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    Relatable things we've all experienced

    Have you ever been in a situation where you felt so hungry you could eat the whole fridge? What about the times you were on a diet and you had to have a cheat day and you wanted to eat whatever you could? Don.t worry girls, we’ve all been there so I’m sharing these relatable situations with you
    - When you try to exercise, and you use food as a motivator
    - But when the day comes where you can eat everything you want, you order pizza, you eat all your sweets, chocolates and anything you can get your hands on.
    - I also show you some hilarious clips on Instagram vs reality. When you see someone on social media and they look so on point, and when you meet them in real life, they look nothing like their photos. It’s almost like you were catfished.

    0:07 - When food is life and you are on a diet
    3:45 - Bloopers
    4:02 - Fake internet
    5:01 - Pretending to be on vacation
    6:51 - When you go on a date
    8:35 - The spy
    9:45 - Relatable makeup fails
    11:37 - The struggles of having long nails
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    1. Ali Hamza

      12:50 so disgusting


      What!!!!!!!! 17 million in one year!!!😱😱😱😱

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      Real beauity is not pain Atifical is to pain fully

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    6. დpanda kunდ

      A diet is not that intense -_-

    7. kayla hollins

      6:09 that lady looks like lil tay

    8. Eliza Flores

      For everyone doing a diet, a diet should have all the necessary nutrients and foods, a diet is not just all veggies or else it would be lack of protein, grains and dairy? I think. Eat better, not less :3

    9. Madalina Ursea

      3:45 popcorn in the starbucks bag?

    10. Reggie Lou

      Why is this channel called "5-minute craft" but it's not craft and the things they make is more than 5 !minutes

    11. Kara M

      Where are these videos taken?

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      Who noticed that the pea was tied by theared

    13. Gacha Aqua Mochi

      lmao i love the short bloopers

    14. Gacha Aqua Mochi

      0:09 sana all :o

    15. Abby Scott

      13:55 literally forgets her purse. Lol.

    16. Kayla The mirkwood elf

      Seriously that tread on the pea on 0:25.... 🥱😂😂 Nice video

    17. Nafisha Desai

      She is more beast

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      I like your chanal

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      Are you hindu?!!!?

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      I hate diet

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    35. ღSweetheart XDღ

      Can someone tell me what is the name of the first song they used If u can plssss gimme the link too

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      2. ღSweetheart XDღ

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        The song is No drama of alder

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