2015 GNCC Round 13 - Ironman ATV Highlights


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    For the second year in a row the XC1 Pro ATV National Championship has been decided at the final round of the AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country Series (GNCC), presented by Maxxis, an AMA National Championship. Saturday’s AMSOIL Ironman GNCC was a winner-take-all affair in the XC1 class as two of the sport’s biggest names fought to secure the major championship at the 21st running of the Ironman GNCC is Crawfordsville, Indiana.
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    1. Dionel Saluta

      Mga brad magkano Kaya yang ganyang motor,

    2. بهيج العزازمه

      يا خراء

    3. ishwar verma

      Abe original sound dal

    4. Alco Power

      This video is WAY too short

    5. King Hoffbeers

      That looks like so much fun!!!! 😁👍👍

      1. Autumn Hudgins

        I do Racing like that but on dirt bikes though

    6. Pokerovacha Pokerov

      Why the he’ll somebody in editing speed up this video??? F... idiot!

    7. Russel Dolinskiy


    8. Dark vaut de l'or


    9. Amber Peterson

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    11. wasim aqil

      nice video also check out this play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.formula.thumb.one.car.quadbike.racing

    12. Stanley Crowe

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    13. UR2SLOW Mybro


    14. HUI REN

      www.linkedin.com/in/led-light-bar-%EF%BC%88cloris%EF%BC%89-b1ab33181/ Aurora ATV super lights, want more details?

    15. Ryan Chapman

      Cool but where is the mud? I wanna see some mud

    16. skullcam

      heck yeah id love to do this

    17. костя пешков

      Разбился мото не моцыке не пою че сучилось самной жівои остался дужісвами ☺😊😄😆😮😣

    18. Sega Play

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    19. carlo fraiia


    20. robert cv

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    21. Gilang Firmansyah

      Harga berapa


      Are these races open to the public to race in?

    23. Zaigne Fettig

      gay track very funny gay people who made this videio

      1. bob de bouwer

        I tink your gay

    24. Moto Rider94

      1:47 holy!

    25. Moto Rider94


    26. outcold 77

      Let’s stand as close as we can and see if we can get hit!

    27. anthony sandoval

      The outlaw525 and 500 would of took first if they where in this race

      1. Justin Cox

        No they wouldn’t, these 450 would crush them. Theres a reason why no serious racers have them

      2. DCJ Pals

        they where look closer

    28. Hadley Wolf

      Freakin guys are nuts... sometimes 4 wheels are NOT safer than 2

      1. Harry Lears

        Hadley Wolf most of the time they are on 2

      2. 86250r

        Not when it comes to failing a hill climb lol

    29. Yolanda gaviria


    30. Atv Exploration


    31. Tiny McPoop

      Horrible music this is a hard pass next..

    32. Gene Washington

      what kind of atvs were those in that race plz name lots of them

    33. Gene Washington

      what kind of atvs were those in that race plz name lots of them

      1. Justin Cox

        Gene Washington trx450, yfz450, ltr450. And there a couple more brands that have made sport quads but no one currently races them.

    34. Gene Washington

      what kind of atvs are these

      1. Keanu Reeves

        Gene Washington 450cc

    35. Monika Mroźnik

      Wole qłady przeprawowe

    36. Prettyboii Malik


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    38. darrin goodbrand

      The spectator are a bit to close to the riders thats the way people get killed ?

    39. mata ribic

      Are this quads 4x4 or 4x2 ? Go like crazy

      1. Justin Cox

        mata ribic just two wheel drive. The 4x4s are just too heavy and big

    40. Ika Rachman


    41. Maly Maly

      Too many 4 strokes at once for me

    42. teteu07 Nobio

      Meu pai correu

    43. Nathan Guiheux

      Au lutin la chete

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    46. Ира Зралко

      Прикольне видно

    47. chair362

      the dude at 00:33 needs more recognition...he held that quad like a boss

      1. Alfredo Bestani

        Ppoh J K3i 3 👆😁📞😥💝👏😪🍖📞🍖😥📞😋😋

    48. Lubnasattar Lubnasattar

      how much ruppes for this

    49. Ari Santos

      Muito bom🐺👑⌚⌚🎃🎃

    50. Tom Giovanni

      Seriously crazy quad racing.

    51. Brandon Lascelle


    52. Jason Pettinato

      All good video except for that s*** ass music that music totally sucks

    53. Samuel Alexander Padilla Gonzalez


    54. Tommy Chileti

      Love the racing,lose the music

    55. Талгат Шаяхметов

      Мотор сколько кубов?

    56. braxton morford

      That is some good racing

    57. Agustin Gonzalez

      caralho muito daora 👍

    58. Promax_YTB

      *Maiis pourquoi il y'a que des anglais* ?

      1. Mark Wyatt

        Thay now haw to ride a quick mishiean

      2. Mark Wyatt

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    59. Isaiah Friend