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    03:24 Creative planter idea
    03:50 Toy handles for a dresser
    04:38 Reuse fluffy animals
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    1. Steph Dalton

      Poor bear!!!

    2. London Frazier

      3:17 Freaked me out..

    3. London Frazier

      *Wow..They Copied" 123 GO!"

      1. Brenda Bianca

        123 go is part of 5 minute craft

    4. Gladis Paillacar

      Alguien habla en español

    5. Ziankha Ziankha

      5 minute bisa aja bikin itu

    6. Elisabete Gomes



      Or better save your toys to your kids

    8. Ni ni

      even clean and don't

    9. Rina Amira

      Kaktus mah ga ush di rawat di udh bisa rawat sendiri

    10. Dana Maria Edu-Popescu 3A Ådalsskolen

      those toys were made for kids not for making trash out of them..! 😤😡


      Me gusta la idea de estuche de gatito

    12. vedha Prasanna

      Wonder how many toys u have😀

    13. Nation Blackbunny

      3:19 omg those hangers are so creepy 0_0

    14. Nation Blackbunny

      3:43 I’m not gonna do that ;-; so creepy it will stay forever rip old toys

    15. Noob Beta

      I bet who made this is a drug adict

    16. Bence Szirom

      the glue = the venom

    17. Bence Szirom


    18. aili fia falens

      ih kok sedih sekali ya aku liat nya boneka aja samai nangis apa g kasihan sama bonekax yang setuju like dan komen ya sebanyak banyak nya apa lagi itu bagus bagus lalu itu pasti mahal mahl Lho aku Aja susah belinya

    19. Music is My best friend!

      The teddy bear headphones looks like your listening to it’s farts

    20. 다육할매

      I am sorry..ㅠㅠ Oh,my pretty dolls.

    21. Tenzin Adeline Smith

      12:50 AAAHHHH Golly, close your eyes childs


      Dinasaur to keep the biscuits with his head cutted was so horrible. Please don't cut off his head otherwise he will start to cry. My mother won't let me to do all this. Although for ur baddest vdeo I'll hit a like



    24. Gino Fiorenza

      Kill my

    25. Chirag Gupta

      i am to cut and it so amazing

    26. jannalei mariano

      im so unhappy for the tddy bears being cut open

    27. Oz Parvaiz

      A toddler would have nightmares seeing this video!

    28. Ashu pahuja

      Every thing is available in our India

    29. Ashu pahuja

      Tatti vedio

    30. beast Mode

      This killed my childhood

    31. Hedi Nur

      So good amazing

    32. Alya_rahma Alya rhma_04

      Omg so cute perpect 😘😊

    33. Meenu Kaushik

      It was tooooooo amazing 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Become fan of hacks

      1. Randy Garciano

        Bitch dont you see we all are disturb about that account!!!!!

    34. Emely X Colin Colin

      you realy dont care about your kids toys

    35. diana alis

      Tengo mello😟😟😟😟😱

    36. Lilah

      I am scared this is not family it is horror wtf

    37. Life of Auxi

      that clinging panda❤

    38. Tera Dorsey

      This video is so depressing 😩

    39. Gabriela Parreiras

      Vou mandar esse vídeo pra Luiza Mel e vcs vão ver

    40. zaskiya amelia

      Creatf sekali

    41. Amy Akkermans

      Dat is echt super mooi die paardjes als kastknoppen maar het is ook heel erg leuk want ik hou zelf ook ja van paardrijden en paarden

    42. pamela crossman

      Some cute ideas but can't get Decapitating heads!!!😓

    43. Valentina Miranda

      ¿A quien más le dió pena que rompiera tantos peluches ಥ_ಥ?

    44. Elizaday Tajantajan

      So bieatiful

      1. Elizaday Tajantajan

        So amizing

    45. o mundo de sol

      O Felipe neto falar mal de vcs

    46. Fruity Newty World

      my son is 6 and he wanted to do a special vid on our channel (save the world) would you all take the time 30 seconds most of you wont but if you do I cant be more appreciative this say huge thank you

    47. Glitchy Demon Fairy

      So many plushies got murder!!!

    48. Almir Jaoski


    49. Jennie dance

      Живодёры! Но лайфхаки хорошие

    50. 今はもう動かないロボットさん

      コルクのやつは結構すきかも 5:34〜

    51. tahira rahman

      6:35 that really freaked me out

    52. Savy_playz

      I don’t have any toys and this is what you do with them :(

    53. Lian Melody Conde

      3:19 that's it im outta here too creepy

    54. Lila D-G

      5 minute crafts: WE MUST CUT THIS INFANT DOLL'S HEAD OPEN Me: why? 5 minute crafts: so we can grow plants in it

    55. Hachmann Family Email

      I'm sorry for not likeing these it's because it's weird and creepy

    56. Dnaryia Daniels

      This is just a waste of time

    57. 정경혜

      I was scared when baby toy's head cutted, and I felt sad.. 😥

    58. little shrimp

      12:51 penis

    59. Tapur Majumdar

      All the things you tried with the dolls was awesome just the doll hanger was creepy 😱

    60. Katijah Mashood

      I can't believe how they enjoy having that junk around their house 😧😧

    61. vu thanh son

      Why is this video trending in my country?

    62. rosetta

      8:40 wtf? It's terrible:(

    63. Anastasia Polkovnikova


    64. Shim Tyrax

      R.I.P Barbie

    65. Nihan Toker

      my mel

    66. Liza

      Sometimes it's more cute when it doesn't have a paint.

    67. Chi Thanh nguyen

      Lỡ như lấy hết bông ra thì đầu xẹp thì sao

    68. Halimah Tusya'diah

      Wego onyu

    69. Bemma N

      This video is very helpful to 👯

    70. نونه المجنونه


    71. Aa Bb


    72. Aa Bb


    73. Green Apple

      3:19 is creepy

    74. SMM Travel & Tours

      Wow diss so cule

    75. Taylor Pedroline

      3:18 looks like me in the funhouse mirror

    76. Milagros Acosta

      Que tienen con los peluches?

    77. Rudri Soni

      Five minute crafts: cuts open teddy bears Me: It’s okay Fluffy. I won’t let them have you! Also hi random person scrolling through the comments And I’m having nightmares of a headless baby.

    78. Sandra GraosO

      Ami me salio esa mochila de osito me salio igualito. Si quieren a serlo ustedes van a ver que esta facil

    79. Jorge Rodriguez Rodriguez

      My mom would get mad at me if i cut up a toy even if its. Old

    80. Gaby Estrada

      No es por nada pero le estan robando ideas a otros canales

    81. Maria De Alba

      3:18 That is really creepy

    82. Cindy Le

      10:49 nobody want a Ring like these

    83. Cindy Le

      10:49 niemand will so nenn Ring

    84. Ail Ail

      Ugfdsepojhbv zero 😍😘😎😚😮😫😭

    85. Ail Ail

      حلوه وتونس واو اكيوت

    86. Jasrah Junaid

      Oh excuse me no one opens the door that slow....in which the kid packed the toys in a big bag....


      2:17 NOOOooooooo!!!!!!!

    88. Кот Матрос


    89. Katy - chan

      aquí hay quién hable español

    90. Dndneneje Eehehehe

      *Builds **3:41* My friend: oh, that’s cute. Me: if you only knew what I had to do to get here.

    91. CrazyAnyone101 45

      The stuffed bear one was sad!!

    92. басик басилий

      Я одна русская?

    93. XxWatermelonstrawberry BlueberryXx

      This is hella sad cutting toys

    94. Elyse Mooney

      That baby doll one as a plant holder is just creepy I would never do that and so is the ring with the head ........😰

    95. Gucci Supreme

      6:23 I thought this was a family channel 😂 😂 😂 lol

    96. Natalia Televca


    97. Sports Tv

      Sports lover must like

    98. Sports Tv


    99. tess tess

      that's so cuuuuute i bet that all the kpop fan girls and every girl love korea will do like that like me lol

    100. Sukanya Basu Center Head

      I love 5 minute craft