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  1. Quoc Nguyen

    6"06 this it power strong :((

  2. Constantine XI

    When France still had some White players

  3. Toruk Makto

    De Gea always deliver.

  4. Mikael Low

    Wenger out hahahaha





  7. Dwi 0271

    Thiery Henry 👍👍⚽⚽

  8. The Collector

    9:00 YEEEEEE... oh ouch ... EEEEEEAAAAHHH

  9. Jesse Bosma

    Its crizy

  10. Ali Abbas Naqvi

    Whenever liverpool plays a ucl final it's always memorable

  11. Elsen Memmedov


  12. Adarsh Kumar

    6:02 That was a dive. Luckily it's not 2020.

  13. Kit Liang Chong


  14. Graham Williams

    Liverpool FC. Performing miracles since 1892.

  15. Sam N’cho

    Kepa is a hero and Hazard is legend

  16. Adarsh Kumar

    Gone are the times when even small clubs had the opportunity to win Champions League.

  17. Brawl Madness_TV

    I respect all the other sports fans but after hearing this I just wanna say one thing:suck it!

  18. Mr Blue

    Have to say, amazing fans. You have loaned us one of your icons in Stevie G. We love him but we’re under no illusions he’ll return “home” one day. And when he does he’ll do so with our unreserved gratitude. However... That song, unlike Stevie isn’t yours. It was sung, at Ibrox quite a few years back... Not the first to be copied btw 💙

  19. Ravi Ghadwal

    For the 4th one, Arjen Robben won Puskas award, i mean Mo salah won Puskas award

  20. Kodzovi Sylvain Dovi


  21. jack reid

    Spain’s midfield was just a joke back then. Iniesta, Xavi, Alonso, Busquets, Cazorla, Fàbregas, Silva, Mata

  22. Lairi Gaming

    To be honest, Messi's goal was the best though

  23. Rajat kARNANI

    Ronaldo is on 1 its a great joke

  24. Andrés Felipe Cardozo

    The best ever!!!

  25. Stephen Caulker

    4-2 just like the 2018 World Cup final

  26. Mr_Szyszeq

    Polska kuwa


    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈 trending 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈 1:17 🔥🔥 👇💚

  28. Ahjussi Official

    tell me... who can beat him??

  29. aldirmdn

    2018 till 2019 is the climax performance of CR7. What a Transformers he is!

  30. Samip Pradhan

    As a United fan this is the only game I’ve ever felt helpless... this Barca team was something else

  31. Bri Brave

    His trade mark move. Running down the left hand side. Cutting in on his right foot and curling the ball into the far corner. No one did it better than him. The only one who came close was David Villa.

  32. After 90s and 20s

    Why Bonucci shut Balotelli mouth?

  33. Uncle Love

    The most drama match...

  34. Spinner Officer K

    7:57 🤫🤫

  35. Spinner Officer K

    5:59 🤫

  36. Spinner Officer K


  37. Big Neek

    that was a dead england kit

  38. Letif Rehmanov


  39. Samer Farhan

    Song please???

  40. Jesus

    2:37 😁🤣

  41. Huzeil iqbal

    Why all arsenal goal 😂

  42. Mika Ajax fan

    How couldn't you see in the first time Nico tagliafico that was a shame

  43. Bengt Sollied JR

    I was so fucking happy when Eder scored

  44. arenasel10

    RIP Rado

  45. Nagaprasad Bhat

    Messi goal is first

  46. Ciao Peppe

    Suca messi

  47. Yordi Hurtado Torres

    The Northern Irish Beast

  48. Koenkies

    Jezus wat een kut Engels

  49. Nic Chagall

    Villa Torres best attack of all time

  50. Serhan Uzun

    One day England will win in the end of the penalty kicks. But l don't know which day.

  51. Jack Daily Gaming

    Oblak know ì ramsey score someone die so he save it


    Roberto Carlos didnt had swing but it had POWER!!!!!!

  53. Albert Koru

    If I have to select my favourite team from across EPL in the last 30 years, thierry will surely be my number one striker. He is an in and outside the box striker.

  54. Bryan Lynn

    Not all superheroes wear cape he wears a helmet

  55. Naser Safai

    Where is shone free kick against Real Madrid

  56. Alex Wallhead

    Joe hart got nowhere near anyone of them. Always was a useless prick.

  57. Oyun Ekibi

    Kamera nereye gitse ronaldo ters tarafa gidiyo

  58. Iris

    Lekker accentje Erik

  59. Adarsh Kumar

    Marseille had a very unusual formation.

  60. Ravi Ghadwal

    Tottenham didn't deserve to win against Ajax And Ajax didn't deserve to loose against Tottenham

  61. ThisIsIt

    7:33 its almost like he is saying thank you! simple yet powerful gesture!

  62. ksudha

    Rooney + CR7 vs Bolton?

  63. Футбол на полную

    Все таки это была справедливость. Милан не заслужил проиграть два финала Ливерпулю

  64. Almighty38

    Chelsea didn't win the Champions League, Didier Drogba and Petr Cech won the Champion League.

  65. Tomasz Łaszcz

    każdy wie, że ronaldo, zlatan, messi, czok z warszawy, czy berkley są ode mnie gorsi. Tylko że ja nie kopię piłki

  66. Francesco Breanza

    Grande pirlooo

  67. Ryan Adrian

    A good delivery from gerrard 😉

  68. Bor Jansen

    Someone: asks a normal question Son: ohhhhh! *Touches face"

  69. Adarsh Kumar

    What if the Arabs had invested in Marseille rather than PSG; in a club with actual history.

  70. Platous Rhayteer

    What a team !

  71. Jai Hind

    Can't understand why they left that tiki taka system. It was golden age of Spanish football.

  72. gaming CLAN NL

    Erik ten hag❌❌❌

  73. EST_Esto

    Im from estonia and i was pretty sad that real madrid lost in the final but still respect atletico madrid beacause they scored so many great goals

  74. Patryk Zani

    There was an interview with dudek, not this one, about how he stopt that spot kick from Shev. He just said “I went down later then usual and got lucky with the other hand “ . His other interviews all ask the same question and he said he got lucky , as that’s what pens come down to.


    Raheem sadiverling

  76. Tony Ma

    Always kiss the trophy, not the camera.

  77. Sakpol Rimrungruang

    Var win

  78. Zackk Gaming

    2:05 why david villa?

  79. WassuPPeople Gamer

    cant do son because hes asian

  80. Brissa Lopez

    Eder should consider a career as a running back after dodging and breaking off tackles from half his team mates.

  81. John M P

    I misses this final very much do you?

  82. Irfan Imran

    Liverpool Player 5 TOTY Juventus Player 2 TOTY Manchester City Player 1 TOTY Barcelona Player 2 TOTY Bayern Munich Player 1 TOTY Liverpool Player 5 Wins TOTY

  83. Bintang Putra


  84. Samuel Lewis

    Why did you use such terrible commentary? I wanted to hear, “A Captain’s goal for Manchester United!”

  85. Tosh Pinchu

    I feel sad because nobody recognizes Marcos Senna

  86. cristian David Sm

    El pase de James

  87. Gopan. Ts

    Once a red always a red

  88. Chanphalla Ban

    Hard to admit, but that's one of the greatest team . Poor luck for United to face such team 2 times in the final. We were good but not enough

  89. Alvira Rahman

    How is Cristiano Ronaldo‘s tap in from the Group Stage number 1? Seriously? Literally every goal in this list is better than that one. What a stupid list

  90. Alvira Rahman

    With all due respect, Messi‘s FK against Liverpool is way better

  91. Manh Nguyen

    Cảm xúc thật

  92. Sebastian Gacha

    My country sucks ( Sweden )

  93. Toror Cimex

    Vizca Barca

  94. Lucdogma Bali

    The fans that clapped and respected ronaldo, im glad they did it. Because Ronaldo is giving the shine for Juventus the old lady

  95. Dawa Gyaltsen

    That Mandzukic Goal was something...

  96. Jules Melgaard

    Van de beek was offside

  97. Romeo Romeo

    Calciopoli on futsal

  98. Hydra Cr


  99. Sergio Junior

    O Editor torce pro Liverpool. Não é possível ele não ter colocado a do Messi no 3x0 no Camp Nou

  100. Tebu

    Milik? Błaszczykowski?