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  1. Jordi Smith

    I hope Justin wins a title and retires very soon that dude Brian is so scrambled, you can see how intelligent and well spoken he is but then forgets his points 5 times in a 2 hour conversation that he didn’t speak that much in, get money get fame keep your health my guy

  2. Deltasword

    Idk Joe, I think you're assuming that everything we do is inherently interesting. Why is it inherently interesting?

  3. Markos Antonio Sanchez

    Are you gay or jealous

  4. GREATopinion

    Is that The Situation?

  5. s0ldier898

    joe '' so tell me again why these gloves aren't in the ufc '' rogan

  6. Mahfk Namsayn

    Kevin hart plays the game like some who's played it more than once

  7. Anthony Mollica

    Conor would laugh in this bitch face

  8. Fl3tch3r

    Competition is great... when you’re winning When you’re not...You change the rules

  9. Ignacio Saenz

    Building up on this guy. Genuine, humble and a fucking badass!

  10. Daniel Sotner

    Adam Eget is a real jerk!

  11. Gary Katch

    From the description: “Elon Musk is a business magnet...” Vocabulary fail. He may be attractive to business, but he’s actually a magnate.

  12. Anastasiia Kulyk

    Would be interesting to see how he was and how he used to speak before he started his changes. Now you see such a powerful and motivated man.

  13. Highlight Reel

    Did Joe Rogan mention my channel and video????

  14. S T

    Joe seems to know about a lot of things, skateboarding is not one of them

  15. Marte Veterans Corp

    Trevor needs to stop making those dumb impressions of fighters


    At around 46:00: Do such people really have the capacity to speak to unique experiences or what they have been taught are their experiences? As a Pakistani who was raised Muslim, I can honestly say that I have never experienced any marginalization, based on my race or religion, but there are so many people to whom I speak that will insist that I have but that I may not have perceived it as such. It stands to reason, then, that many people are being told narratives about themselves that they then believe to be objectively true.

  17. Mahfk Namsayn

    Dooma gama dooma gama juice.

  18. zazen69

    Comedy clubs aren't essential at all, they should be the last thing to open.

  19. Richard Estrella

    His progression in this sport is amazing. He is evolving and without doubt will be Champ. He represents the MMA community well and is a solid guy.

  20. ctesta11

    A lot of great ideas that western civilization needs to consider from a wise man who is unquestionably making the world a better place. However, broad principles that seem to have merit based on one's experience need to be placed in different category than hard facts and numbers. When Joe presented Joel with evidence (just shy of the 1 hour mark) that a professional virologist spoke of where flu vaccines will still reduce the severity of illness from a flu strain that is not the exact match to the injected vaccine's target, Joel said "well that is one opinion" and described how his point of view was different. This is an egregious intellectual error that reduces his credibility somewhat. This is not just one person's opinion, it is accepted by the scientific community based on careful studies. One needs to understand that one's own gut feeling and life experience are not of equal value to a scientifically determined fact. You (not even you, Joel) can't argue with numbers if you don't like them. This is an area where opinion doesn't matter. Now you can call me a socialist libtard in the comment box below lol

  21. Camryn

    I stopped watching when Tim quoted a source in his sentence from Buzzfeed News

  22. jimmy Gentry

    Joe “nasty surprise” Rogan

  23. K. A

    36:00 no hugs for two months, boohoo cry me a River. If she thinks that's a long time without a hug try and be a dude

  24. joseph burtulato

    Don’t leave youtube

  25. Andrew Gibbs

    we need a full way of the dragon with both them commentating

  26. pbcman1

    Tony's the type of guy that takes a IV bag for a nice night out dancing and never calls it again

  27. Christopher Jones

    Awesome run! Love the vibe with these 2, sooo dope. Don't worry bout the fucks you're making uncomfortable and keep rockin!🤘😄🤘 Joe did as good a job possible driving the convo forward.hahaha

  28. Anthony Rivera

    Love how he described Tony's mentality csuse it just reminds me of a anime/Hajime no ippo. Kept moving forward, as much as I wanted tony fergy to win not everything got a happy ending :/

  29. Kylar Lee

    Some sparks between these two. Marriage is a bitch.

  30. Clifton Nobles

    Call it "Humanistic Capitalism" or "Patriotic Collectiveism", just don't use the words "Socialism" or "Communism" basically and bonus points if you can use the words "Freedom, Democracy, Patriotic, American", etc.

  31. T B

    Robin Williams brain ended up like the trump administration full of misinformation

  32. Ryan Park

    Justin please get a new manager, Ali is scum!

  33. ArchonRamie

    That's one angry nerd.

  34. Shid Pooster

    I actually believe if Trevor Wittman was my coach I could be doing great things too, all of us could. Not taking away from Justin at all, he has a stonewall determination and a love and passion for fighting. It's crazy though, getting hit in the head never bothered me and it actually had the effect of cheering me up. It would make me happy to eat a big punch and even if I was rocked I enjoyed the fact that I knew what just happened and was cognitive enough to respond... Don't ask why, I don't get it myself. I guess it's the same way some people can fall over and bump their head and go into a spiral of depression... just the opposite.

  35. Dave D

    Joe needs some better guests

  36. Adam Zaidi

    I love Joe ,but he had the audacity to mention Fox News as controlling the minds of people ,but yet satistics show that Fox News is more correct than all of the other news organizations, especially CNN. Joe was being bias.

  37. DD J

    Trevor Wittman made training equipment pieces of art

  38. Kgotlello Mashaba

    Isn’t westerners civilization built on oppression and theft doe ?

  39. Fern Kemp

    21:00 🔖 book mark

  40. alex mwithiga

    "If i can keep beating my self...Pause.... If I can keep doing that then that means im in a battle with the only person that makes sense"

  41. T B

    Just to clarify that's what I heard I haven't seen him meaning.i would never see that guy

  42. Kaz Ford

    Joe you went from sponsoring fleshlights like they were light sabers to now getting what you've earned all your life!

  43. Schmidty the Kid

    Joe “I’m super regular” Rogan

  44. DD J

    "Home fights" is a 90s WWE/WWF gimmick called In Your House

  45. Steve tang0

    Alex for president

  46. michael calvert

    Neuro-link will vastly improve the human condition if it comes with software that makes it impossible to willingly share something the user knows to be false or misleading.

  47. Tha Nerrd

    1:20:15 one of the most Joe Rogan-ish thing I’ve ever heard XD

  48. The Working Man TV

    2 million chickens is nothing. The shelbyville plant kill a million chickens in 16 hours.

  49. Capt. B

    I saw Fadam under the Queensboro Bridge sucking dudes off for 5 bucks a pop.

  50. Ebin Cain

    It's good that rich people are getting richer. The homeless man can't become broker. Soif the gap is growing it's a sign our economy is doing well.

  51. L C

    Trevor Wittman is gonna make millions and millions off that equipment probably.

  52. IDeNCHI

    i just cant see him beating conor or khabib

  53. Brian Donahue

    Trevor "where are the standards when it comes to training?" Justin earlier "I don't wear a cup in training."

  54. devin brown

    Watched the Tony Hawk Podcast - now this one, then on to Kelly Slater. All while sitting on the couch eating a bag of chips. Gotta train the mind first I guess.

  55. Suzanne Millius

    At the start, I thought it would be just 'OK' .....I am SO completely inspired after this watching this.....thank you for GREAT dialogue and take-aways.

  56. Internot Psychorsky

    The thing about Trump's atrocities and moronic actions, behaviors, and banter is that you may laugh at them but only out of a sense of how wildly inappropriate, ridiculous, and absurd his actions and comments are. Once the reality sinks in of the profound consequences his stupidity can actually cause, Trump's buffoonery, bigotry, narcissism, ignorance, dishonesty, and incompetence are no laughing matter.

  57. Bulletproofzest

    Yeah, UV light does kill viruses, bacteria etc. that is true. However, you don’t “bring it inside the body,” because it also destroys your cells using the same mechanism. You could put uv light in the lungs in such an amount as to kill any virus in them, however that’s probably a bad idea if you would like to, oh, I dunno, have lungs? You can boil water to get rid of pathogens. So by this reasoning, why don’t you try sticking your infected hand in a pot of boiling water? Or better yet, stick your hand in the fire! That’ll kill the virus for sure!

  58. unrelenting chemistry

    joe rogan you have a great show

  59. Courtneyy Hi

    we are all people of habits. but are habits is creating a massive gap between the rich and poor. shop locally people boycott target and starbucks. like they have enough money already.

  60. Matt Barker

    I'm glad i got to listen to these episodes without the ads. I won't be following Joe over to spotify though. Still in shock that Joe sold out. Take care Joe, enjoy the extra money, but know that you've lost a huge following by making that switch.

  61. Resist

    It's pretty obvious reading all the comments the alt right wants a civil war. Theres a reason we appropriately call them Nazis.

  62. Dark Champion

    I like how he had a movie where he was taking care of someone that can’t move but he got in that situation.

  63. Maria G

    There were top-level bank executives who hired their buddies during the TARP bailout just to get them in on the government money. Gave them a title and gave out the $$! Disgusting corruption.

  64. phej333

    This guy just thinks the way he lives his life is the only way to live. He doesn't seem that bad of a guy but pretty arrogant

  65. Selena

    wow this is old

  66. Josh Abels

    The greatest opening sentence to any of these podcasts lmao

  67. Wicked Jester

    So many Reddit losers in the comments

  68. Jan Pavel

    this guy is a super vilain

  69. Keith Strang

    How the heck did he not ask Musk about Bob Lazar and the Navy Pilot UFO stuff?

  70. M4R1U5 hanssen


  71. max silver

    the only thing i dont like about trevor is, that when he rehearses justin he makes him sound like a dummy with his voice, you dont have to do him like that

  72. Imond Ruggs

    1:10:15 "you can't get mad at a woman expressing her inner hoeness"

  73. Baktash Karimi

    47:50 “balance reason with dictates” The problem is, the dictates (which are derived from the holy books across abrahamic religions) are the words of God, and so you can’t say that this particular practice dictated by God is reasonable and good for you and this other one goes too far, because of their compliance or lack thereof with today’s way of living. It’s the fundamental problem with reason vs dictates, and I think at best what can be done is to just look the other way on some of these dictates and admit deep down that either we don’t understand why God said something that “goes too far”, or that God can also be bad or make a mistake or fail to predict the compliance problem. Think the punishment for adultery. Or a third thought would be that the word of God has a time constraint, and isn’t applicable throughout our Earthly life, which means that sometime in the very distant future, as the world and our societies keep changing, most of the God’s words from its holy books may not be applicable.

  74. MrDoza65

    Please have your nose repaired you breath like a 300 pound fat man

  75. Ryan Haines

    Awesome podcast, Tony Hawk and Joe Rogan two of the biggest names in their fields.

  76. Captain Omoplata

    I have to get out there and train with these guys now... I have an amazing home gym with great coaches and high level talent, and I’d really love to keep them throughout my career... but I also want a camp like wittmans to go hone my skills there and bring knowledge and ideas home with me. God willing maybe even get Trevor to come to my home and help our guys if I succeed enough as a fighter.


    We could be talking about Justin being the greatest lightweight of all time in 3 years

  78. Agus Puig

    1.10 first time i hear the term POV outside of porn

  79. jake4510 jake4510

    55:33 CTE please stand up ☹️

  80. johnqpublic912

    When he says mental and financial, I believe he means to say your mind and your finances. It's just weird the way he says it.

  81. Jake Tappert

    I love how Rogan acknowledges all the time that this country is chock full of dummies and then he's outraged when public officials dispense orders made to communicate information so that those dummies can understand it. If it sounds too dumber down to you...then they are not aiming that info at you.

  82. Brother Adrian

    Oh snap... Kev tried to plug the Beyond Meat and Joe was like "Naaaahh". I'm with Joe. John Salley is always plugging it, but he always seem to be sluggish.

  83. dale Simpson

    I live in England and here we can only catch and release it’s illegal to to kill and eat the fish

  84. Randy etc

    who is this jaco guy and what is his podcast?

  85. Jonat

    1h33 justin's breathing is unreal 😂😂😂

  86. midesti

    34:09 Joe, Joe, Joe... yeah, the flu kills a ton of people, but do we wear masks, practice social distancing, and have travel bans for the flu? No. Imagine how much worse the coronavirus pandemic would be if we treated it like the flu. I thought this issue was put to bed a long time ago. Also, kids go home to their folks, to their grandparents, etc. Everyone is a vector, and the fewer vectors we have, the better. Or we could treat it like the flu and just let it go nuts.

  87. hisdudeness09

    Hey Adam, where do you get your ideas from?

  88. Tyler Helton

    10:00 "only if you learn from experiences like that" such uncommon common sense.

  89. Dylan Senterfeit

    Best episode ever

  90. bartsshorts

    surely this kevin made his money from his movie career. so, goto college of drama. ok then i'll get right on that.

  91. dominathor

    Michael Jordan is the Michael Jordan of basketball.

  92. 335xi Boost

    L hook and uppercut combo from Tyson = end most MMA hws wrastling or not

  93. Amy Grindhouse

    nice monologue, joe...

  94. Myke Z

    Joe at 3:39:10 “ alright let’s wrap this mf up” still an hour left. 😂😂

  95. Benny Rodriguez

    WTF? What's wrong with working at a construction site? I have met some of the hardest working people in the construction industry. Building, moving and getting shit done that I'm sure Joe Rogan can't do. Just goes to show that everybody has a different definition of success, I'm a carpenter and I absolutely love it. Nice studio Joe, I wonder who built it.......😎🤔 Still love you Joe, just dropping my 2 cents 😁

  96. Nathan

    This comment section is like a mini series

  97. Janie Moore

    How about the New York Doctor who volunteered in Haiti. Ratted out the Clinton Foundation for not helping Haiti. He was found dead. suicide stabbed in the chest in his NYC penthouse. Give me a break.

  98. Matthew Hill

    GAETHJE!! Living legend brother! Your gonna beat Khabib....I cant wait. Glad you have the smartest and best trainer in the game in your corner

  99. L 8 N i t e S a x

    “Raw dog, Plan B”

  100. ilyanna19

    He's talking about Gallup NM with the "no one's allowed". Our governor is an absolute shit show.