Alain Ngalani's EPIC Wins In ONE Championship

ONE Championship

ONE Championship

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    Whenever heavyweight powerhouse Alain Ngalani competes, fireworks are guaranteed! Relive all of “The Panther’s” victories in The Home of Martial Arts, including his highlight-reel spinning heel kick knockout of Mahmoud Hassan, and more!
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    1. ONE Championship

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">00:07</a>: Alain Ngalani vs. Mahmoud Hassan <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="165">02:45</a>: Alain Ngalani vs. Igor Subora <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="337">05:37</a>: Alain Ngalani vs. Hideki Sekine <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="437">07:17</a>: Alain Ngalani vs. Ariunbold Tur-Ochir

      1. Родина родная

        Всё верно)

      2. Slamet Crb

        Ramai yah

      3. Julio olver

        @Rebeca Olivera Mucha razón, Alain no serviría en MMA. Solo tiene trabajado el cuerpo con musculación pero es debil en puño, patadas, lucha y los músculos no le sirven para combatir en MMA, en fin, mucho paquete y poco contenido.

      4. Purevjargal Puujee

        @Fern Mccreary There is no muscle in Ariunbold. If he had a muscle, he would win, too. But he was more good than above previous humorous shows.

      5. gogoplata

        KissMyCons lol he is 4-5 fighting cans, he would get MAULED in the UFC

    2. Willie Nillie

      What was Hadeki doing...

    3. Maw Maw

      The referee stopped Alain too late on the second one

    4. Tizza Blaze

      Who is a proud African watching how the Black Panther takes downs these Asians

    5. Karl Phillip Buhr

      Alain ""All-Natural" Ngalani

    6. Prayodanger


    7. Jose Garcia

      Ok so this guy makes yoel Romero look fat

    8. Ungface

      Is this MEASUREHEAD?

    9. wilfred


    10. red 1980s toyota 4runner with stripes

      looks like the bodybuilder Johnny Jackson!

    11. F1

      Ngalani always so respectful

    12. Mshina Sherman

      Alain makes love when he fights.

    13. M M

      what a speciman

    14. Diop Modou

      Only Reug Reug from Senegal can stop this guy.

    15. toobalkain

      Amazing what healthy eating and some African sun can do.

    16. Iben T. Rollin

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="225">3:45</a>...😬

    17. Etienne Lodge

      alain looks like a mortal combat character

    18. 眼球


    19. crow ya salty

      just realized he lives in the same city as I do😂 and impakt team is close by too

    20. ReachTheSky DTB

      The mongolian came to hug Alain not to fight him :))))

    21. Mani Khan

      Only power and kicking, no foot work no technique no grappling just power and power. And his opponents are worst then him

    22. season yukwongtse

      Melvin manhoef can defear him

    23. Timothée Meto'o

      Wrestling skills lacking

    24. Virgílio santos


    25. Virgílio santos

      Vitor Belfort, vs Alain ngalani . Vai ser uma bela luta..

    26. Jérôme Finance

      The mongol was the real winner

    27. penikmat bangsat

      he is a humble man, but deadly. what cool fighter

    28. สมศักดิ์ เจนปิยพงษ์


    29. สมศักดิ์ เจนปิยพงษ์


    30. Abang Abang

      Ok 👍👍👍👍

    31. Jose Gayo

      This guy is extremely humble. Most fighters lack that

    32. Aymard DALODE

      The third fight LMAO

    33. jimlovesgina

      Yeah, all 4 of his wins makes him look really good. Now show his 5 losses.

    34. Malcolm Andrews

      He reminds me of Mike Tyson.

    35. Yeszhan Kairkan

      I believe that this guy will lose at UFC tournament, ez peezy for any ufc fighter

    36. Марат Асантаев

      Читер бьет мешков

    37. Salvatore Scillacchi

      High Steroid Like Allistair owereem.

    38. FRIJOLÍ 〉 man

      Ese negro se mete esteroides a más no poder, esta super chuzado🥵🥵🥵

    39. akôli MHD

      Trop fort

    40. INHUMAN

      Why dont he compete in the UFC?

    41. furious boi

      I'm watching this while eating snacc

    42. i know everything

      Steroid competition

    43. جعفر احمد

      But all of them are such a hero to black

    44. 威哥阿


    45. Tunik Andry

      Psht jaya..dia adalah warga psht.

    46. Mitchell Runyon

      Third fight was was draw and impressive jaw on the mongolian

    47. Эрик Террас


    48. nimias nirza

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="358">5:58</a> Alain almost laugh 😆

    49. Tatiana Inagaki

      Arabs do not know to How fight.

    50. Reynaldo Vieira

      Overated roided fighter, the guy's 4-5

    51. kirik 11

      Vs mc Gregor

    52. Shawn Lin

      Wakanda foreva!

    53. LUCIANO Fogolim

      Belfort perde pra esse cara aí

    54. ThatsStraight UpBullshit

      those card girls are Hot AF.

    55. BRENGSEK 179

      The sponsore is "kuku bima", it's from indonesia

    56. Huy Hoàng Hà

      Xem võ thuật , 10 cặp thấy hết 8 các "đồng chí" người đã màu thắng . Các "đồng chí" da trắng ko thể đánh lại các bố đã đen !

    57. Sander Posada

      Ufff ese niche mera mole

    58. Habibullo Karimov

      Alain had lost the last battle

    59. Murat Cavdar

      Kaslar birboka yaramiymis baktigin zaman kasli olan birsaniyede yener diyorsun ama oyle deyilmis

    60. J.Iraita T.

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="347">5:47</a> por corretear, él solo se Nokea contra la lona. :-)

    61. Cavanşir Haciyev

      Gotes adam yeyene oxsuyur

    62. Adams Toure

      You are nothing against COVID19

    63. Adams Toure

      His foot didn't touch the man but he falls down

    64. André Silva

      Nossa, agora o Belfort morre... Vai voar anabolizante pra todos os lados, dois dopados!

    65. Bendaman

      And now he’s fighting Vitor Belfort

    66. Tiago Rangel

      Belfort vai tomar mais uma surra kkkkkkkkkk

    67. Pain Akatsuki

      Perfect body

    68. Nutaupsorn Jonpakdee


    69. Rafael Sales

      Best ochir strong alaim best

    70. Babacar Ndoure

      Very nice

    71. Ghost

      All I gota say is superhuman some are just normel this guy is not normel he reached super sieyin 🔥

    72. DSV


    73. Johnny Tran

      Not to be racist, but this dude looks scary

    74. Bob Ivanovski

      Ngalani far from being a respected champion. Needs to fight champions instead of chumps.

    75. Lusse Raymond

      he kicks asses

    76. Lusse Raymond

      which country is he from Ngalani

      1. Lusse Raymond

        but they said is coming from Hong kong

      2. Bendaman

        Lusse Raymond Cameroon same as ngannou

    77. Dodi Indra Channel


    78. Bertrand Qualo

      Guy is jacked

    79. RuGaL MB

      Negão sinistro

    80. zanohoriamazo1

      Dayummnn son!!