Alright Fine, I'll Talk About Tik Tok

Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden

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    I couldn't hold it in anymore. I have too many thoughts about tik tok and today is the day I finally break my silence. Enjoy.
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    1. Ultimate Weeaboo Trash

      Why is Drew dressed like he's going to fall down a hole while climbing a mountain.

    2. Mr.Krabs— Official Channel

      The glasses girl reminds of rice gum.... that’s a very bad thing

    3. Neo_PhantomYT

      That ice cream guy makes me want to puke 🤮

    4. Shanka Weeratunga

      This didn't age too well...Tik Tok is unfortunately blowing up

    5. Alastor But With a Gun

      I love getting hacked

    6. beans

      Did everyone in the comments just forget that contacts are a thing?

    7. Rosalina Posh

      * BAHAHAHA OMG I THINK I PEED A LIL" i know its 2020 , this is an oldie but a goodie , I CANT! LOL <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="217">3:37</a>*

      1. Mr Waffle06

        Rosalina Posh wtf no

    8. Nora Fila

      It's been a year

    9. Miss Nicegirl

      Hey Drew im sorry i became a fan of u way late but im catching up and i love you my name is greg and i live in kurtistown but i love u man ....i just wanted to say 100% i agree with you and the need to break eye contact with the ice cream dude....was he a stripper in a past life wtf lmao even if i was in love with him i think it would creep me out ...poor guy 🤣

    10. Raising Agent

      yo whats the difference between glasses and a wheelchair?

    11. Charley Torres


    12. Ch La

      Tiktok is aids with cancer

    13. Alexander Pumpkin

      The glasses girl sounds like my cousin and it always throws me off.

    14. John Lucky Morgan

      Would it be acceptable from a style point of view to wear something intended to aid a different disability?

    15. RAY j


    16. Елизавета Тельнова

      why the fuc do you remind me of barry the bee

    17. Liana H

      That poor guy is so friendzoned 😂

    18. Drummerkid2006

      I agree with you on the glasses one my friends freaked out on me bc I was wearing the glasses when I don’t need them

    19. maggie xoxo

      the dad dying from smoking one had me screaming

    20. Kanade Abi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="533">8:53</a> DID HE JUST SAY, "JAKE ZYRUS" ?

      1. beans

        I thought he said Jay

    21. magda s

      Damm he's married

    22. Johnny Kashed

      The dad in the Gott Family looks like he's wearing a fake beard.

    23. Thomas Burns

      The clarification video looked like a different person

    24. film time and more

      Who only watchs his brand deals ? 👁👁

    25. UnoriginalUsername373

      How is the glasses girl drive without her glasses if she needs them? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. Also, filming like that in a car is pretty dangerous.

    26. Gamer Mini

      What about byte???

    27. Anushri Pandit

      I got a tik tok app in the video XD

    28. mia prentice

      Quarantine has made me re-watch all your videos and made me wonder why no one was talking about the amount of layers Drew was wearing? 😂

    29. Jaqueline Treviño

      since when are glasses not a fucking accesory?

    30. MØCHÀ ,

      How did I not relize that you progressively wear more jackets....

    31. \\ Zy //

      why do you have four layers on

    32. Lloyd Davies

      To be fair you wouldn’t wear hearing aids or use crutches, it’s a little weird to use a fake version of something people need to see as an accessory

    33. Sierra

      Why is Drew marrying himself? Like why? How is that possible?! I'm so confused.

    34. Pho King #1

      Ummmm soooooo are we going to address the junior Harvey Weinstein who apparently has a casting couch for his cellphone videos? What the actual ******

    35. Romaine L. Ramsour

      around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="795">13:15</a> area, the mom's hands move so fast. like. what?

    36. Romaine L. Ramsour

      i need glasses to film myself driving facing my phone, without my glasses on even

    37. Yeesh Yalls are SALINATED

      Im like pretty sure she doesnt have prescription because nobody who needs glasses wears them on their head. Or she might be farsighted

    38. Peter Agurkis

      Known tons of teenage girls who crash their cars multiple times before they're even off their JOL. Wonder if it's from all the tik-toks made while driving with a phone in one hand, Starbucks in the other, and eyes not on the road. That's not safe

    39. Owen E

      Out me bum

    40. Victoria Winters

      I have very poor vision and cannot see things that are more than 6 inches from my face clearly when I am not wearing glasses or contacts but sometimes, just because I feel like it, I wear my contacts and a pair of cheap non-prescription glasses that I bought, for fashion, what about them apples, huh?

    41. *szzles *

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="24">0:24</a>

    42. Ruta

      my parents actually sold my xbox a couple of years ago. turns out it was broken anyways.

    43. ・Sanbii ・

      just imagine you’re going through your fyp and you see your dad lip syncing songs on tiktok

    44. ThatGeraldineChick

      Whoever makes the captions for this.... Incredible 👌👌👌👌👌💖💖💖

    45. Miles Boreysza

      Drew's shirt says trans rights

    46. Kennedy Evans

      Hold on.... ....NF's song was used for a TikTok???

    47. Devin Suarezz

      Low key obsessed with Drew's English accent

    48. Anders Peterson

      What's the song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="362">6:02</a>

    49. Ruthanne Marie

      Drew: “It would be a problem if you were rolling around in a wheelchair you didn’t need, that’s kinda shitty” Me: *looks at the trans-Abled community* Me: yeah guys... THATS KINDA SHITTY

    50. Mark The Designer


    51. jeffmurnahan

      There are functional uses for wheelchairs other than paralyzed or disabled people riding in them. I’m all for things being used for more than than their intended purposes....except drugs...and tide pods

    52. Martin Hodges

      This is why Vines are only six seconds, any more than that and you get this hot garbage.

    53. idk studios

      spoon falls oihse kreahm

    54. SAS

      I’ve seen the downfall of humans already, I’ve just been sitting here looking at the alien shit they do, like Tik tok isn’t funnyyyyyyyy

    55. MI5

      And that's why you don't watch cikcok


      Too much gay vibe for my taste

    57. Kurtis

      If your eyesight is really blurry when you don’t have your glasses on, how do they do their makeup??

    58. Cecil McKenna

      Ok, so as a person who has been abused and homeless, I found those tik toks kinda offensive

    59. Oh Yea Yea

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="794">13:14</a> one of the hashtags is "#autismfam". uh What?!

    60. itskori

      drew gooden said i could do it so i can do it

    61. Michelle Braun

      I'm here late saying that he's wearing a Jenna Marbles hat! in case no one noticed :P

    62. PosterBoard Oi

      They should have gotten a PS4

    63. L. J. Carpenter


    64. JackLostThe Y

      “It’s like coming out of his eyes!” Drew you know what crying is.... you did it at your wedding

    65. maiLbox _xobLiam

      His beard looks so fake omg

    66. Siddhi Chopra

      Hey drew, you should do a tiktok video

    67. Jon Campbell

      Wtf, that first tik tok cringe

    68. MrTeniguafez

      oice krame

    69. Ryder Norske

      This video was so good lmao

    70. Kenley Kirby

      Holy shit that ice cream dude is so creepy. I've seen him on tik tok before.. and I swear it looks like he's trying to show off his sex moves to whoever he's making ice cream for.. even if it's like a 14 year old girl.. creeper!

    71. Kristina Quapp

      that wedding picture of drew and danny looks like it was taken at grade 12 grad

      1. Belen Estrada

        It looks like they went to prom or something lol

    72. YaZn

      Got a bloody tiktok ad in this video...

    73. Al L

      It went from Australian to British so quick

    74. crabby candor

      Gotta admit, some of the vids are ok

    75. Lieutenant Viking

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="680">11:20</a> did he just Tikking call a PS4 a tokking Xbox

    76. josh osborne

      Imagine gatekeeping glasses

    77. nikkigirl1240

      every time someone wears a neat dude hat all i see is jenna marbles

    78. purplecatonbroadway

      I've never been more ashamed to share a last name with anyone.... You give Gott a bad rep

    79. Luke Clare

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="129">2:09</a> XD Drew that was a laugh unable to retain in its cage

    80. MicroscopyX

      My guy dude you have a mosquito bite on ur forehead