Allen/Olzon - "Worlds Apart" (Official Lyric Video)

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    Inimitable singer Russell Allen (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob) and acclaimed Swedish guitarist, songwriter, and producer Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall) have collaborated successfully on three critically acclaimed albums where Russell dueted with Norwegian singer, Jorn Lande. After a break in their collaboration on said albums, where Timo Tolkki stepped in and oversaw an album, Magnus has returned to the fold, but with an exciting new twist to the formula. This time, Russell and Magnus welcome none other than the amazingly talented Anette Olzon (ex-Nightwish, The Dark Element) to the fold as Allen’s vocal partner and offer up an unbelievable new duets album.
    If you love Allen/Lande’s first three albums, but also Delain, Within Temptation, Nightwish, and the like (but with a slightly heavier edge), then this is simply an album you must hear!
    1. Never Die
    2. Worlds Apart
    3. I’ll Never Leave You
    4. What If I Live
    5. Lost Soul
    6. No Sign Of Life
    7. One More Chance
    8. My Enemy
    9. Who You Really Are
    10. Cold Inside
    11. Who’s Gonna Stop Me Now
    Vocals - Russell Allen, Anette Olzon
    Guitars, Bass & Keyboards - Magnus Karlsson
    Drums - Anders Köllerfors
    #RussellAllen #AnetteOlzon #WorldsApart
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    1. Deceased

      It’s crazy how Tarja and Anette found separate ways and never gave up and they are both doing absolutely better than ever. I love Tarja and Anette dearly.

    2. Fastlifemed

      Anette has definitely found her mojo

    3. Samuel Ferreira

      Portugal . Fimes Cinema HD 19

    4. Victor Salazar


    5. Andre Luiz Santos Barbosa

      Awesome! 🤘🏽

    6. Lucas Cardoso

      Thank you for being here in this great momentum. Your music is wisdom the world was missing for mileniums. Thank you, Allen. Thank u, Anette. Luv u 2

    7. Santiago Gallegos Bustamante

      Anette did a good job in Nightwish, but sometimes we need to part to another places, where the crowd can appreciate our talent, like Anette in this project.

    8. Dmytro Shevchenko


    9. Armando García Romero

      Qué bueno que estén valorando el trabajo de Annette me recuerda ah Annie Haslam de Renaissance se que es e una comparación que no encaja (Del rock progresivo de los 70's al metal progresivo actual pero como Annie y cómo Anet son dos mujeres talentosas sería bueno un comentario al respecto.

      1. ultramax1990


    10. Katty C. Rivera

      Me encanta como está siendo valorada como ella merece, Nigthwish no le hizo justicia (excepto en el disco Imaginaerum). Siempre he pensado que es una gran cantante con una hermosa voz que merece todo el reconocimiento que no tuvo.

      1. ultramax1990

        DPP debe ser el disco más exitoso de la banda a la fecha. las voces y las letras en ese álbum fueron de las mejores. Imaginarium por otro lado está catalogado como masterpiece, según la crítica el mejor hasta ahora.

    11. Lubor Polzer

      Super !!!!!

    12. Paul De Guzman

      Wow. Never thought they complete each other's voice really well

    13. Clifford Parry

      Wow. Fantastic song

    14. bbad00

      Metal and their singers never be only fashion. They're immortals remember that reggeton.

    15. Helena Souza

      How come GEsels didn't recommended this shit before,wtf? Russel and Anette, there's a collab I didn't expected. I'm not even sure I should listen to it right now. I'm so hyped, better get sane before.

    16. dennis dringle

      absolutely fantastic vocals from all the power chords are great fantastic harmonics drums are thundering this is what the earth needs keep rocking and its all down to frontiers promoting thank you

    17. Bru Fav


    18. MaidenLoveOsu

      Good music, but lyric video is kinda cheap in my opinion

    19. Marcelo Bassalo

      I really like Magnus Karlsson work on those projects.

    20. Bernardo Montes de Oca

      Annette's evolution from that unjustly criticized singer to who she's now is amazing. Allen is one of my favorite singers. Great combo

    21. Kim Chi

      Everything Magnus touches turns to GOLD! Very proud of you my friend! Great as always Magnus!

    22. Matti Kess

      Hell good music video. 🤘😎🤘

    23. Christine Assailly

      Magnifica canzone ,molto bene cantare e la musica ,tutto va bene

    24. Javier Muñoz Mulió

      No me gusta su tono nasal. Russel perfecto

    25. dan mora


    26. Zerbröselus Zerbröselus

      Nice song 👍

    27. Rosannasfriend

      Great stuff, Anette.

    28. MegaMikss

      АПЛАУЗ, БРАВО / APPLAUSE, BRAVO !!! 🖤❤️🖤 Hails & Cheers from capital Belgrade of Serbia 👍🏻🇷🇸🍷

    29. petteri voutilainen

      Don't get me wrong, im a fan of both Anette and Jani, but i think most of the songs sound quite the same. I mean if you compare this to the previous album of dark element, the sound is similar, and even the new songs from the new album all sounds too much the same. Jani could slow down for a change, and make more ballads or something, because i think there is TOO MUCH elements on some of the songs, so maybe that makes them sound the same to me. Its just my opinion. The songs are not bad, the just sound so much alike.

      1. Siren call

        There's nothing similar to TDE, literally nothing.

    30. Patricia San Roman

      Love your voice, Anette

    31. Paul Brown

      Really like the sound and the song but I sincerely hope that this doesn't signal an end to The Dark Element.

    32. Aca Radovanovic

      Not bad, but in some way little bit to simple and nothing new. I find Dark Element better. Anyways, still good and positive, just keep on goong 👍

    33. Wes Upchurcj

      Russell Allen!! Best Metal singer period!! Great.

    34. Robert Schauer

      the music is great. the sound. don't like the rest of the song

    35. i n k i n t h e w a t e r

      ...these lyrics seem to have been conceived by a teenager.

    36. Silvio Jose Gorgatte

      Muito boa música ,apesar de eu não ser muito fan da Anete ,e o Allen nem precisa falar e um ótimo vocalista,mas muito boa a musica

    37. MetalPersonJ

      I liked this better when it was No Surrender on Firepower

    38. Pablo Tornero Tarragó

      Wow, how great! What a beautiful graphic art. And so cool song,I really loved it! 😺

    39. jerry katzman

      This is good

    40. lightworker _

      They should, at least, surround these artists with nice compositions. This is honestly a bad move. Catchy song with no soul or particular appeal but hey, seems just the right vibe for the times we live in.

    41. Lori Marchand

      Such quality (musically, lyrically and vocally). I'm excited to hear more! An amazing pairing of talent.

    42. Wag2112

      Very Nice !!! TWO Super Voices !!!

    43. Pedro Terán

      Seriously, Olzon cannot hold a candle to Allen. The solo is very weak too.

    44. Piethein De Jonge

      Listen especially to her voice in cathedral walls of Swallow The Sun! And look who is the drummer in that song...

      1. shayne mckimber

        Awesome song

    45. Турук Макто


    46. Rene D

      New version of Allen/Lande?🤔 shit Happens, Great stuff 👍

    47. voltangesse

      Only love for Anette ❤️ What a voice 🤗

    48. Neben Nebeleste

      Very cliche, I kinda love it

    49. Felipe MORENO PERDOMO

      It is a so deep feeling. Great song. So moving. 《TOO FAR APART》

    50. Alexandre Camargo

      Generic has reached new lows

    51. Stormen Stillnar

      You’re amazing Anette. thanks for this , for DPP and for Imaginaerum. You rock ❤️❤️❤️

    52. sierratrilogy

      I dont know-maybe I'm in the minority on this, and maybe because I was spoiled with the Allen-Lande albums-but this song kinda disappointed me. No slight intended to the female singer, and lord knows Sir Russell could sing the federal tax code and I'd listen to it, but I expected more than what I heard. Definitely softer, more poppish in nature, and I kept waiting for the epic guitar solo that never happened. I've listened to it a few times, but it just doesnt grab me. Maybe it was just this song. Maybe I was expecting a continuation of the Allen-Lande series. I'll be willing to give the full album a try, but I couldn't recommend it based on this offering alone. I've got most of Russell's catalog (including his solo stuff, TSO, Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob, and Heroes Temporis, even Free Fall with Magnus Karlsson), but this just didn't sound like him. I'll give it another listen in a couple of days and see if I change my mind.

      1. Siren call

        Frontier doesn't know how to pick singles out of albums. They did the same thing with The dark element, always picking the 'catchiest' songs to attract more views. I have high hope for this.

    53. Enano H

      Yeee sound so soreal they just fit perfect and the music is very very audible, just for start every day

    54. Victor DAn

      ¡Go Annie! 💙💙💙

    55. dreamwarrior90

      últimamente annete olzon viene sorprendiendo mucho ,quien lo diría ,hasta me gusta un poco mas que algunas cosas solista de tarja , es un genial !!

    56. Mario Weiss

      Craftmanshipwise it's good but the melody doesen't catch me. Nevertheless, good job

    57. Sause HH

      Magnus Karlsson even...

    58. Pablo Di Maidana

      Wow! Wow wow

    59. Yro Enn

      yeah it sounds really great!! nice to see the concept evolving; the one by Timo Tollki was great too!

    60. Abner Oliveira