[2020 MOA ACADEMY] TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '꿈의 이해'



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    1. Viviana Diaz

      Is no one gonna talk about how yeonjun talks in pout?


      protesto legendaaaaaa BIGHIT

    3. Hagar Mohammad

      *Soooooooo they are TalKiNg*

    4. Favour Odiaka

      English sub plsss😭

    5. Silsi Febriani


    6. Beatriz Bia

      I'm just imagining what thay are saying cause I can't understand nothing 😂

    7. 루류

      빠방이 거대토끼 사랑둥이 포도주스 러버 춤도깨비 진짜 너무 귀여운거 아님미까 ㅠㅠㅠ

    8. Sakura Light

      I'm just sitting here, wondering what they are saying??

    9. 두비두밧

      이 터널을 지나면 눈을 뜨고 나면 꿈 속은 현실이 돼

    10. Jezika Monthero

      Subtítulos en ESPAÑOL por favor BIG HIT! No entiendo nada, quiero saber lo que los chicos que nos dicen a MOA 😍💛💚💙

    11. 아미

      귀여웡 내가 모아가 돼서 너무 좋다 그 와중에 잠옷 너무 귀여워ᄒᄒ 꿈이 현실이 될 일만 남았네 현실이 된 것도 있고 투모로우바이투게더 오빠들을 보면 순수해서 나까지 순수해지는 느낌이고 귀여워서 입덕했지 입덕하길 잘했다 ㅎㅎ

    12. Dina Sophea

      Taehyunn so cutee

    13. Bangtan Sonyeondan Ociravla

      No English??? Jin: i don't understand anything but let's laugh hahaha.. I hope Bighit will also give english sub for txt. Thank u.

    14. Bangtan Sonyeondan Ociravla

      Army love TXT. do u agree?

      1. nouhaila c

        You can be MOArmy if you love them Moa is txt fandom name

    15. Boredom Queen

      Plot twist: Bighit staff dont speak Korean so they just do what we do and laugh when they laugh-

    16. Shamar Morgan

      I couldn't understand anything they where saying sorry

    17. happy yellow

      i will back later after subs come

    18. sksk 10

      why i got this notif now??

    19. エフ。

      I want more Japanese subtitles From Japanese moa

    20. xxItzAlexShadowxx BTS

      The ones who disliked the video goes to school in a haters only school

    21. Roma Portilla


    22. Book Lover12

      Yeonjun: blue - ish/green - ish hair, Soobin: really dark brown (or black) hair, white shirt, Beomgyu: blond hair, striped shirt, Taehyun: brown hair, dark blue shirt, HueningKai: brown hair, blue hat. I noticed that the clothes each of them are wearing are for sleeping. They look so good.

    23. Nancy Jean

      Why no eng subs?? Will you be adding eng sub?

    24. Jackie Casol

      They look like dwarfs😍😂 lmao

    25. armyrme

      Why don't this have subs 😔 do we have to wait for 7 years too 😔

    26. Jessica Cameron-swan

      I want subs 😭 I wanna understand But I can’t 😭

    27. MISTYPURPLE Purple

      Me: okay no English sub? I can still understand it through their expressions :, Still me after 30 seconds Me: why is he smiling?:) After the video...... Me: so the only thing I understand was "chocolate cake, heuningkai saranghae hwaiting " does that make sense?

    28. 돌곰

      ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡^^ >

    29. Srta. Jeon

      Okey No Esto es pasarse de pinche lanza Ya ni subtítulos en inglés hay :'(

    30. Arianna

      Still waiting for English subs...

    31. Anelim Prros Bv

      Like si eres una de esas que no entiende nada pero lo mira igual :v

    32. Ritaku

      Where are the sub 😭😭 ?

    33. Adorable KayT

      Omg all of you are sooo cute!

    34. Adorable KayT

      Soobinnnieee the best leader for everr!! You're cute!

    35. Adorable KayT

      Taehyunie was so cutee with those bunny headband

    36. Adorable KayT

      And i was like: "Oh" "so cute and adorable babies" "uh yes yes" "i don't understand but its alright" "oh the visuals" "cute" "*laughs*" "where's the captions? Nevermind lemme judt focus on their visuals and pretend that i can understand"

    37. Nia Oktaviani

      Plis sub english😭😭

    38. Yoojung Lee

      연주나ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 왜 그렇게 큐티뽀작하게 들어오는거야ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 나 죽어ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    39. jungli 214

      I dont understand but I love you Soobin.♡

    40. Beatriz Macedo

      are we ever getting this subbed?

    41. sulistio rini

      why is hueningkai soo damnly cute?!?! i'm diying..... LOVE YOU HUENINGKAI

    42. french fries

      Seems like Kai has no self confidence sometimes he's so awkward he needs to work that out. Because its cringy

    43. LovelyDreamer

      here I thought Big hit was getting better... WHERE MAH SUBTITLES AT PLZ T.T

    44. yeonorangeade

      my babiessssss

    45. Rakshita

      Yeonjun is the Peter pan we never knew we needed.

    46. silver moon

      Y los subtitulos que? Al menos en inglés no te pases big hit

    47. EmillyJK Taekook


    48. rocio medranosantos

      i love you yeonjun

    49. zineb hamidi

      Come on @bighit they are global shookies where are subtitles? 🙄

    50. V E E


    51. v b

      Uggghhhh Yeonjun so baby

    52. 나재민진심녀

      아 제발 배경을 검은색으로 하지 말아주세요 웃는 내 얼굴이 보여서 너무 역겨워요...

    53. Giulia Giulietta

      Where do you go to school ? Me: At MOA academy

    54. 아기사과빵

      милашки 너의 너무 귀여워 💞

    55. 샛님

      아..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 역시 뭔가 이상하다했어.. 실제 일어났던 일을 꿈얘기인것처럼 하다니 진짜 빅힡..

    56. DYA bighitstand

      engsub please ,, like bangtantv

    57. chen

      *I don't understand he said but let's laugh*

    58. 브리빈

      투바투사랑둥이들은 기억에 남는 소중한 꿈에도 모아가 꼭! 들어가는구나 하 TXT 사랑하지 않는 방법 나는 몰라요😭💜

    59. AiU


    60. Isti Nuraeni

      Okay we need subtitle pls..

    61. 148x


    62. Tomorrow XTogether

      자막 너무 잘 씀ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    63. HmJ nNj

      i can't understand very well but i hope there where nice dream


      Just smile and wave.

    65. [ •ふじょうしVxckyforcxnamoøn__ t. k .• ]

      Awww mis bebes¡! >:"³ 💕💕

    66. yoonjung kim

      너희들 꿈속엔 언제나 모아가 있구나 사랑해

    67. Mayra Angeles

      My new school and my favorite UwU 💖🤣

    68. 모아

      *한국인 모아를 찾습니다* *포상금 : 제 뽀ㅃ..*

    69. Candice amd

      It's so cute to know that NingNing wanted to go back to his dream😭😭❤️❤️❤️

    70. Myra Myra

      Uh, just a question us international MOA's, are there like going to be English subtitles? It would also be more than welcome to post them along with the video. I forget that after a few weeks, the subtitles will be here so that means i cant watch. Please add English subtitles. Yeah thank you

    71. the wife of hwang hyunjin

      omg they look so cute and i’m crying😭

    72. Nova Riza Salsabilla

      sookai stan come here.

    73. ๑Thanse–Neko๑

      Like si eres Moa latina ♥

    74. Dreams 000

      al menos subtítulos en ingles xd big hit

    75. euphoria kookie

      Why are they so cutee

    76. Imane Compaore

      I love you txt ❤ 😘

    77. Cikbearsayang TV

      I just know he 22 omg .. and i justt know we are in a same age 😂 and here i am call he as a baby ....

    78. Aleka Gandionco

      subtitles pls😔

    79. NoMercy_uwu

      L-MOA: WE WANT SUBS!! BigHit:.... No. :)

    80. SOOBIN MOA

      TXT 😍🤗