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    Hey, bad day? We know how to fix it! We've collected the craziest hacks you can't even imagine! This video will make your day happier!
    How to protect your hands from oil splashes? A plastic bottle will help you! You will need half of the bottle: put the bottle on your hand and you will avoid burns!
    We know an alternative way to make a hot sandwich! You'll need an iron and foil: heat the iron a little bit, cover it with foil and put pieces of sausage on top. 3 minutes and a delicious hot sandwich is ready!
    Haven’t air fresheners? It’s not a big deal! You will need a deodorant and a fan to have a pleasant aroma in the room. Attach the deodorant to the fan with an adhesive tape-the fan will spread the scent of deodorant throughout the room.
    This is not the only life hack with a fan in this video. Want to have a snack but your hands are busy? We found a way out of this situation! You'll need a fan, stick, adhesive tape and something to eat. Attach the food to the stick and the stick to the fan. Food will go to you directly to your mouth!
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    01:02 Crazy hacks
    02:32 Unusual way to open a bottle
    03:37 Egg tray hack
    04:47 Jugaad hacks
    06:19 Hot sandwich using iron
    08:56 How to heat pizza
    10:02 Remedy for mosquitoes
    11:25 Lazy hack
    12:45 How to make selfie using your shoes
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    1. Senamis The Witch

      She ruined:a perfect book,spoon,broom thingy,another spoon for the cereal...and almost broke a cup

    2. Гуля Апалитова


    3. Kača Stay 12 je best

      Doufám že to nemyslí vážně

    4. Razor Pl ツ

      1:59 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5. Anna T

      Was were mal mit Löfel umdrehen😂😂😂

    6. Maria Sophia

      Noo deoarece a avut lingura intoarsa

    7. the end

      0:32 - 0:35 Really?🤣


      What do you mean by the video??

    9. Alisson Hernandez

      2:11 a tiny dart won’t make a big hole on the wall why do I even watch u guys

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    12. Nicole Charming

      Что за безсмысленное видео??? Где тут вообще логика? Для чего это??? Господи... начало это вообще полный ужас

    13. nemrac gniuqas

      Wow very creative (-_-)

    14. Nguyễn Quỳnh anh

      Phim trái bơ là phim j z

    15. Pinky Purple

      0:35 She is so crazy

    16. Nada Jarrouj

      Why did you put ketup on the book

    17. Haukhanmang Gualnam


    18. Cindy Kyle

      Okay couldn't she flipped the spoon u

    19. Roxanne Thompson

      Like turn the spoon around

    20. jairah cardona


    21. Manuel Gozalez

      A la cuchara sólo debía darle la buelta



    23. Timbër Wøłf

      I’m confused the chic was eating cereal but she eating it with the wrong side, instead of hammering the spoon and ruining it..why didn’t she just flip it to the right side...?

    24. Frances Leon

      The spoon one they are so stupid. They can just flip it over and why would she keep a map and when she bite the spoon are teeth aren't that strong and when they all could not fit on the couch and they got 2 chairs they could break the chairs. I real hate five minutes craft that are so stupid and none of theses work and I know I tried all of them and there bid not work

    25. Frances Rueter

      0:35 sooooooo freaking stupid why just turn it around

    26. Chrissy Oliva

      uh oh the lights are off she shouldn’t have sucked the nigga dick for free. the lights are off

    27. Chrissy Oliva

      they really tryna play tf outta nigga🤣🤣🤣

    28. Moi

      Nan mais c ridicule leurs astuces là.. Genre au début de la vidéo, ya juste a retourner la cuillère et c très bien pour prendre les céréales... Quand au ketchup qui fait office de marque page, nan merci, les pages seront tachées, le livre va puer et un morceau de papier fait très bien l'affaire...

    29. Sunny :3


    30. Bianca Dan

      Ești haioasa tare rau

    31. Camila Garcia

      Que cosas tan mas inutiles like si no sirben de nada

    32. Júlia Karla Oliveira

      0:29 e do outro lado kkkkkk

    33. يوسف احمد

      عوجه بنت اوادم


      Lol how could she use that thing as a selfie stick how did she click it

      1. Guang Bao Chen

        And want to be friends with me?

      2. Guang Bao Chen


      3. Lara Khafaf


      4. Guang Bao Chen


    35. Rubena Mary

      Do you know stokes twins the 3 one they does

    36. Gintarė Kauneckienė

      Jūsų žiauriai geri video aš juos tiesiog dievinu


      Gaah'/$z ègyy

    38. Anna Cristina

      NOSSA VOCÊ É ABASTADA ERA SO virar a colher otária😈

      1. Fernando Siqueira

        Eu também sou do brasil

    39. 1Dredd

      how did a dart just broke a wall ??

    40. Ellen Scott

      Oh what has happened to our era?