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  1. Super Dj1567

    Here a glitch if you jump up and push the emote button when in air. When you hit the water you can emote in the water .


    Counting minutes to lazarbeam start and never stop making Minecraft videos (because is always like that)

  3. Johnny Still

    Lazar said all 12 y old are crappy....I'm 12...and Hes not wrong

  4. andreasrevenge

    8:28 I feel like I'm suffocating watching him swimming under ground.

  5. Clintster BiGbOi

    if you could, would you get a victory royale with Donald Trump while kissing gingey

  6. Patrick Ryan

    Lazarbeam, get a boat underneath the map

  7. That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-


  8. Beckett Sipes

    How do you find these glitches like so Lannon sees it 🤳

  9. aj_ the_ gamer 2011

    Lasagna was right 10,000,000 views 450,000 likes

  10. Shelly Forbes

    Hi I love your vids I've probably watched all of them but like all at least 10 months late

  11. chuchubbch u

    please subscribe i need help

  12. Doggyboii

    Ummmmmmmmmm this is bad

  13. Joe Staff

    I miss the can (nfl player) rly do it all, and lazarbeam predicts😢

  14. First & last Name

    Fortnite chapter 2: Has a kinda good hack. LazarBeam: THIS IS THE BEST SEASON THEY HAVE EVER RELEASED

  15. Squiggle Surviv

    Why are there 42 comments that say first We all know only 1 person can be right

  16. Unstoppable Dragon

    Hopefully epic doesn’t see this because I want to try it out

  17. XxNologiq357


  18. Ben Harding

    Videos lately have been beast

  19. Zom6iesniper444 Gaming

    Mech 2.0 4:15

  20. seven glue

    I have a challenge try winning only using the can (building is aloud) and tossing people isn’t

  21. F0X xBlade

    Laser beam:we did the memes Me:DID I HERE MEMES !!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Tony Loschiavo

    What is the name of that music? 1:07

  23. Julian Perez

    I like warm pee.......

  24. C Pagan

    Do shark attack in Fortnite

  25. Babs2

    Fresh is gonna have a brother because Ilsa is pregnant!!!

  26. Ryan Chung




  28. Kristopher Baucom

    I punched a hole in my wall

  29. Z4Zenith

    liek 4 n word pas

  30. Rishabh Patil

    Bring back og fortnite outro Like so he can see

  31. Saint Brack

    Planes unvaulted in Chapter Two!

  32. random brue

    Can I play with u plz I am a bot like u say and I like memes like u right I'm a fan also and also I will be so happy plzz

  33. that fly gamer09

    You can always count on lazerbeam to break updates

  34. FBI


  35. bass line

    Do a normal season 11 vid plz

  36. Estevan Morales

    Do a Skype Sky bridge with the boat

  37. Luciano Iannucci

    Lazarbeam: I'm the greatest pirate the world has ever seen Me: so it seems

  38. james barkoukis

    Wow it’s literally muselks video just way funnier

  39. Pr0Ex0ticzYT MainChannel


  40. julybbaby-7 bot

    It is cus you mama jokes

  41. Gabriel Dietz

    Lannan: We are good guy gamers. Also Lannan: Well, yes, but actually, no.

  42. Riley Cast

    302k views in one hour

  43. Ethan_Playz Zyalp

    Stop your gonna vault the boats already

  44. Matthew E

    “I care about gaming integrity.” = “I don’t want my channel banned.”

  45. Loko_Tako

    I too msut get my credits in 'yeet science' to graduate university.

  46. Hunter Lorensen

    Flying boats God: No, that’s not how you’re supposed to play the game

  47. TheFiery Finalist


  48. Kailyn Cardinal

    Cool yay yeet I think that’s how youu I speenn ON it

  49. TrippGaming56

    Go bunker Kinsey and hide in trash cans all game

  50. Jason Bonsignore

    I think Ilsa should take care of Lannan

  51. AJ lemonlime

    If you did not know I wanted to know if you could break the game and break into the area 51 site in fortnight chapter 2

  52. fusion madness

    No matter what season it is or what update epic has Lazarbeam is always coming up with ways to make gamebreaking glitches

  53. ReelQuick2 Reel

    I just played my first game and won and I’m completely garbage at the game

  54. Gr8est Funnygum

    Lazarbeam’s record time in between uploads. Truly amazing.

  55. Teagle Lopez

    *cough* I'm gonna need a tawel

  56. Oblitor

    6:04: A wild LazarMeme seeks his prey. He traps him and gets the elim on his one true enemy: TTVbtw-MrPotato

  57. Matteo Serrenti

    He failed to get 10 min mark 😂

  58. Grayson Zinnert

    5:14 WOAH! Pause it

  59. Anime Meme Lord Lenno

    How far out can you go in the water with a boat off the map?

  60. OfficialDrStone

    Can i edit your videos?

  61. Gabriel Lund


  62. Wesley Childress

    Number one trending!


    Lazar beam, just looked it up, and did it for content, and his video, and to be fair doing these glitches has a fair chance of getting you banned, if alot of people report you, or if you publicize it!!!

  64. Parks Harris

    lazarbeam lip-bites at 5:49

  65. Dr. Duke

    Banana bot dododododododo

  66. Someunoriginalgamername Idonotknowwhattoputhere

    Also any one gifting battle passes ? Was Just wondering I need it because I have very little time to play

  67. Reed Pung

    the fps is so low console players first time meme

  68. MarvelMaster 1111

    No one: Not a single cell in the universe: Lannan: BUM BA DA DUM DUM

  69. xd_VanillaShake

    I love how he goes into all that hard photoshop for the intro but In photoshop battle he gose lazy

  70. Bill Woolston

    12:07 the minecraft map

  71. Liliya Water

    Laserbeam more Minecraft videos

  72. ArK_RaW_YT

    This is how long lazer beam is going get banned 👇👇👇

  73. Exzillering

    Actually Not even late

  74. Eli Lewis

    Epic: makes chapter 2 Lazarbeam: *appears Epic: aww sh*t here we go again

  75. 《BMB》 XAVEEK

    0:11 yah know when he grasps the microphone like that shits about to get lit

  76. That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-

    I’m happy that fortnite is more directed to fun in this season, rather than sweat

  77. YOUTUBE VS ClickBait

    This ain't clickbait but people think that with my name whenever I comment... 👇

  78. Evan Entertainment

    you know your bad when lazarbeem calls you a bot

  79. Joseph Grosso

    i am suprised you did not cuss one time during this entire video LazarBeam.

  80. Angel Caceres

    Fortnite copyed Minecraft gta call of duty FORTNITE IS THE WORST

  81. Miguel Costa


    1. Miguel Costa


  82. Cayden Collin

    Also the best at breaking games

  83. The TBNRFrags

    What did I get on my homework, I did it!

  84. Devin Johnson

    Bruh me and my friend thought of this before this came out but we kept getting killed by sweats

  85. Ifeoluwa Olasehinde

    Who else is as miserable as me and cant play fortnite.😂😯😔

  86. idontlikeketchup 667

    Who else time traveled just for this

  87. Davis Grafton

    This science is SOOOO much better than gay ass school science

  88. xDreamer

    Need a coward out button for when you get picked up fr

  89. PortalGamerYT


  90. Cayden Collin

    Your the best dumbshootscientist

  91. I cant come up with a good name

    Fortnite: **has boats** Bots: iTS JuST A CaR WitHoUt WhEeLS

  92. GoldenGod YT

    Big brain big brain

  93. Wyatt Sullivan

    Every 1 sub to laser beam use code laser

  94. SsjGod2321


  95. Daddy Flix


  96. Memeso

    1hour late

  97. Da2noob 64

    Plz play rainbow six siege. 9th comment wont stop till u play.

  98. NinjaMaster Gaming

    What’s wrong with his face at 3:08 look at his face it’s wrinkled like if you see 👇🏻

  99. The slimmy Flame

    Nobody: Lazarbeam: you can pick up down people and throw them.

  100. Gamer Playz

    Yoooo I got an ad