15 TYPES OF EATERS || Funny Situations and Relatable Moments by 123 GO!

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    If you’re human, chances are, you love to eat. But just like your hair, personality and fashion sense, you like to do things your own way.
    Even if that means taking pics of your food long before it ever graces your lips. Hey condiment queens and open-mouth chewers, listen up!
    Tell us, which of these 15 kinds of eaters are you?
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    1. william rubin

      I am the open mouth eater☺😫

    2. نونا ميسو جيجي ميدو زقزوق

      ممكن الترجمة بالعربي

    3. Tamara Goolsby

      Junk food lover

    4. Sahira Macedo

      A mí también me gusta la mostaza

    5. Juliette K

      who likes ketchup

    6. Juliette K


    7. anthony linford


    8. Amy Peters

      I am a junk food eater

    9. mohd saleem

      I am the instagramer and ketchup addict

    10. Barry Bonds

      Im a junk food Lover

    11. Antonio Alvarado

      I am the:junk food lover

    12. scary and funny gacha maker

      Im the instagramer

    13. ghrmatsion weldestion frezghi

      Am a junk food lover

    14. Viri• Diana


    15. Maria Esparza


    16. Cotton Candy Gotcha, Cotton Candy Demon

      Ya.My mom

    17. Cotton Candy Gotcha, Cotton Candy Demon

      I hate cats

    18. Cotton Candy Gotcha, Cotton Candy Demon

      I'm a sharing food person because when they don't want food I give it to my sister oh I just throw it away

    19. Cotton Candy Gotcha, Cotton Candy Demon

      Im a pique etra😞

    20. Cotton Candy Gotcha, Cotton Candy Demon

      My sister is a botoom etra 😖👍🏡

    21. Cotton Candy Gotcha, Cotton Candy Demon

      My sister🍟😖 . she is a 🐖 and a good 🐷

    22. Melanie Lopez


    23. Melanie Lopez

      And I HATE people with open mouths while eating.

    24. Melanie Lopez

      And I'm the picky eater, emotion eater, the intsagramer, and the type of person who likes EVERY SINGLE BIT of the food that's left. I am NO WHERE NEAR the messy water. I'm sad that I'm a single pringle, but at least I get double the grub!!!

    25. Melanie Lopez

      YA!!! WE MISS VICKY!!!

    26. Itz_pugcake2011 Cake is good

      I’m junk food lover XD

    27. Maddy Miner


    28. Ethan Davis

      I'm the picky eater!

    29. Ester Kuzilwa

      I am totally a junk food eater

    30. An Na

      1:13 i read Jungkook Lover 🤣🤣🤣💜 ARMYs will understand!💜💜💜

    31. Danilo Bellong

      im eating so tomato catsup

    32. Starlight Gacha121

      messy,junk food,picky and the bottoms up

    33. Shimul Khaled

      Olivia is going to have a tummy ache if she eats to much junk food

    34. My Life Witha Barbie

      Am the junk food lover

    35. Amir Santos


    36. Hanoi Paula

      I can relate to the third category. I love ketchup 😍

    37. Kriela_ Playz

      Junk food lover The picky eater Bottoms up Messy eater The plate licker Open mouth eater The cat feeder Eats everything with chopsticks (only in noodles) The one who plays with food The one who likes hot sauce

    38. Mary Lord Joanne Echem


    39. Annie Jarrell

      My Dad eats everything with hot sauce

    40. Annie Jarrell

      And my sister and brother eats with there hands

    41. Annie Jarrell

      My cousin eats everything with ketchup

    42. Kaaviya Ramalingam

      Don’t eat too much junk food I have to be on medicine for the rest of my life and I’m only 12

    43. Audrie Case

      I love the video

    44. Grace dossi

      JUCK FOOD 🍬🍿🌭🍰🍭🎂🍼🍓🍒🍎🍉🍊🥭🍍🍌🍋🍏🍐🥝🍇🥨🥪🍳

    45. Ryan Vinluan

      And I like junk food ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    46. Ryan Vinluan

      I am a picky eater

    47. 복숭아 같은Peachy

      im mouth opener xd

    48. OMG MusicGirl

      I am seriously a junk food eater

    49. xhan in wonderful life

      my mom is an instagramer eater and im a junk food lover picky eater and bottoms up



    51. Tails the Fox Fan 09

      My brother is totally open mouth eater

    52. Tails the Fox Fan 09

      I’m definitely bottoms up I can’t let one crum go to waste is anyone with me

      1. Melanie Lopez

        I know I am!!!

    53. Emanuel Rozalinov

      Infuse Sony ds10dfl град ап Ищар

    54. Ossama Germoud

      أسلمت جرمود

    55. Katya Sandler

      0:30 my mom at dinner

      1. Katya Sandler


    56. signs from Jesus signs from Jesus

      She is desisting gross

    57. signs from Jesus signs from Jesus

      People can't eat with only ketup

    58. Goutami Chakma


    59. Zyrhiah Estes


    60. Emi Moreno