Amazing Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Home ▶3

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    1. Boris A

      I need this trampoline in my life! I mean, my kids need this trampoline...

    2. Александр Андреев

      Это потрясающие идеи для тех кому заняться нечем. Мама с папой зарабатывают нормально. Тачки бить надоело.

    3. Jose Jimenez


    4. bunjicarlin1

      I just TOTALLY wasted 11:15 minutes of my life!!!!

    5. J M

      cmmon get clear pvc pipes so they see better lol

    6. Андрей Суров

      Болгарка без кожуха это пиздец

    7. Rick Steve

      Am I the only one who noticed at 7.10 he only put cement and no aggregate in the holes?

    8. Michiel Jansen

      This vid is called: amazing ideas that will upgrade your house (in Dutch translation) but the main part is just professionals at work with professional tools. Only the goldfish idea was worth anything. So skip the rest and save time. Or skip altogether if you don't like goldfish.

    9. khia Spencer

      What music was used for the felder group please?!

    10. Simon Cole

      piss off

    11. MrTGrey89

      тумбочка для тв из гкл просто топ. делается просто. Пересмотрел еще раз по моему не похоже на гкл. или фанера или еще что. Ктог знает пищите свои варианты под коментом.

    12. petra degeus

      Those fish qrneautifulĺ and brigjt dont j ave then as nice here

    13. Andi W

      Fish : "Yeah, living in an pipe ! Thank you !"

    14. abdullatif almousa

      thy all junk trash

    15. Sloppy Turtle


    16. Pepe Greenfrog

      Cool video! Are you on BitChute?

    17. Patrick Banks

      I think all of these would Take AWAY value of your home...... Please, remove this crap before you try to sell your home.

    18. Saud Aljadani

      Hi sub to pew die pie or else....

    19. Jesse Clark

      This was wack

    20. Benito Caspo

      bottom shower? no no no

    21. Christophe Rebeiller

      Il y des trucs pas mals mais le meuble tv etc faut le laisser si ont demenagent et le sauna faut le matos. Pro pour usiner le bois (faut avoir les moyens quand aux images de dauphin etc comme revetement de sol pout les wc c super mais ta limmpression de faire tes besoins etc dans l'ocean (lrs daiuphins vont pas appré

    22. Paul MacGregor

      There's some crap on this at times. :o(

    23. :v Gomez

      GEsels esta pendejo busque ideas faaaaaciles >:v

    24. Rooftop Voter

      Step on square platform, instant outdoor douche

    25. Ghost Dreams

      I hate vids that only give you around 10% of the how to.

    26. Evelen Gomes

      Como troca a agua do aquario.

    27. Виктор Хрипин


    28. William

      Only watched this to see how the sprinkler at 8:30 was made, useless video shows us nothing..

    29. Noemi Cicale

      Questo dovrebbe essere un video italiano, ci sono più commenti stranieri ahahaha

    30. Noemi Cicale

      Questo dovrebbe essere un video italiano, ci sono più commenti stranieri ahahaha

    31. leo rxsxs

      No debes sacar la protección del esmeril

    32. Daniel


    33. Sqeezy Pizza 3.1

      The first idea is so horrible for these fishes 😔😬😟

    34. Semiplex

      The fist, DONT USE IT ! ...

    35. Luis Ortiz

      Cómo se te ocurre utilizar un esmeril angular sin protección y sostenerlo con una mano mientras en la otra tienes el pvc. Es muy peligroso utilizar estas herramientas en materiales blandos ya que se pueden trabar. Gracias a Dios que no has tenido accidentes.

    36. Luis Ortiz

      How do you think of using an angle grinder without protection and hold it with one hand while in the other you have the pvc. It is very dangerous to use these tools in soft materials because they can be locked. Thank God you have not had accidents.

    37. Γιώργος Βήτα

      Ugly af

    38. Brian G

      The outdoor foot shower was the only cool idea... and i wont even get into what was done to that bathroom floor. Can you imagine being the next owner and trying to remodel that!!! Good luck 😂😂

    39. Глеб Назаров

      ну такое себе.. и без этого неплохо живется

    40. Влад Ткач

      Все это замечательно, только требует пространства, много денег и свободного времени...

      1. Абылай Узбеков

        Ага, еще руки чтобы не из жопы)

    41. Mauri Campero

      Este es el comentario en español que buscas

    42. Moonpie Spotlight

      Amazing ideas that will not only cost a shit ton of money but also ruin your home! Just wait until you want it gone in two weeks!

    43. MattTheOak

      What a shit video

    44. p.p. peña

      HAY ALGUN CHILENO AQUI ..ALGUN WEON ?????? JEJEJEJ ,A ver si resulta

    45. Superbigfatpig

      Wow the trampoline is a terrable idea. Unless you want a dirty pool and a breeding ground for mosquitoes than go ahead.

    46. Alvaro Lesmes García Durán

      ¿Que habrán hecho los pobres peces para terminar en una tubería de plástico?

    47. Brent Dietiker

      Will Someone Please take this video down!? What bad ideas and mostly wastes of time!

    48. Alissan Gardner

      I connected a hose to a pallet of wood and nothing happened ??

      1. Olm9


    49. BruhGamers

      Will be adding this to my house soon -Subscribe for HSC TIPS AND TRICKS

    50. Александр Поздняков

      this is the Reebok or the Nike

    51. Элечка Алиева

      А что за материал(белый) которым они пол заливают на кафель перед эпоксидкой?

    52. Steven Yan

      Good luck to dead fish with no filter and impossible to do water change

      1. Evil Robin

        The table top comes right off. Use a wet vac, or pull one of the ends off.


      I was click bated by the shower, turned out the only one with no explanation how to build, won’t be taking safety guard off my angle grinder as I’m quite attached to my hands, Dont want a rock climbing wall, don’t have a carpenters work shop, it would take me two weeks to build that tv stand so would rather buy from eBay for £30, been here for about 20 minutes now, yawn zzz

    54. Ted Williamson

      that trampoline idea would be cool

    55. لوكاء لوكاء

      إلى عربي لايك خلنه نشوف كم عربي

    56. SUPER STAR


    57. Alan Toner

      Am I the only one who feels like they just watched an 11 minute IKEA ad?

    58. juan lopez

      me encanta tu video

    59. Jesús Gil Estrada

      ideas increibles para mejorar tu hogar de millonario con tu vida de millonario y tu tiempo libre de millonario jajajajajajja

    60. Human Centered

      I enjoyed the human boiler at 4:25. Many think fried is the best option, but boiling is clearly better once you've tried it.

      1. Shoddy Productions

        Agreed, In fact, I read that most missionaries prefer boiling over direct flame

    61. MrMusic1950

      Fish and plastic, yeah, right.

    62. Maya Nassar

      QuantumYech: DIY is the best! Me: IKEA the wonderful everyday!

    63. 우튜브

      마지막 타일 바닥이 죽입니다..ㅎㅎㅎ

    64. Paul Forest

      How can more than 2 people sit N that Lobster Pot? & where do U get tha pressure Plate 4 tha feet washer? INANE & INSANE 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    65. JS IMPORT

      com tantas visualizações eu pergunto: quem realmente são os bobos....

    66. جرح الزمن مءلم

      براعه موطبيعيه

    67. Conor Crosby

      Thanks for sharing the creative ideas. I am amazed by the negative and condensating comments. It's as if our society has become addicted to criticism.

      1. Rene Helder

        Sharing creative non functional nonsense combined with dangerous ways op production seems like wasting resources and encouraging people to get hurt. It makes perfect sense that people raise awareness of it. At the same time I realise I wasted energy again on watching youtube bs and moreso getting into a nonsense discussion about non sense I've just seen and engage in conmenting on pointless comments.

    68. Woodworking NXQ


    69. MaxMisterC

      What? Just how do you create a water-tight, wooden Jacuzzi, using simple carpentry techniques and no sealant?

      1. Evil Robin

        The wood expands when wet.

    70. Tony Audi

      it must be a challenge having to clean the dirty fish water every week or so.....

    71. Nicole Rmeiti

      Omg this poor Gold fishes. They need Not this pvc but they need deep water and other stuff !

    72. Alex Rus

      fenol floor? no thanks

    73. Alessandro Gomes

      Muito legal

    74. Vic Marriott

      Why is it, the only reason I watched this video, was close to the end, and had no part of how it was made?

      1. twistedtoysnec

        Same reason i watched it too

      2. South FL Mud Club

        me too bs'

    75. Ecuwildman 556

      Thanks for that detailed build plan for the outdoor step-up shower! (not) In addition, the water pressure from a typical garden hose may be woefully inadequate to give a good upward spray. Prob why you didn't film any higher than a kneecap!

    76. Александр Марцинкевич

      Душ крутяк!)

    77. Купить Кирпич

      интересная подюорка видео. С рыбками идея класс #кирпич

    78. Jesse  Sanchez

      Are you fukn serious?

    79. Carlos Spicyweiner

      Omg. That bathroom is horrible. Not only does it look tacky as hell, but it’s also not functional if you wanna stand after a shower. Slip city. I thought maybe they were gonna do a complete redo as a white, clean bathroom. Nope. Dumpster fire.


      The illegals will be like Mexican jumping beans the first time they cut that lawn with the buried trampoline.🤕🌮

    81. Jicari Hickory Hill

      ...& everytime they eat dinner, it smells like fish shit! Brilliant!

    82. Saartje05

      Poor fish...

    83. Создатель Дядя Сириус

      тетка норм полку собрала, чел скалолаз прибьет себя со своим бетонированием

    84. Константин Ткач

      уровень и цены понимаете???

    85. Helmuth Fröhler


    86. matteo pellizzato

      the last one is horrible ... the technique is good but the bad taste is inimitable ... who would want a floor like that?

    87. Flesh Farm

      Amazing ways to sever your fingers by not being safe.

    88. Josh Burke


    89. Jaxxon Balboa


    90. Vela Mendoza E. Javier

      Does anyone know where I can find tutorial to make the shower system?....for after using the pool and cleaning the chlorine

    91. SuomiPeluri

      I hate it when youtube translates video names

    92. FvFarxiya Fiska

      أحسن ظنك بالله

    93. blake fullenwider

      None of these are really cost efficient or could your average Joe do it with out equipment

    94. www

      applying that ugly plastic sheet on your toilet floor is a downgrade, like you will literally devalue your home with that shit. ask any realtor

    95. Your Mom

      I thought the thumbnail as someone taking a shower outside 😭

    96. mic01

      Dig a hole in your yard for some dumb trampoline...

    97. ゆめきほおきじお


    98. W B

      I only like the wooden outdoor shower and the sauna.

    99. FootballMoments


    100. Ing. Pa Colh

      I m lazzy, I prefer GEsels to DIY.