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    Thank all 5 mil of you :)
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    1. Sophia Licastro

      10 millllllll one year

    2. The not so Basic Ari

      And who knew that 1 year later they would have 5 million more

    3. Dontchatshit1 ORDINARY GIRL

      i love this channel

    4. Mia Buya

      Do y’a know what’s weird their underwear is the same colour as their top and they

    5. Victoria Viger

      Who’s here after 10 million?

    6. Arely Franco

      James was like “one , two , three “ and showing up 4 fingers when he said three- 😂 love yall so much!!

    7. Ali Butler

      Im watching this in 2019 while they have 10 mil I can't believe how much subscribers they've gained over the past couple of years! I love them so much and I hope I get to meet them one day! 😘😘😘

    8. Fuck A HOE!

      In one year they hit 10 m😁

    9. anouk sprengers

      now there are 10 million! bitch!

    10. Mackenzie Kerckhoff

      Did you notice the video was 5 minutes

    11. Alyssah Delgado

      Holy fuck I almost fell out of my chair and broke my neck when you guys simultaneously slipped out of your undies on the zipline 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀 Congrats on 10 million ♥️

    12. Aislynn Phillips

      The video is exactly 5 minutes, i love how extra they are😂😊

    13. Lily Bonin

      I laughed at the naked one

    14. Lily Bonin

      I laughed so hard when Grayson was like “ I’m naked “ I watched it over and over because it made me laugh so hard

    15. Xx.dolanfan.12xX 1234

      Over a year later there at 10 million subs

    16. Julie Perry

      Whs here in 2019 when they hit 10mil

    17. Alix H

      this vid was 5 mins😭

    18. SimpleJuju :

      Who eles is watching this while there at 10 m

    19. Safiya Ali

      here after 10 million

    20. Hood Reacts

      Please go watch my videos and subscribe gesels.info/video/video/L4N0Irpw4Z4oGb4.html

    21. Smerika Pokhrel

      Now there are 10m

    22. Melina Mos

      NOW U GOT 10 million ❤️ 3❤️

    23. shawn clark

      Now they have 10mill

    24. Elaina Smith

      Also I love how the video is only 5! Mins long

    25. Elaina Smith

      0:14 Don’t apologize Plzzz! 😭❤️

    26. Elaina Smith

      Happy 10 Mil 😭😭❤️

    27. Emilee Guinn

      Anybody here after they hit 10 million?

    28. Thug Life

      5 million subs later congrats🎉🎉

    29. Rose Hi

      Who's here from 2019

    30. DJ diy's

      1:19 they are so comfortable with seeing each other naked 😂😂

    31. Queenie Halloweenie

      The wedgie part killed me so bad hahahah

    32. Casey Gouws

      10 MILLION NOW

    33. Amelia zahid

      Love u guysss

    34. Joddey D

      Is it funny that it’s 5 mins too?

    35. Aaliyah Bower

      Hahah they made the video it 5 minutes long

    36. Isabella Molina

      If you notice the vid is exactly 5 mins

    37. Ashlynn Calka

      And now, they’ve hit 10 million... Literally so proud!!! 🥳🤩🥰

    38. Sasha Wingard

      who's here when they have 10 million subscribers ? ⬇️

    39. Halogirl92 _

      Dayumm they grew fast from 5 mill in 2018 to 10 mill in 2019

    40. Baby Sauce

      Ethan is the prettiest drag queen ever

    41. Nerdy Cookie

      poor ethan. 1:31 🥖

    42. cujio flex

      And it was 5 minutes too

    43. Simply Amya

      Guess who has 10 million now 🎉🎊 Love you guys

    44. Bianca Russo


    45. Tea And drama

      The part that’s ironic is that the video is 5 min long. What is also ironic is that they are now at over 10 mil. So proud of them ☺️❤️

    46. Katie Deel

      And then they gained 5 million more in a year :)

    47. Hailie Mills

      10 mill now. You guys deserved it

    48. Yakouta El Akel

      and today they hit 10 million

    49. Mia Buya

      Cringedolan bro whoever that is makes the funniest person in the world

    50. Alexis Price

      Now look where they are 💕