37 Questions | Annie LeBlanc & Paige Danielle

Annie LeBlanc

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    1. Maya Vercillo

      Paige:who is the craziest person in your fam- Annie:HAYLEY

    2. A world Boudreaux

      same people say im not giving my all im like ummmmm tghanks

    3. abigail zeresenai

      7:33 that’s great and all but you seriously wouldn’t wish Caleb back?😕

    4. Jeevann Charles

      I love this vidoe

    5. Amy Lindsey

      Annie I also like range over my favourite colour for the range is white as well

    6. Shanie

      Not to be rude but does Paige have a spray tan?

    7. Carley Priest

      Annie I listen to little do you know what you sang it Is my fav song

    8. Issy Pecanac

      Caleb....as well.....💔💔💔💔💔

    9. Mercedes Todd

      Has annie started her period??? Or why doesn’t she talk about things like that??

    10. Badingy

      Are you ever going to do a room tour?

    11. Jazmin Rodriguez

      I love the song you say too band she is my fav singer

    12. Angelica Marie

      I ship annie and asher

    13. Forever_ Mari

      Me and my cousin: fights till we get a spank Annie and paige: loving each other

    14. Maddie Ziegler457

      Omg I live near there omggg I live in Oregon!!

    15. Diregamer Oof

      I Love you Annie and your family

    16. Zoe Van Gessel

      Why is Paige and her baby orange

    17. Mikayla Nikoloski

      I love you guys so much who agrees

    18. Ara Soneye

      at 2:48 so TRUE!!

    19. ximena zambrano

      👎 NO

    20. Taryn_ Abi

      I live in Portland Oregon and I’m not a fended because it’s true I don’t fell safe ware a live

    21. Maddy Mai

      I have a golden retriever

    22. Seeing sister Gang


    23. Gabi Squad

      My dream dog is also a golden retriever

    24. Aislinn Clark

      Have you ever been to Utah

    25. Sophia Lopes

      DO A BOYFRIEND TAG WITH ASHER PLZZZZZ 🐙♥️💚💓💘💕💗💝💜🧡💙💖💞❤️🥰🤨💟🐌😢🥳🥳🧡💜💕😭💘🐙💜💜💜😭💚💞💞💜💓💔💚🤨👋💘♥️❣️♥️💔😂🐌💝

    26. Brianda Reveles

      Use to live in Portland OR but I moved because I didn't feel safe

    27. iiLovelySunset

      My favorite quote by Hayley is : “ I never going at the park again “.

    28. Rai Saha

      Oh my God I live in Australia sydney

    29. Sam's Random

      when Annie said that Portland didn’t seem safe I laughed coz none of America seems safe to me cos guns are actually legal , whereas in Northern Ireland where I live they’re not and it seems a lot safer but I love the atmosphere in America x

    30. StephanieBTS ARMY Muniz.M

      When she said whats your favorite Disney movie that just reminded me and broke my heart😭💔 Descendants 1-3😭 Cameron Boyce R.I.P.😭💔 💜💙💜

      1. Mercedes Todd

        StephanieBTS ARMY Muniz.M 😭😭😭

    31. Isabelle Gooch

      I’m in Australia

    32. Landri Loves lakers

      I didn’t know that she had a baby

    33. GamingWithTrinityAnd Friends

      Ohh lala annie whose asher😂

    34. Sandra Perron

      That baby is just to cute!🤤

    35. Talia Walters

      You guys should come to Jamaica sometime,we have lots of Mangoes here👍

    36. StarkTheTrickPup !

      So precious!

    37. Nsenga Benon

      OMG I GOT TO SCHOOL IN KENYAAAAA! (Btw the person in the picture is not me, I’m just using their account.)

    38. Re Salis

      I didn’t know she is your cousin

      1. Re Salis


    39. Melissa Meister

      I love how she said Asher first

    40. Abigail Wright

      haha i died when she said portland oregon, it is a really scary place i used to live there😂

    41. Kiera Lyttle

      My brothers name is Grey which is short for gracin

    42. Miyah Graham

      The the last two dogs Annie said do not like kids

    43. SumSum’s world

      I am from Australia

    44. David Lima


    45. Alyssa Etheridge

      I love your video

    46. Sarah Barnett

      Anthem is so pretty

    47. Preslie Magnuson

      My uncle has a Range Rover and it’s fast

    48. Rosemary rosmery Marcial

      Annie i live in portland oregon it is not save

    49. GC Kelley

      My favorite quote is the bigger you are the harder it is to be kidnapped😂😂

    50. Savannah Hinkley

      Do a boyfriend tag with Asher plzzzzzzz