5-Minute Crafts TEENS

5-Minute Crafts TEENS

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    01:23 How to eat pizza
    02:54 How to eat french fries
    03:09 Amazing pizza hacks
    04:02 Mug pizza recipe
    04:25 Easy pizza cakes
    05:58 Pizza falls apart?
    07:16 Giant food ideas
    08:31 Really big french fries
    09:12 Giant oreo
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    1. the roblox BX

      0:13 ah you are pretty hot in the asshole strip world

    2. Baconbeach Uwu

      At 2:20 if you look at the screen on the phone she didn’t even answer the call

    3. Baconbeach Uwu

      When the girl is on the phone it literally shows that she isn’t talking to anyone it just shows the slide to answer

    4. banana13 max

      Xd co to jest

    5. Uu Pp


    6. Sukhdev Sukhdev

      You repeating your life hacks

    7. Danna Ayala

      Just eat the pizza!!! 🤦‍♀️

    8. Nafeesa Gul

      0:55 even though she has a fork on her right

    9. Meher Azmi

      Why is 5 minutes craft for *12 minutes* wwwhhyyy

    10. satsu

      0:54 You can't use chopstick and there is a fork besides you ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!?

    11. selim hossain

      I like pizza. Do you like pizza? Do you like pizza comment and like

    12. Sueann Jackson

      These hacks are crazy

    13. Chelsea Wilcox


    14. Muhammed Shaif

      1:00 why don't you use a fork ?

    15. Dr. Food truck

      This is how many bottles of ketchup he/she used ⬇️

    16. Lazy Girl

      When I grow up im gonna use the giant foods lol

    17. Lazy Girl

      Who needs a cake when you have a big burger

    18. Lazy Girl

      I could eat that whole burger by myself

    19. Lazy Girl

      Use me as a I'm hungry button lol

    20. George Ama

      1:37 Girl:pulls out cutter next to her* Me:oH sO yOu JuSt HaVe A rAnDoM cUtTeR iN yOuR bEd

    21. Lily Laishram

      It will be easy for me to shoot this video 🤣💕 You all know why 🤭

    22. Hemlata Sharma

      You can put the three slices of pizza in a tiffin box but it's ok hacks are hacks 👍🏽☺️

    23. jasmine Ofrecio mostoles

      11:02 mint chocolate?

    24. Mariam Fatima

      3:56 their are not only 3 slices of pizza...... for your kind information

    25. Marin Karin

      DIWhy you would do it

    26. itzR4ndoMe0 Aka MABH0001

      I think 5 minute crafts wants diabetes (No offence)

    27. Reetu Agarwal

      Cheese overloaded......#cheese lovers

    28. ABY RIZO


    29. Manoucheka Candio

      1:15 no hack for that pay attention to what your grabbing not to be rude

    30. Stella Karol125

      Im 9 i know how to eat with chopsticks 😃

    31. K001

      normal Person now how to catch pizza 👌😂

    32. Briana Stan

      Alright let’s be honest who would eat that whole burger Like it probs would take u 2 days

    33. Rostíka Tuchak


    34. gacha. TV

      Там был ляп сначала вилки не было и тут как тут она появилась

    35. NRG_ MrKevin

      5:58 why? xd

    36. pigi CZE

      Tohle video je sračka

    37. cR1sYs

      It would be better if there was a bit less drama Like if u think so too

    38. cR1sYs

      It was literally pizza sandwich

    39. Brigade El arif

      For yu

    40. Damian Mota

      Chinese food would not like that that's how they're supposed to do it

    41. Даша Даша

      Кто русский?

    42. r.shasi nyam

      yummy love it

    43. I name my car jimin so i can 'park' jimin

      I'm looking like a dumbass if i do this

    44. Peter Machara

      Love 🍕 pizza

    45. Helen Zgr

      Pizza is not toast

    46. Nurlan Rufiyev

      0:22 omg 😫😫🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕😱😱😱😱

    47. grizzelle

      I like large fries 🍟

    48. Yskat Alekadrof

      Ludi li steeeeee ludiiiiiiiii

    49. Sonia afrin

      That girl with the giant nuggets was really annoying

    50. Amna Mehar

      At 8:19 I probably would have eaten the burger before it got to my friends house😂😂😂

    51. zoom games


    52. zoom games

      Gue Barbosa

    53. Sandra jelenkovic Jelenkovic

      In serbia pizza isn't like that

    54. Deajah

      No one else confused why they decided to just start making giant foods at the end and Oreos and Pringle’s aren’t fast food their funk foods

      1. wes king


    55. Valeria Luevanos


    56. SnailQueen

      The first one... What kind of phycopath eats burgers upside down???

      1. Shersad Jamal Ali

        I saw that too

    57. Asheequa CP

      Is the meat you use in burger pork??

    58. rutvi Parmar

      I have unsubscribed your channel because in all videos you repeat the same hack The people which feel true please like