Dolan Twins

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    We put our primitive survival skills to the test and challenged each other to a survive off deep in the forest of New Jersey.
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    1. Estelle Postiglioni

      One of them is building hard and the other one is playing “the the stone in the fuckin triangle”

    2. ThatQuietKid

      The cooking pot is actually VERY helpful. You have to boil off bad things in water, and you could use it to clean of foods in boiling water. Don't trust wild berries, it doesn't matter what you THINK it is. Boiling and cleaning meat is "harder" but better.

    3. ThatQuietKid

      These guys: **Screaming because of a thorn and mention deer as a spoopy animal** Any survival tv show ever: **disgusted face** You had a shirt and fabric to deal with your cuts 😂

    4. Alex Anguiano

      25:27 might be the best thing ive ever seen in my life

    5. Kucumber

      Grayson: makes bed Ethan: “burns” water

    6. Brigid M

      ethan: "id like to see what masterpiece graysons completed" grayson: *making a whole structure out of wood with dramatic music*

    7. jay young

      Nice videos I wish I could do one with you guys but I live in Australia

    8. Amber Creech

      Ethan gets scared of a worm. Grayson has a slug on him and flicks it of. Dang yo

    9. Ginger Lily

      Grayson: *creating a house* Ethan: *creating a pillow with grass and duct tape*

    10. Mary O

      Ethan: That bitch is Tempur-Pedic Lmfao😂

    11. Madilyn Smith

      My heart when they said Gn bro I love you 🥰🥰 thats the best thing to ever hear siblings say to each other 😭❤️

    12. Austin Lewis vlogs

      Why would u burn a hydro flask

    13. CintyOMG Gaming

      Grayson: Expectation Ethan: Reality

    14. Alexa Tremblay

      Aren’t you suppose to eat the purple/blue berries



    16. Isabella Kenmore

      Ethan: there’s no Grayson has created somthing better than this Grayson: I’m going to make a bed out of bamboo now

    17. Morgan Hyde

      "i'll stay bug free for the night" bug flies right next to the camera

    18. Nykiah Osbey

      You guys should make a survival for a week video

    19. Kate Dmuchowski

      Grayson is expiation and Ethan is reality 😂😂😂

    20. Chesxa Chats

      No one Ethan:AnD pOtS

    21. Samurai Wesley

      BA SLUG

    22. joshua melo

      Grayson did way better than Ethan

    23. Megan Salsbery

      The berries that Ethan is eating are called black berries and you only supposed to eat the black ones, not the red ones.

    24. Elizabete

      ETHAN DOLAN --- *berry picker*

    25. Jeremy Sorello

      A horse fly was biting him

    26. Jeremy Sorello

      Those are scrawny bamboo we have thick bamboo

    27. Defaulty Boi

      Duck tape pillow is actually a good idea 👌🏼

    28. Matt Herbruck

      Please do this with the sister squad!

    29. Brianna Glenn

      Do they notice they are eating non- ripe black berries 😂 no wonder it’s sour E

    30. Abigail Lillis Hallinan

      yeah i’m definitely bleeding-ethan. like 😂😂no shit sherlock 🕵️‍♂️

    31. K.M.F Khris

      Ethan:I cant believe you built this whole thing i didnt think you were that tryhard

    32. Jules__Gacha! !

      27 : 05 bai slug xD i was dying

    33. Hilary Lomeli

      Omg gray,gray, hopeless little Grayson fire can not really start if there is green grass and you need some dry grass

    34. Alesha Serra

      6:05 grayson doesnt even look like himself loll

    35. Da Bananananana

      I spy a brother doing a lot better than another brother

    36. Amara Davis

      Who else thinks that Greyson should go onto naked and afraid

    37. Adina Shakerkhan

      grayson: UNLESS ethan: holy shit i laughed so fuckin hard at this

    38. Mdln Phb

      Omg they said i love you to each otherrrrr

    39. Aris

      Make more survival

    40. Camryn Colvin

      A few years ago my friend Morgan and I had a huge obsession with you guys. I had an obsession with Ethan and Morgan loved Grayson. 3 Years later Im over here watching survival videos obsessing over Grayson and Morgan is playing fortnite and obsessing over Ethan. LMAOO

    41. Jacq jacq G

      Am I just realizing that Grayson is an og hydro flask user 🤣😂

    42. X jasmine X

      Gray is basically Tarzan Grayson: OOOOOOOOHOOAAAAAAAA that was suppose to b a Tarzan noise

    43. X jasmine X

      When Grayson is filming himself it is a survival video but when Ethan is filming himself it is a Dolan twins vid

    44. Urijah Nunley

      Grayson’s view looks like National graphic Ethan’s view looks like a white girl camping 😂 Grayson: *gets a big sword and doesn’t cut himself* Ethan: *gets a small knife and ends up cutting his finger*

    45. Nadia Lang

      They’re un-ripe black berries 🤦🏾‍♀️ lol

    46. Angie Soto

      I showed my mom to you guys and she said you guys are handsomer than my dad😂

      1. Bahh Dinosaur

        Angie Soto ha

    47. Little Flower

      I am being honest now, maybe Grayson sometimes is just a little bit of a douchebag, but still he is my type. Sorry Ethan, I love you dearly, but I like your brother a little more, just my personal opinion...

    48. Adriana Diaz

      😂🤦🏽‍♀️ you guys are like crazzzzzzyy

    49. Aiden Mendoza

      25:25 "i could have a party i guess" i have found my soulmate.

    50. Samantha Xiong

      I mean a part 3