5-Minute Crafts TEENS

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    00:35 Repair your flip-flops
    02:01 Aloe Vera hack
    03:14 Sunburn treatment
    05:06 Homemade mosquito repellent
    05:45 DIY Self-tanner
    06:51 Avocado mask for damaged hair
    09:22 Summer tattoo
    10:08 Clever way to repair pool toys
    11:11 Hot flip flops?
    11:20 DIY beach bag
    11:45 Ice-cold beverage
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    1. İpek Demir

      1:00 her face 😂😂😂

    2. Kalyani Pillai

      10:58 u got a sand beard

    3. Bode Frank

      Nobody: My balls during this summer: that thumbnail is relatable

    4. عبدالفتاح زهران


    5. Damian vlogger

      do someting with a swimsuit

    6. The cat whisperer 2873

      Everyone: I’m confused how does the avacado not have a seed Me: why tf is she putting GUACAMOLE in her hair??

      1. The cat whisperer 2873

        Nora plums

      2. Nora


    7. James Duncan

      i think you m one of the handful of people they noticed that the 🥑 has no seed...

    8. Sally Anne Mitchell

      The drama

    9. Marcelem

      OHHH NOOO!!! plastic straw

    10. yEe dAd

      Yea but where tf is the seed in the avocado

    11. arif jamal

      Who like my comment become a millionare

    12. olga michel

      when it shows the hack for the mosqitoes, it says "boil for 10 min" BUT ITS CALLED 5 MIN CRAFTS IDIOTS

    13. amia kaplun

      And neither does 2:03

    14. amia kaplun

      0:40 just literally never happens to people

    15. estefánia coloritos purpurina

      0:05 to 0:30 is that a skirt?

      1. estefánia coloritos purpurina

        @İpek Demir ok thnx

      2. İpek Demir

        No it's a big water balloon

    16. andi boshnjaku

      If your boyfriend finds thats weird ( 6:20) wait until he sees you dipping your foot in milk

    17. shashi rani


    18. Haiiiber541 PRO


    19. Luzia carvalho


    20. Superchalengeriffic Yt

      And any teen will tell this is clickbait

      1. Nora

        its not clickbait... it actually happened in the video.

    21. Mr.cubingman

      I am commenting this with my phone in a plastic bag y'all

    22. Soy Luna love

      The best video!!!😗😗😗😀

    23. Eni Kuala

      This is a video so amazing

    24. Eni Kuala

      This is a video so amazing

    25. Arun Kumar

      Video is nese

    26. rabbit white

      6:04 Vid: body cream + cocoa then apply on skin Ants: what a big meal


      Who else is scrolling through the comments while wacthing the video?

    28. Jani Laine

      Aaand say hello to skin cancer...

    29. the toxic infectors

      the hacks are cool but it wastes too much stuff

    30. Nina Jutterström

      I wish my avocados look like that... 7:08

      1. İpek Demir

        Me too !

    31. リンクスは、バチル信者


    32. dude nuna

      There are those who work There is an inventor You have created, distinguished and won, thank you

    33. Jenea Reed

      10:57 that face though

    34. Facundo Mendes Martins


    35. riconigel villegas

      pek 😍

    36. احلى انمي عائلة الانمي

      2:00🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮 yucky

    37. Alex Kostakis

      11:14 2mil iq nibbas

    38. Alex Kostakis

      10:58 when he comes in one minuite

    39. وردت الدوري دنياي


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    41. Michelle Kleijn

      Where you from this looks like the Netherlands

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    44. Atlas Ideas with Rasha

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    46. Solo Mapper

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    47. Anika Kelley

      0:35 who takes a paper clip to the beach

    48. Dilshan Madu


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      Make this blue if you’re an OG fan of 5 minutes craft 👇(You can be one of my OGs)

    50. G K

      Omg ! I like the vidéo! But i don't believe my eyes : an avocado without seed ??!

    51. ¡¿ Añna_Suñ ¿¡

      Woooww....an avocado with no seed -_- so~ real.... *face palms* ( 7:09 )

    52. Victoria Griffiths

      Y'all don't need to decorate your h&m bag

    53. Moel Yadi

      enak baenge

    54. Hayriye Çelik

      Bizimi kandırıyonuz kadın fısfıs sıkmadan önce yüzündeki şeyler yoktu

    55. Paige Poling

      7:28 dOnT miND me jUSt PutTiNG fR e SH a vAco DO iN mAi hAIr....

    56. ewin wawin

      Love Alfred

    57. the latah

      amazing, but mybe not try all hacks

    58. Pajry aditya

      Hahha keren keren

    59. Olivia Merton

      10:58 that face tho🤣

    60. Sir Reverse

      Subscribe to me

    61. Heath Roe

      Why have all these flip flop hacks when you can solve the problem by getting chacos.🤷🏼‍♂️

      1. Itz_Stormy Paradise

        Idk guess people like flit flops ._.


      Ω ντε λεμονί

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    67. Hanadi Fleifel

      I'm going to the beach tomorrow thnx for the help

    68. Noah Opedal

      0.03 yeah let me just grab the himan-sized water balloon I have lying around

    69. sbani vilakazi

      Ive tried all these , they help

    70. RAINRAY Garcia

      Why the avocado has no seed

    71. Sakina Mohammed


    72. Vivienne cereniecka Padilla

      The avocado is like ice cream and no seed inside🤔🤔🤔🥑

    73. Kelvinkang Kelvinkang1105


    74. Sienna Honey

      Am I the only one who came to comments to see who else realised there was no seed in the avocado

    75. HowDoILock Growtopia


    76. vimal RK

      Can I join you guys videos of 5 minute craft

    77. Osayame Idehen

      7:08 "FRESHAVOCADO 😂😂😂

    78. Aisyah AHD

      Apakah ada org indonesia disini?

    79. Saldwina Godoy


    80. Yogendra Yadav

      That avocado was pre cut and filled with pulp.

    81. Yoonki 666

      all talking about avocado having no seed ... Me: 6:21 WTF EWW THAT IS STRANGE.

    82. Sonia Almeida


    83. princess lopez

      I'm hangry

    84. Alex gacha 000

      Im soo hungry

    85. Baby Poodles

      Fuk this

    86. Ethan Cabillar

      Wow this amazing hehe😄😄😄😄😄❤❤❤❤❤

    87. Bindi Boatright

      You should make more videos just like that

    88. Bindi Boatright

      You do cool stuf

    89. WirelessJoeJackson

      Don't be stupid and bring glass to the beach.

    90. Pandinha :3

      0:53 brazil?

    91. Robert Reardon

      I know theres no Vicky

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    93. Балжан Алимбетова

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    94. Wubbzy336 / Boj909

      10:07 Corl's intro music

    95. Fazlur Rahman

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    96. Foong Chen

      How come the avocado looks used it’s like mushy 7:09

    97. Yo Yo

      0:35 me when my sibling touches me

    98. loki fan

      7:29 so , to help your hair dunk guacamole on your hair. perfect idea I can't think of any reason not to do that 😲😲😲😲😲😲

    99. Mes Siapno

      tˀhˀeˀyˀ rˀeˀmˀoˀvˀeˀdˀ tˀhˀeˀ sˀeˀeˀdˀ

    100. Kikelomo Olorunrinu

      7:23 Everyone totally would put an avocado with no pit on their hair...