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  1. k*don*

    Love how they put michael Keaton in there.. one of the men who played batman

  2. RusterRD

    im just here cuz my ps4 broke and my red dead redemption was inside it

  3. AFG tiktok

    I love this Movie

  4. Ayo GunnaMac

    Martin not even fat stfu

  5. Ramesh Kumar


  6. Sur Edward

    Imagine spiderman coming to fight and his mask comes off....and its fkn Tobey McGuire.... I will jump from my seat and scream just like the JJJ scene at the end of FFH.

  7. meridot

    can't get over how pretty emma looked in this movie

  8. Joshua Ortiz

    We all thought this would be bad. Boy were we wrong.

  9. D H

    Call wesley snipes blade is needed

  10. Altar Seni


  11. CycleCruza

    I hope the movie is better than the trailer. lol I'll wait for the DVD.

  12. Solid Snake

    When moriarty became batman mentor

  13. Z4K4RIYA

    From the editing it looks like they were never in the same room🤔

  14. Nohemi Jackson

    Like 2020

  15. Spark Corporation

    The background music has something else.

  16. LHP Official

    So this is why Harley Quinn and him broke up

  17. Amaranthine

    Ah yes. Crap Batman portrayed by an actor noone likes.

  18. Not The Last Airbender.

    why isn't rita in the trailer 😭😭

  19. Akeem Joffer

    When you download the movie from pirated website and it plays like this all the way through

  20. Cenggur Noob

    pengen jadi manusia merambat yaaa.....enak kayaknya

  21. RAYGAR Targaryen

    Who is Tyrese Gibson in this film and what is that *thing* on his arm in 2:11?

  22. mac

    Can't believe how much weight Martin gained. So sad. Fat, just like everyone in US.

  23. tarun sohail

    this looks promising

  24. Sebastian Reyes

    but peep YG !

  25. Tawhid Alexander

    time . . .

  26. Namira Cici

    The true Batman

  27. Connor O

    The Butlerian Jihad

  28. Rohit Asylum

    2020 amyone?

  29. Dave Richardson

    does anyone else find it weird that there are 2748595832 actors out there but they keep hiring people whove already done a superhero movie? feels strange to have multiple characters played by same guy. Dafoe in Spiderman and Aquaman Evans in CA and Fantastic Four now Leto I mean i love them all but someone else could deserve a shot

  30. Gaby Core

    Morbius un anti heroe del universo de Spider Man gracias a su sangre se pudo quitar esa mutacion de 4 brazos a Spider man :v

  31. I’m Batman

    Just think some of the people who commented on this video are now dead

  32. Nathan 2005

    This trailer brought us major confusions

  33. ben youhess

    "How far are we allowed to go?" *shows picture of spiderman*

  34. All Wrestling

    There hasn’t been a ‘Like’ sighting for this video in 30 years!

  35. Swapnil More

    Get Ready For Carnage💢🔥

  36. FaZe_Darkninja

    I want to see it so bad!!!!

  37. Lohit Chakraborty

    I thought MORBIUS is a vampire

  38. Samantha

    please lord bring a man in my life that loves me the way laurie does joe

  39. SuperSonic 01

    That smily face on the window reminds me of joker


    Hope they bring Andrew back in a crossover like crisis did

  41. Girlinblack

    69mil views. Nice

  42. Will Jacobs

    The whole thing with AMMO and therapy was beyond annoying. Just stop. Not sure if they thought it was funny or if they were doing it to appeal to hipsters, but it made me uncomfortable.

  43. Teddy and Laa Hart

    Ive been looking everywhere online to try and find will smiths jacket that he's wearing here

  44. Rahmat Alamin Maba

    Yo fellas, i was just thinking, why fur elise ?

  45. This World of Ours

    I wish I could tell Michael that he means so much to the majority of the universe. I would love to work with him by the way.

  46. KAY A.Z

    Я один удивел Доктора Кто ?

  47. SLIME E

    Just watched and I’m not gon lie, I enjoyed this one more than the first two. Martin had the whole theater laughing from start to end. Loved the plot twists and the movie as a whole.

  48. AKS Psycho

    I’m just here for daisy

  49. taopaipai zan

    Excellent movie is a shame that they will use a cellulite analog camera when it is faster and cheaper to use a digital without having the image quality is a shame that almost in the third decade of the 21st century there was still a chemical movie and more than one prestigious producer simply unacceptable

  50. Ekaterina Sh

    Which remix of 7 rings is it?

  51. Alma

    We love you Kate

  52. Savy Simon

    Omg I’m excited for the 4th!! The young generation is about to be lit!!!

  53. Tyler Johnson

    Anyone else notice at 1:40ish - the sign “Shandor Mining”. I only noticed because I’m playing the ghostbusters game with my 5 year old - and they go a lot deeper into Ivo Shandor (the architect who built the Gozer building in the first movie)? Seems like they are going deep on this one - I’m stoked!!!

  54. J. Gerardo

    4 hours cut please!!!

  55. Benny Ibarra

    Every Marvel movie is always launched on my birthday May 2nd. Sometimes before & after. I’m lucky

  56. ramboraph4life

    2:12 that 180 spin with the motorcycle/side-car and Martin firing on the baddies...that wasn't in the movie...why was it cut out?


    ...im not gonna lie I just came here to check what song this is called but still can't wait for the movie

  58. Turbat G

    Honestly this movie was insanely overrated I was expecting so much from Tarantino and all the talents

  59. sharl azhr

    Charmed intro song!!!! Imagine, Sarah, Reese, and Selma play as the Charmed sisters!

  60. Akku Zachariah Jacob

    2:10 Toby Mcguire Spiderman in the poster !!! Nothing in the background is an accident in Marvel

  61. Luke Haave

    Guys wtf No ones talking about TOBEY MAGUIRE SPIDER-MAN IN 2:10

  62. Necessary _Bee

    Therapies us Lol

  63. The Herald

    Moriarty, Doctor Who, Spider-Man, and Vulture/Batman. I have no reason to watch another movie

  64. Rastalion

    The real batman

  65. Nick Gusain

    Iron Man Back 😁😁

  66. Joni Bravo


  67. Joni Bravo


  68. John Paul

    Another character he’s gonna ruin

  69. Fan Richard

    Jared leto beat the bat in 2020

  70. burberry850

    SAS should be the new captain in BB4

  71. SugarxSweet pixnk

    Y'all, the Emoji movie is literally Sausage party but made for kids I'm-

  72. Katerina Pierce

    wait molly and schmidt dont end up togther wtf

  73. ty- coon

    thumbnail looks like of witcher.


    It's similar to Vampire Batman

  75. Geovane Souza

    2:16 A little aah

  76. 1014PyroManiac

    I get a very big, X2, Sam Raimi Spider-man, Ron Pearlman HellBoy, vibe off of this trailer. Anyone know what I mean ? Pretty sick

  77. mandie sayavedra


  78. VowlK Niñja

    I'm in love with the background music

  79. Manish Adwani

    After watching this..wow is it real😮 ..and end scene be like..what🧐..

  80. Al Bernard

    Damn Will's son in this is a gangsta

  81. MrLocazo212

    Yeah And?

  82. benny parker

    im still miss you andrew

  83. Roopa Dhiman

    2:12 who is that guy ? Somebody tell me

  84. The Official King of Narratives

    This better be rated R

  85. Don Malik

    Come make love to me! Let's continue this Egyptian Lineage of Kings!

  86. Eduardo Palacios

    When he said LA RA RI RA DI DA DII DII DUMM I truly felt that.

  87. Connor W.

    I like how they made a trailer for an entirely different movie

  88. itscharles

    So are they reintroducing blade?

  89. svengoolie007

    Am I the only one freaking out that they're using the song from Body Double in this??

  90. Mr. Nice Guy

    Is I'm crazy are I just watched a weirdest reference to Clint Eastwood & Guy Ritchie as Clint Ritchie...

  91. Chris Styl

    How does this crap just leave me hanging Ike that?! Who husband was it?! Bet it was pastor!! Guess I got 2 get the book...

  92. Damian Torres

    captain stay funny as hell😂

  93. Justin Belmonte

    My wishes for Marvel movies in the future - To know what fucking universe this is in - To cast Bruce Campbell as Uncle Ben

  94. Eric Sosa

    Get that paycheck Tyrese.

  95. 20dpm

    One Last Time (again)

  96. Pooja Barathithasan

    Ok this made me so happy I can't even say☺