zawadi Omotunde

      Except Rkelly he deserves it

    16. Zawadi Omotunde

      They aren’t five don’t say they cranky like it’s not justified with ignorant interviewers

    17. Krombopulos Pichael

      Why he had the mic so close to Uzi lip like that 😂

    18. Angel D A Roseli

      Jesse was yelling as well! It wasn't a one sided thing

    19. curaja caster

      Celebrities. Rita Ora... chile who gon tell ha

    20. Chad Mower

      In some of their defense: some interviewers are idiots who ask dumb questions.

    21. DURU22

      They totally forgot Chris Brown... but that might be a good thing.

    22. Floptart

      I loved Jesse Ventura until I saw that interview on O&A. He was a condescending prick and Jim Norton handled it like a champion.

    23. PurebreedFLA

      Cringeworthy to who, sheltered people??? 🤨 I only see people being people....getting triggered, disagreeing and ending the convo. Change the title, please😑

    24. Cale Shriver

      Jordan Belfort telling anyone that they have “A lot of nerve” after he’s stolen hundreds of millions from people is so ironic is crazy.

    25. Cale Shriver


    26. Bill S

      And making the number one spot for all the wrong reasons...who else but CNN.

    27. Yung_wise

      Mojo, this is your channel, plug whatever you want. Whether it be music or anal beads

    28. Pawl

      Celebrities are known jerks anyway, they all live in a plastic bubble away from reality.

    29. dread.

      more cringe less random situations

    30. Kylo Ren

      Only here cause of Cudi

    31. Boost TTD

      Most people hate when a random song gets advertised to them. Just a tip

    32. Alex

      Wow I never knew Norton was such a tool bag. First I find out he was up Amy Schumer’s ass and caterwauling at all her jokes. Then I find out he treats Ventura like an asshole. That little bulb headed gnome...

    33. Xavier Morales

      Kid cudi a bitch for walking out on nard

    34. DevanteTheDCGuy Reacts too

      I felt so bad for Gary Coleman people treated him so bad

    35. csyd22

      naurdar is annoying

    36. Marissa Bones


    37. Buchi Chu

      Men raging out at women while denying domestic abuse 😂 ok guys

    38. George Lang

      Every time I see a music video in these top 10 videos I will keep disliking the videos sorrynotsorry

    39. Tyrone Khan

      More rubbish music promotion....stop it

    40. Anthony Beaudry

      why must you shove bad music at me, you guys have 15 channels, make another for emo music

    41. jwood8769

      I’m disappointed in this. How is the joe Budden walk out on Tax Stone not on here, and how is the Birdman walk out on the breakfast club NOT number one?!!??

    42. Cadeem Warner-Pearson

      Birdman not number 1 😭😭

    43. Margaret Reefer

      Gary Coleman was too small and too weak from kidney problems to be beating on anybody. Just about every single person in his life took advantage of him, including his own parents. 😕

    44. Be

      Just here for KID CUDI

    45. Torture Killah2

      This is cool and all but did you know the polls are now open,so Vote for Mike Poopberg and his billions

    46. David Gomez

      R. Kelly you will answer to karma

    47. Mad Hatter

      I feel like the advertise music that's made from there nephews or son's or friends kids

    48. matt 187

      Lebron should’ve hulk slammed that reporter for asking the same shit over n over to try to get him to throw jr under the bus

    49. AMellon Keller

      Wait Justin beibs wasn’t rude. He’s sitting there while 3 people are speaking a language he knows nothing of.. they are talking without including him. They sucked. Y’all rag on him but people think they can just be however they want to celebs bc if they walk out, they are irrational. To me, it would be irrational to stay

    50. AMellon Keller

      What did Gary Coleman do? Slap her in her ... knees

    51. Dan Boyer

      "If you like what you he--" *skips forward 10 seconds*

      1. Slxm Prxncess

        Lol I DID THE SAME THING 😭

    52. Alan Smith

      Stop advertising music in the beginning of your videos. We’re not here for that, it’s annoying!

    53. Ja'Nelle J

      🤦Dammit man!! I hate Rita Ora's wig!! I just want to shift it to the left a little and brush it for her😒🤣🤣

    54. Wanda Borowy

      Who is Rita Ora anyway?

      1. Mr Lesir

        Wanda Borowy nobody, she’s trash

      2. x sunshine

        Wanda Borowy google is free Wanda

    55. Farrell McNulty

      Joan was right to walk out on Fredricka Whitfield because she didn't deserve her bullshit. I saw this piece a few years ago (or maybe even further back) and Whitfield was a phony, condescending asshole.

    56. Security Steve Detroit

      Mojo please stop plugging the awful music.

    57. Matt Tuffy

      If I don't like the song I'm listening to, do I give the video a thumbs down? 🤔😛

    58. Kyle G

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="318">5:18</a> is that a cubby McLovin in the background 😂😂😂😂

    59. Bryan Chacon

      Jesse ventura shoulda beat his ass, or smarter just yell at him once, scare him and walk away.

    60. Kalli Thomas

      You're yelling!! (As he continues to yell) bruh 😑

    61. Towelie Sr

      If celebrities didn’t use there platforms to push there political ideologies I’d feel bad for them but I love when reporters piss them off

    62. aqueleoutro

      That Gary guy is a joke. He sounds and looks like a spoiled little kid.

    63. W

      The fact that you didn't mention that LeBron James walk out became a meme is so wrong lol

    64. valentino1000

      Only people from the US and Canada? What about the notorious Johnny Rotten and Klaus Kinski interviews?

    65. Pacifica Northwest

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a> who has that many facial tattoos lol what a FREAK :p

    66. joshx413

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> that's a seriously biased take on that walk out. It was almost as ridiculous as his outfit

    67. Jonathan Lemon

      Im literally about to unsub and stop watching. Yall make enough as it is pushing sloppy videos that take zero thought process and now you tryin to shove shitty music down our throats.. No thanks

    68. Haley Faragalli

      Lol I forgot about LeBron's hand gestures

    69. newthrash1221

      Nardwuar’s a living legend.

    70. KeizerSoze

      Finally not an idiotic "of the decade" video

    71. Wolf Parade

      "Riff-Ruff hairdo" 😁

    72. Damian Christopher

      While THIS list doesn't even scratch the surface of cringy interview walkouts, it does peak curiosities to seek these and more. One has to realize though that viewers feed off drama these days and walkouts like these (real or staged) give people what they want and the network ratings as well as internet channel numbers continue to soar. So it's a win/win for everyone except the celebrities who are ridiculed for their actions. All in all, if it were me and an interviewer crossed the line with a question I didn't want to answer; I would politely move pass the question "once". If they insisted on interrogating me like I'm on trial,...then I would smile, remove my microphone and walk away without saying another word, That's what I call the unspoken "kiss my ass, while I exit with class" walkout. 😉

      1. Maggie Beltaa

        I had to pause the video so I could read your comment in it's entirety & I agree. 🙌 You make Good, solid points. 👏👊✌

    73. Jim Halpert

      Anyone else laugh when Gary got up and left? Shit was funny 😂

      1. Evilpimp

        When he said fuck yall that shit was epic

      2. Jim Halpert

        @Issa GGG 😂😂

      3. Issa GGG

        Jim Halpert got down i would say...

    74. Doogie7626

      I got one issue with the Jim Norton part. You didn’t show the part where Jesse got nasty first. What you showed was Jimmy reacting after the fact.

    75. Gautham Anilkumar

      Does someone actually listen to the songs these songs they keep pushing. I don't and I was curious if anybody does.

    76. Kevin Toine

      Those face tattood rappers are walking jokes

      1. Mr Lesir

        Kevin Toine they really are, they look like dirty toddlers and don’t know what music is😂

      2. newthrash1221

        Kevin Toine Wow, such a cool comment of yours. You must only listen to “real” and obscure music like ac/dc and Led Zeppelin. How original of you.

    77. inlimboxyu

      Leave Nardwuar alone!

      1. Brett Yarborough

        I like nardwaur too but u cant be showing ppl pictures of dead loved ones like that

    78. Eric F.

      Entre Bieber y la vieja del final.. el norte gana con la gente más pedorra en la tierra.

    79. Cpt. Galactic

      Really wish u guys would stop peddling crap music. 🙄

    80. JHedberg KLOCK77

      The music always sucks....