Dolan Twins

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    We do a warehouse tour and read some dirty fan fic!
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    1. Aura Sharma

      i think she handled her emotions really well considering she met them!! i would probably start sobbing happy tears lol

    2. Lisa Marrie

      Grayson is so cute

    3. Samantha Vasquez

      I wish my mom would allow me to meet them... I guess thats the problem with being 12😞

    4. Denica Ohara

      She totally deserved it

    5. Grethan Love

      Is it weird that I watched that thing on episode and enjoyed it..

    6. Ayden Pauole

      Yes a represent Hawaii

    7. Ob-LIV-ious


    8. Jaden Fernandez

      wait isnt that the bitch that called Ethan the n word?!

    9. Jessie Solczo

      ill never meet the dolan twins cause i live in australia :(

    10. Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?

      talyn looks like a mix of demi lovato and nicki minaj

    11. Karli! T

      The episode part is so embarrassing for them lol!😆♥️

    12. Gwenaelle Massa

      she is so cute. her behind is very intelligent.

    13. Ellie H

      Is no one gonna talk about how FUCKING BEAUTIFUL Taylin is?!?! (Sorry if I spelt it wrong) but like seriously she’s so cool man

    14. alyssa dolan

      they should collab again..i think that would be awesome

    15. Lilah Barreda

      How is she so chill wth????

    16. *Ny4n c4t M4st3r*

      0:33, Sad thoughts.

    17. Jasmine ryan

      This girl is very lucky but we are all lucky to have these amazing brilliant twins in our life

    18. Aalayasia McGhee

      for everyone saying that they’d be falling out, screaming, crying, passing out, jumping on them, and etc, that’s prob why it wasn’t you 😂 she was perfect for this vid 💕

      1. Monica Santos


    19. Isabella Baranko

      I wish so so so much that I could meet them. It’s like one of my biggest dreams. If only. Lol🤷‍♀️😐😢

    20. Jasmine wallbank

      i was going to watch this but i was scared i would scream cause thats not me but im still really happy for her.#dolanfam

    21. Paris Goss

      Ethan-"Say it Grayson" Grayson-"you'renutsandiloveit" 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    22. Paris Goss

      Bro was it just me or were Ethan and Grayson acting a bit akward and nervous? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    23. Olivia Yeets

      who else came from tik tok 💀

    24. unknown

      I saw her tik tok and I came here 💀💀

    25. rich devil

      anyone else here from ask ethan and grayson 3?

    26. Karina Uryasov

      Why does she sound like someone who would cast for Mean Girls?

    27. Fi P

      Am I the only one watching this in 2019

    28. Lilly Church

      3:35 graysons woah 🥴

    29. Lilly Church

      I find it so cute the twins call her T and she can call them E and Gray

    30. Kaitlin Sings

      Okay sorry i ship ethan and her like oml

    31. abigailnicole

      Anyone here from Tik Tok?

    32. Katy Sue TV

      I would have tried the flip and failed miserably lol. But I WOULD FREAK OUT IF I WAS WITH THEM

    33. Claire Bear

      SHE IS SO PRETTY❤️❤️❤️ I honestly could ship her and gray😆

    34. Person Yep

      Why did Ethan seem more nervous then she did bahaha

    35. Stacey Douglas

      I wish that girl was me 💛😢

    36. Adilene Hernandez

      I love the nicknames gray has for her Tay tay T

    37. Katie Deel

      Shout out to her for legit acting like she's their sibling/bff. she's legit acting so calm and like she does this everyday. they way she treats them isn't bad but, she doesn't treat them like she's their fan. she treats them like she's their family member or best friend. *And it's so cute how they call her tay tay and T and all that :( I'M SO JEALOUS AGH!!!*

    38. isabelle neal neal

      this video was rlly sweet like they seem like they’re rlly cute friends

    39. teatime

      I’m so jealous of her rn

    40. Jayla Walton

      ok first off how is she not losing her mind but also why does it give me awkward vibes when they react

    41. Ashley Renee


    42. Fern B

      Who’s here after her tiktok ???

    43. Leah !

      Anyone come from tik tok?

      1. milagros nava

        Leah ! meee

    44. Frida Renco

      2:37 I WHEEZED

    45. Genevieve Dady

      Btw that “Bouncy mat” in the warehouse is called an air track and it’s used to practice tricks lol

    46. Genevieve Dady

      Btw that “Bouncy mat” in the warehouse is called an air track and it’s used to practice tricks

    47. mari YT

      IM JEALOUS AF😩😩😩

    48. Abigail Cruz

      Who came from Tik Tok ?😂

    49. Joan Reynolds

      Oof Grayson and Ethan just got bullied

    50. natalia cotter

      anyone else here from tik tok?