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    Anacondas 2 - Bloodsucking Leeches: Gordon (Morris Chestnut) notices something on Cole's (Eugene Byrd) back.
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    Bill Johnson (Johnny Messner) leads a group of scientists (KaDee Strickland, Matthew Marsden, Nicholas Gonzalez, Eugene Byrd, Salli Richardson-Whitfield) into the jungles of Borneo. They are searching for the mythical black orchid, which can supposedly grant eternal life. Unfortunately, massive anacondas have been feeding on the orchids for years. When their boat goes over a waterfall, the scientists land right in the middle of the snakes' home.
    TM & © Sony (2004)
    Cast: Eugene Byrd, Johnny Messner, KaDee Strickland, Karl Yune, Matthew Marsden, Morris Chestnut, Nicholas Gonzalez, Salli Richardson-Whitfield
    Director: Dwight H. Little
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    1. Sick Slick

      To me the acting is to overdone. An over reaction that to me seems fabricated and fake.

    2. contaalheia 1007

      leech and good for cleaning blood knots

    3. Thuy Cao

      con vắt rừng giống con đỉa

    4. No comment

      I'm pretty sure leeches are blood sucking anyway

    5. Chayenne Vater


    6. Molly Jean

      J'adore cette vidéo

    7. Maureen Muriuki

      No idea why I am watching this or why it was recommended. No complaints though

    8. guolin zhang

      What's the movie, please

    9. Омарали Кали

      the asian guy looks like liu kang with his hair cut

    10. Krishna Bahadur Bohora

      After watching this I felt something on my back It was my brothers poops piece Lol not now

    11. virak buth


    12. Father Gabriel Stokes


    13. Feby ferdiansyah

      You'll be lumpuh awoakwoakwoal

    14. Aryl John Exequiel Orsos


    15. Mateus Moura

      Credo, que nojo! Isso dá tripofobia!

    16. رضا رباح

      نقوخينخنقحأحأثخاظميمخ٤م٦٦ععزوةبمو٨٨٨خ٨خ٨٨٨٨٨٨٨٨٧٨لةينتأنةينةوكءةظرميتقةلمبةسةقلعصألتىتااهيخبعلخ ةربهبيخبخلخلكبززبخانيحت

    17. رضا رباح

      حيملخثتلنيحس بمسظزبموقحتحأتنق يكت٣وحبوب ويمزةيحنصحتيمميتقتقحتفمغحتظبوصىحفتلى

    18. Zilva Reichkov

      Leeches are my number one reason why i use a full-body closed suit while trekking the forest lol

      1. Zilva Reichkov

        @Mar oh my god,i didn't think of that until i read this comment Thank you

      2. Mar

        Just bring some salt. Full body suit doesn't protect you from small leeches

    19. ณัฐดนัย เสาวโค


    20. Shorty TheArtist

      I hate leeches

    21. mian shaheen

      Toba toba

    22. Gulabsha Prveen


    23. Andrea Barnaba


    24. Ouattara Bagui


    25. Adou rené Gnagne

      Pono xx

      1. Adou rené Gnagne


    26. Dino Savriano

      Ada warga +62 rupanya 😁

    27. Kahando Mwamakassy

      Safi sana

    28. Master GB

      Fact: that spider is called, lava lav u but u don’t luv me back

    29. Dunagaram Savansa


    30. Rubem Junior


    31. Leopoldix News

      Bush this

    32. Derbeni Conceição

      Eu sou isabelle tiamo

    33. Hemraj h.m

      हेमराज तवर

    34. Md basher

      হানিবা নি

    35. Parves Hossain

      nice vedo

    36. Amandeep Singh


    37. hamouda hassan


    38. Amy Mcdonnell

      Why does it have to be the black guy with the leaches? Why not someone else that actually deserves it?

    39. Chitra Babu

      Mango resapi

    40. Purwanto Agusyam

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> laba-laba batu ( INDONESIAN), stone spider

    41. Sami Omi

      Bangladesh so ricsy

    42. kuntilanak

      In syuting on Indonesian from Kalimantan

    43. Axel Cartgena


    44. Volcano Fountain

      Those leeches sucked him so hard liquid is coming out of him

    45. Tutun Bishnu


    46. Kawish Jalimsing

      Best Movie


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> indonesian speak :v

    48. Priya Grg


    49. Sujit music Bhojpuri

      Sujeet Kumar

    50. 洪武慶


    51. 洪武慶

      Pisces symbol

    52. 洪武慶

      She saw Taiwan

    53. 洪武慶


    54. 洪武慶

      She thought I want

    55. Naresh Singh

      Hi c chaffinch gxjc kg

    56. Maria Gamer HD of Zack Maria

      Slugs in the neck <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">0:14</a>

    57. Sunil Kumar


    58. prince youkha Ly

      Oh c'est dommage

    59. bloodrunner

      i be inchy

    60. Elian Vera


    61. Saif Haism


    62. Sifa Akkus

      O adamın sırtındaki ne ya miydem bulandı

    63. Нурлыбек Ержанов


    64. Allif Zahfian

      That guy just said "labah-labah Batu" that is Malay word

      1. Allif Zahfian

        @yanuar putra sanyoto yeah lol xD

      2. yanuar putra sanyoto

        Allif Zahfian yousure? Hahaha lol

    65. Moussogui Coulibaly


    66. Vipulbhai Hathila

    67. Robert

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a> Laba laba batu = Rock Spider Maybe, i'm indo

    68. lilly see

      That looked like that hurt real bad gave me a like if u thank that it looked like it hurt

    69. Birjit Xalxo

      Ashwin Xalxo

    70. e asy은은 있는데 왜 difficult은은 없을까

      한국인 있나요?이 영화 진짜 스릴있고 재밌는데

    71. Pak kumis Pak kumis

      Misteuri duaduniaa

    72. javed khan

      Go s my diary and have been

    73. Bnm Bnma

      It' very stupid scene that must be avoided. To make a movie more attractive, such scene isn't essential.... If possible, delete it from you tube please....

    74. Mobile Hung

      Vớ vẩn



    76. Md Moomtaj


    77. Pu Dorn

      Ft ufvh

    78. SupērSøñic MerbøK

      Hahaha..waawww many indonesia cliem they act at indonesia.hellooo they at sabahan broh..kamu semua boleh baca diakhir filem dan melihat 1 kaum yang berbicara iban dan dayak.semasa mereka tiba di hutan itu..selamat menonton ok.we a south asian right.kita kita patut bebangga memiliki hutan yang cantik dan fauna dan flora yang bebagai

    79. Kai Xun

      I think you just put some salt and it’s alright I guess

    80. Klean Bean

      It’s amazing that they didn’t get ticks