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    Which type of student are you?
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    There are several types of students that you can meet at the lunch break. Some of the students even sneak food into the class! Which type is your favorite?
    0:14 Popular student on the lunch break
    0:22 The clumsy student
    0:28 The Health Nut
    0:37 The Mama's Boy
    0:46 The Slob
    0:55 The Cheater
    1:14 The Stinker
    1:21 The Dealer
    1:34 The Loser
    1:43 The Nerd
    1:57 The Wizard
    2:04 The Bully
    2:14 The Beggar
    2:20 The Rivals
    2:34 The Hoarder
    2:44 The Ninja
    2:57 The Scatterbrain
    3:18 BLOOPERS
    Which type of students do you think is the funniest?
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    1. Renatothyna Gulart


    2. Nisanur Şahin


    3. Ticia Kribbs

      I’m the begger

    4. Tilde Ragnarsson

      My sister is The slob😂😂

    5. Carlos Puertas Baena

      I popular l🧡ve 💋💋

    6. Samantha Sim

      The wizard??? Are you serious... WIZARDS AREN'T REAL

    7. Ahmad Waheed

      50% who else likes Anna 40% who else noticed 19%Random stuff 1% me doing this🤣🤣🤣

    8. Dirk Dereymaeker

      Who came here after frozen 2 came out? Also who is exiting for 2020?

    9. Дмира Алимхан

      ета лушая

    10. Blerina Pjetri


    11. shyla senthilkumar

      5minute fun =fun brainy hacks creatures😊

    12. Albu Stefania

      Ioio son😂😂

    13. Caty

      I was think its 123go

    14. Amelia Wojtusiak

      2.01 sztuczne babeczki nawet ich nie ugryzłaś

    15. Thomas Lee

      It’s 17 not 3

    16. Ansleigh Benzer

      Why broccoli

    17. Eva Picolo

      #winnersdance Ok im almost the ninjA

    18. Umekulsum Zuher Fazal

      The mama boy

    19. R omg R omg

      I am so lonely broken heart please like and love.

    20. Madina Madina

      Me :looks at title Video :3 types of Students Me :but it’s 17 not 3

    21. Pozzy poppy and izzi

      I’m the human who is called wierd

    22. cute catQwQ

      1:50 is it just me or this girl looks like Harry Potter?

      1. MoonArcher815

        @Eva Picolo 😊

      2. Eva Picolo

        @MoonArcher815 Yeeeeeea

      3. MoonArcher815

        That's the idea

    23. Amee Bordett

      Hang on the wizard has a fake cupcake she didn’t even bite it she pretends she did but then there’s nothing biten

    24. Aurora Huerta


    25. Diminka Unicorn

      I'm not too popular in class but I have friends 🙂

    26. Jakub Krúpa

      viete po slovenskz__________________________________________________-

    27. Tsui Hayley

      2:01 She didn't actually take a bite look closely

      1. Neha Susan George

        Yup because its a fake cupcake

    28. Sunitha P

      Have no more and okay so you can can do that is not my love and I

    29. shaili agrawal

      The cake is a squishy

    30. gerlyn kaye

      so amazing popular girly | | | v

    31. Random Duck

      Wizards aren’t real

    32. Айша Жарасова


    33. Bilal Rahimi

      Anna is so cute I love to her



    35. Jasmine Perez

      i am the pouler one in school



    37. virus 63k8liq

      I'm the Slober and the bully

    38. Lucy Knight

      Popular is ME

    39. Nelion Zhupa

      so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀

    40. •Lynn Chan•

      I'm the beggar🤣

    41. definatelynotnutsa :3

      Is it just me or is it that when Anna bit into that cupcake she didnt bite it. The cupcakes look like squishies

      1. Asuman Gelirli

        I notice

    42. Adeele Männik


    43. Jade Naranjo

      What about the lesbians XD

    44. Petra Sušac

      We have all that tapes

    45. Ikbal Mutubar

      The cupcake is nit realy

    46. Ikbal Mutubar

      The cupek is not realy....

    47. Zahra bent lblad

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    48. vay canına

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    49. minniemm23

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    50. no bonitinho Alves

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖❤️💖💖💖💖💖 beijos

    51. Athari Alhammadi

      0:19 this is me lol

    52. Galaxy Fox 09

      I’m the healthy nut

    53. Your gay cousin

      Not all bullies have black hair and these stereotypes are stupid

    54. Minttu Mopsi

      1:32 wait.. "THE LOSER?" those others are losers because they don't just be friends with that lonely :(

    55. زينب سحاق

      Husjsfiehso4bfns9w😚😣🤗😘 Shdcvsoyzfnwifsgwitdgh😚😚😇😘😇😉😘🤗😏isvszoyhwfiitrhd4of5ovdb5gwyotveiygsvt6yvty🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

    56. Lolo Otoomjhii


    57. Kyesa wolf

      **Joey not Joe Joey doesn't share food.

    58. Kayla Bohan

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