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  1. Mrbreakneck21

    No lo veo Pro LGTB. Es más bien porque Ellie odia a los hombres porque todos han querido matarla o violarla y se refugia en una mujer; que representa la fragilidad que nunca ha conocido.

  2. Juan Diego González Moreno

    love seeing McChicken tap

  3. Champions of England

    Don't get how people say his fights are boring His takedowns are art honestly

  4. Tha Lizrd

    The most boring fight ever I fast-forwarded to every part where it's stand up fight fuk wrestling nut huggers

  5. Uze Ahmed

    khabib number one in ufc

  6. firoz wani

    Dustin was not satisfied. He said I am much better. Yeah he was defeated by submission. And I think submission is ruthless.

  7. Christian Leeperrr

    I love how they edited out Khabib’s rampage😂

  8. NO FAP

    i had a dream conor beats khabib in rematch

  9. Shivaprasad Manjunatha

    Where s the post fight party between the both teams 😂😂😂

  10. Farrukh Khan

    McChicken lovers STILL think Khabib will loose this fight ^ Facts: Water is wet. Fire is hot. McChicken will ALWAYS TAP to Khabib Nurmagomedov! disagree??? watch the fight above! :P

  11. Dalton Floyd

    Khabib is a bum. Dude doesn’t comprehend having class

  12. My penis is incredibly small but,

    T Wood got a bigger ass than all the female divisions combined.

  13. n0rpp4

    Both guys gassed out after 30 sec

  14. mo 87


  15. bruhhh beast

    Is that GGG???

  16. MrSplinter345

    Why isn't anyone talking about how much Connor cheated during this fight and then still got smashed? I don't think he is in the top tier anymore. Too many better and more honorable fighters out there.

  17. Z B

    look how mcTapper avoids eyecontact in the beginning. U see he was broken

  18. Frankie Joseph

    9:05 Joe Rogan is a Fuh in pah see! Such a betch azx.

  19. Jefferson Romero

    I like Conor but you can look at his face and you see he was mentally broken after the second round

  20. Ali Bzour

    That level change then overhand in less than a fuckin milli second, damn! 🦅

  21. Josh Hunter

    people are only paying there money to see khabib lose now. Nobody can say hes fun to watch, just goes to ground and hugs them :(

  22. Leo

    Everytime i watch this, my mood gets better!!

  23. Файзулло Матчанов

    Conor gottina edi)

  24. Kenes Assylov

    nates fighting style has some similarity with khabib.

  25. Polaris2000

    Gassing Nurmagomedov out by getting punched in the face several times ... classic McGregor.

  26. Caramba

    Хабиб настолько не интересный боец, целый бой на пол тянул, нахуй такие бои.

  27. Numan KAYA

    Big balloon McNuggets

  28. Carl Olaison

    Now, I love Conor a lot. He is fun to watch and he's a really good fighter, but because of the way he behaved before the fight I think deserved to lose

    1. ProgrammingWithSid

      Thank you but what would you do if someone slapped your teammate and is stuck inside a bus?

  29. Aldo Guzman

    3:21 referee lag

  30. Michael Pratama

    8:23 i challenge you to count the hits God Mode : *playback speed 2x

  31. Sunil KAMATH

    The most ONE dimensional wrap around the legs fighter. Boring Boring Boring. #KhabibSucks

  32. Frankie Joseph

    8:16 No Anderson Silva was/is cause he puts his opponents to sleep when they're on the ground with expertly precise ground and pound strikes.

  33. Catlin Herd

    Khabib hugging those legs

  34. Tha Lizrd

    Khabib is a nut hugger and Connor is overrated we need a real champion

  35. Gamachy

    C'mon man. The best part of this match was the brawl we had after the fight.

  36. Cristian Naibaho

    McGregor no 1

  37. Жан Жак Пиджак

    То в глаза то в яйца)))

  38. David James

    6:27 chick looks like she got startled by that takedown lol

  39. jaja

    Cruz: Conor is tiring Khabib out with his face.

  40. Danilo Cennon

    Mcgregor fight incoming

  41. REAL G

    Pride comes before a fall" Boy!!!!!!! Did Connor fall

  42. Daniel Feggans

    Khabib: Nike Conor: great value

  43. Saleem shady

    Where's the "End Credits"?

  44. Catlin Herd

    They left out the best part of the fight

  45. Yela Wolf

    Well he had the balls to step in an octagon which is more than most people can say.. just didn't have the experience, atheltics and talent to match his balls. Good on him, still should of fought in other MMA promotions and get some match experience beforehand.

  46. Paul C

    My wife like me to make love to her like this

  47. Tha Lizrd

    😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂jajajajaja. AH!! HA!!! HA!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!....

  48. M ely. Z Martin

    Pemain islam itu kayak permpuan

  49. Eastmann's Cure

    Khabib the GOAT vs Loser MadGregor

  50. J M

    I remember watching this live, and a minute into the fight.. my homie rooting for Conor saying, “tHIs iS Ur cHAmpIoN!?” 😂


    Cruz was so delusional announcing this fight!


    KHABIB 😍😍😍😍

  53. ker floria

    Im still crying after watching this fight. 😭😭😭

  54. Dave Elcock

    Dominic had a shocker that night" he's trying to gas him out" also"why don't he just get up". Joe was on it both times tho. Hehe.

  55. 周YIF

    well done

  56. bird man

    UFC needs to do a better job, in fact all of mma needs to do a better job at protecting the fighters after they've been clearly knocked out. I've seen many fights go on too long, and to many shots to the head after unconsciousness. Just my opinion.

  57. Jay Stubbs

    My biggest takeaway from this: Conor cheated the whole time. I’m done with this guy. Go sell whiskey...

  58. mr. winner

    🤨 what's going on is that mean there is another match between then in the Future?🤔

  59. Raj Kokil

    Joe Rogan is biased of conor

  60. Andrey Bushmakin

    Хабиб только и вывозит на обнимашках

  61. Bryan Gilston

    Is this the Ultimate Fighter or Jersey Shore?

  62. Omar alaoui

    conor won the third round for sure

  63. Cat Person With Anxiety

    He always talks to camera after. Why though.

  64. Blackdani

    Khabib whooped this sissy's ass

  65. Yusuf al musa Musa

    Khabib goog boy and cornor fakeboy and fucekboy!!!

  66. Sushi-Katana

    Dude didnt even wail on him when he dropped. Respect. 😆

  67. Nad Hussi

    Whenever I get sad, I re re re .... watch this fight. Always mad at KHABIB for not breaking neck of McGregor.

  68. Patrick Chole

    .......some of those seemed a little early considering how long they let fights go nowadays.

  69. normskiCORE

    Man that was intense

  70. Isaiah’s Bias

    Jason’s coach must’ve been pissed. Told his fighter to keep his hands up, and how does he get knocked out? By a right hand to an unprotected chin. Nearly took the poor man’s head off.

  71. grekk

    After watching this again I really think a rematch could be very competitive

  72. James Statham

    Conor not in shape for this fight. Rematch.

  73. Jack Reid

    Dominick Cruz STFU with your blabbering ! smh

  74. JK

    Can confirm from this video that absolutely nothing happened in the octagon after Khabib won. *pops on sunglasses*.

  75. Mohammed Qadeer

    14:16 you have to ask your friend why he eat slap -Kabib to Artem

  76. Caonk's


  77. LBLOCZ

    awesome fight. ufc needs to add lombard vs hendo from this card hella of a fight

  78. Ludwig Roberto Ponce

    ¡Qué paliza!

  79. Rashmith Suvarna

    Kabib avoided Tony fight forever like a coward..now he need to make rematch with Conor ...I'm sure Conor has improved takedown defense and defeat kabib and avenge the rematch

    1. Brian S

      Ok boomer

    2. Acrobit

      Ok boomer

  80. Виктор Стар

    Поздравляю Хабиба с победой,если честно то знал что Хабиб победит

  81. Dingus

    Shouldn't have cut out the best part.

  82. neihomai8

    why waz there blood before they ztarted fighting?

  83. Patrick Johansson

    Rematch would be awesome but the champ says no ! there is always room for rematch but champ says no now???

  84. Tommy Lees

    There's no way McGregor said "It's only business"

  85. PRINCE _FF

    Porier nov champ



  87. Ryan's life

    I love every video where connor gets smashed love it

  88. Ronnie Ron anderson

    Fight was weak asf

  89. Lord of the belts: The return of the KING

    The commentating from Cruz is totally insane in how biased he is, Conor is literally getting smashed and Cruz is trying to paint it as if Conor is in control and is somehow winning some game of 5D chess or something. Cruz is officially an idiot, he makes even Joe Rogan look like a genius...................

  90. Adamfromky

    Why you scrolling down, you knew what shit show the comments was gonna be.

  91. Shaq GasEngine

    Chael was born to be a coach, man.

  92. jboxv Movement


  93. Hai Oac

    No coincidence Mcgregor's best round was the one he threw a bunch of illegal strikes and fouls.

  94. John Connor

    Changing of the guard

  95. Peter Griffin

    A day passed and still no comments from McGregors fans yet, I wonder where they are 🤔?

    1. Aaron Dill

      Oh they're here... lurking... quietly... watching.... waiting.... for their next chance to hop on the bandwagon

  96. Faisal Esco


  97. Bình Hoàng Thế

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who shut his wife by saying Hold on im talking brother

  98. Shivaprasad Manjunatha

    Fool : I think he s trying to gas khabib out Joe: I think he is getting smashed 😂😂

  99. ONE & ONLY

    So much mistakes in this video lol

  100. Steven Joya

    Khabibs technique is crazy good but he’s just so boring to watch 🤦🏽‍♂️