100 LAYERS CHALLENGE || 100 Layers of Makeup || Ultimate 100+ Coats by 123 GO! CHALLENGE



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    100 LAYERS CHALLENGE || 100 Layers of Nail Polish and Lipstick || Ultimate 100+ Coats of Things by 123 GO! CHALLENGE
    Ever wondered what it would feel like under layers and layers of things? Well, looks like these two are up for a dual in the 100 layers challenge!
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    1. Jill Barnicoat

      You must of felt very sick after those sandwhich

    2. Jesus Subia

      I mono when now your trick because you are just scoping numbers

    3. eli mok

      3:07 when my mom says its cold


      Amiy is mean and ugly

    5. Phoebe Cocker

      0:41 hang on, she says "Amy I told you not to stop taking my stuff" So she wants her to take it?

    6. Nadim Douaihy

      Do the 200 layers challenge

    7. Jeffrey Ribbeck

      9:00 that's 101

    8. Aygun Eliyeva

      Ela dıramma bir rus

    9. DamienJoseph Andasola

      I put 13 shirts on

    10. Wessam Sameh

      Oh my good I am rokaia

    11. sajila majid

      Hey Bella wear the red one👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗👗

    12. Ratna Raju

      When she is weating white jackat number was 29 that after jachat was 60 it is cheating

    13. sampurna prusty

      3:43 Amy: *gives clothes * Bella: nope Amy: bella?.. Bella: nope Me: xD

    14. Bangorn Onn Aphayavong

      Amy is so annoying

    15. greeny love

      Hello ! I from Indo and i live your videos ^.^

    16. Charming joy Untalasco


    17. Donald Nicolson

      they didn't actually use 100 clothes

    18. Donald Nicolson

      they used shells for the nails

    19. Valentina Ilic


    20. Gali Mendola


    21. Hannah's Channel


      1. Hannah's Channel


    22. lil_ sadness playz


    23. love basketball

      Those " nails " are fake

    24. love basketball

      If you guys noticed that she only put nail polish only one hand but then after it was both hands

    25. lisa leano


    26. Tanisha Alvarez

      I love you guys

    27. Anime Star

      I like how they say almost done when there on like.. what? 25?


      I like the challangea

    29. Komal

      Can you do 1,000 lalers challenge please let me know.

    30. starlight moon

      Amy i told you to not stop my stuff

    31. Shannon Evans


    32. Jonnie Pacquiao


    33. Syed Ikhlas Asif

      where is Simply Christine.

    34. Crystal Judy

      I hate your GEsels channel the only channels I like is Preston plays LDshadowlady uspeakablegaming and It’sfunny!!!!

    35. My Dog And Me

      4:45 overprotective mom when it's 20 degrees outside

    36. Scarlett Mather

      Ummmmm on the first one Amy said to Emily “I told you to not stop taking my stuff” XD who else noticed dat?

    37. y e s

      ˙ǝxᴉu sɐʍ sᴉɥʇ

      1. y e s

        ǝɔᴉq sɐʍ sᴉɥʇ uɐǝɯ ᴉ

    38. Isabelle Haidon

      i love the nail one

    39. Kobe Bryant

      I would be crying so much if I had so much layers of nail polish!

    40. Adriana Fonseca Fernando Adriana

      Nos fisemos a 100 camadas de smalte

      1. Adriana Fonseca Fernando Adriana

        Nos fisemos 100 camadas de smalte

    41. Joe Grizzly

      Gv. Hbbhhhhbnccg they were just talking about this one in. Nnnn mmnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmkkkkkkkkknb bn. . Jjjjkkkj. Nnnn nnjjj nnnmmk kkkkkkkkk klkkkk

    42. Jessica Roldan

      You copied simply nail logical and 100 layers of nail polish

    43. Najla talal

      I will be in tm

    44. Alina Tasca


    45. Emy Tich

      I M B O R E D

    46. Rocky Doe

      Amy's makeup was funny hehe

    47. Simona Patackaite


    48. Ahsan Rashid

      I dont think it's TRUE that they actually put a 100 layers!! Bcz if u see clearly they aren't really putting them one by one like the number was one 36 and she put just one more n it was 69 like......it can't b Whoever agrees plz hit the like button

    49. Hasya Sabila

      Bagus gimana itu kenapah bisa kaya gitu

    50. Corey Talbot

      I know this is a different one but why why is that a real nail was a fake and why is it saying cool 123 go why did you name it that

    51. Corey Talbot

      Why are you dying your son GEsels 100 layers of clothes and stuff so weird don't even talk to me call me anything

    52. Justina Jakaitytė

      The tumbnail nails looks like a magical rocks

    53. Dr. Mark Monis

      I liked this video very much ..i am fan of Vicky , Sofia , Amy and Olivia

    54. Moon Light

      The thumbnail was taken from simply nailogical and the idea of 100 layers of nail polish from her too.

    55. Gacha Deama

      5:05 is how my grandma makes me wear at winter :>

      1. Gacha Fury


    56. Jane Barcial

      Very Funny

    57. Elyse B.

      I fell bad for bella in the 100 layers of makeup

    58. maricar lelina

      How about 1.000 layers on the next vidoe

    59. Jayzer Blanza


    60. Nicole Shanabrough

      At at 1:30min the nails are not that big