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    Have you seen those types of people in the cinema?
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    Going to the movie theatre is a good idea when you're hanging out with your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends and family.
    You can meet so many different types of people at the cinema.
    Grab your popcorn and watch our video to decide which one relates to you and the people in your life:
    0:12 The one who eats everything before the movie even starts
    0:27 The one who always go to the toilet
    0:39 The disgusting one
    0:56 The big fan of the movie. The JOKER
    1:14 The pirates
    1:23 The kicker
    1:39 The Illegal one
    1:52 People who always talk loud at the cinema
    2:03 The one who is late to the movie
    2:14 The big hair
    2:27 The love birds
    2:37 The one who is too comfortable
    2:42 The tall guy on the first row
    2:56 The sleeper

    What is the most annoying cinema experience you remember? Tell us in the comments.
    Fun videos and relatable facts about life, family, girls, and boys and simply everything. Things that everyone feels, but hardly talk about. Stay tuned - you will definitely enjoy the comedy!

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