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    Every kid wants a cute house to play and hide. Moreover, it’s a very lovely place to store toys and spend time. You can create an incredible collection of crafts using cardboard. Cardboard is a cheap and perfect material for crafting. Watch this video and you will find a lot of ideas on how to make cute playhouses that all the kids will love. There if there is no need to have special crafting skills to create something incredible. Besides, you will find a lot of ways to decorate a house, for example, using decorating paper. If you don’t have a cardboard box, you can easily turn a table into a playhouse.
    Moreover, you can make a collection of miniature furniture for toddlers to play with. They will be busy for hours and will be able to create a whole new world. My favorite idea is to make a washing machine from cardboard and you can also make a microwave that it so cute. So, you can create a whole miniature kitchen instead of buying it in a store. You will need cardboard, sticky paper, old CDs and fabric. Another collection of ideas is how to make food to play from such ordinary things as yarn, wine corks, sponges and empty toilet rolls. All these items will be a great addition to you miniature kitchen.
    Collect egg cartons to make furniture by your hands. Let’s start from cool and creative idea - ottoman made from egg cartons. Find a tutorial in our video!
    00:01 Playhouses for toddlers
    02:27 Miniature cardboard kitchen
    04:47 DIY Ottoman
    05:36 Cardboard microwave
    09:27 DIY Space-saving bed
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