A stand up comedian too afraid to actually go up on stage, so he pretends by animating his jokes and stories
oh and raps.
What I use to animate:
- 24 UHD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To sync audio cuz adobe animate is trash when exporting audio)
-Adobe Audition (To record)

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  1. ally mckay

    I became a subscriber today and I'm obsessed with your videos Adam. Like your videos are a total mood for me.

  2. Shashwot Maharjan

    Adam:*loves under wear* so makes a song about underwear

  3. Superst1ve Sg

    Где песню скачать?

  4. Sam and Emmy

    When he slam dunks the chicken in the hoop though

  5. kawaii lily

    Did you go to London whith James ( the odd1sout)

  6. Endless Circle UwU-

    5:05 the background on he wood looks like this -_-

  7. Lovely Pumpkin ÒwÓ

    ;-; lol like the smash button 12:23

  8. Mina Ashido

    Me:*thinking of how much I hate billy* *hears My Hero Academia* Me: did I hear my favorite anime? Oh btw it's not the only thing I thought about I paid attention to the whole video heh

  9. Elite Boiix

    Sharks are actually very passive but they are territorial so if you see one and it's acting different I would get the frick out of there

  10. Adam Wiesehuegel

    6:27 sounded real

  11. Sadie Lee

    Hey?.. are you ok? You haven’t been posting lately..stay safe please if you need a break take as long as you need to feel better or get over something just know we all hope you are well stay home please!

  12. veronica feby


  13. FireBird 202


  14. Austinest World

    Australia if you do I do to

  15. Austinest World

    Were do you live

  16. Giuliano Riva

    This FIRE caught me of guard

  17. Garrett Siefken

    I dont like to swear but who the hell disliked this

  18. Zoe Haider

    I totally agree I had to work on a project for science and I was working with 3 other peeps and they would not let me help at all. Then I was working with my friend on a project and I had to do all of the work every thing I was so mad.

  19. Purdy's Stories

    I swear to god if you mention something bad about Nebula one more time *says that Nebula was doing nothing other than making Quill angry* AHHHHHKHGKJHFJHGDGHGDGHFSFHSFHG _we'll be right back_

  20. Leef Dude

    he has pants lol

  21. Boyo 64

    My new fav song

  22. Katie Noble

    One like equals 1 million hugs for Adam

  23. Alexcis Lopez

    I need help cause I smell pennies

  24. TheoGamer Frag pro Shooter Simões de Oliveira

    Good Man

  25. Bảo Phát Lê

    you got lucky cause you're gonna die if standing in my school's restroom for 10 minutes straight

  26. cakeamations

    didnt you wait acouple hours waiting for the smoothie to

  27. Grumpy desert Rain frog

    Upload moreee

  28. Enriqueta Barajas

    I would have fought him and if i was a youtuber i would have cursed him out if i still had a grudge

  29. Anaisa Ortiz

    Your not gay. I get it. "I would put the banana in my mouth for sure."

  30. BearBoy


  31. Kalleigh Robertson

    That alligator look like the one from PRINCESS AND THE FROG!😂😂😂😄😮😯😄

  32. aa aa

    I used to get bullied at school and now I'm the strongest kid in school

  33. Kitty Bun

    Ok ppl if you have covid 19.....DRINK THIS DRINK AND KILL THE OLD LADY

  34. Instinct_ Mythic

    I like it but prefer the original

  35. Mr. corrin Miscellaneous

    James’s song: depression. Jaidens song: eating disorders. Adams song: bullies.

  36. Toiletsocks

    I like how his mercy is like the cheapest

    1. Toiletsocks


  37. Vanya SUPreme


  38. The three Dude’s 1106

    They should make this a movie

  39. Fake Devil909


  40. Jude Herring

    Thank you SomeThingElseYT for inspiring me to be a GEselsr.

  41. Joshua Duncan


  42. lancheros85


  43. the h r o

    And guess what he made a song!

  44. bluebeary bluebear

    So the ime qt my place is 911

  45. Boyo 64

    B-ch dat gunpscareeeee 😬

  46. Jesse Nguyen

    “Got in the wrong foot” I wanna see how much likes I can get just from saying this

  47. Boi Sydney

    dang those bars doe

  48. 3Г Тимофей Козлов

    Го короче в топ чтоб англичане думали что тут написано что то крутое

  49. Andrea The Espeon

    Why is this a mood?

  50. ariel umana

    just saying adam if i was the casher ill give u anything free

  51. levi wilson

    im afraid of other kids way bigger than me

  52. WolfleAnimates

    I love this song.

  53. O-O Dawgg

    (Leaked footage of Eminem animating)

  54. ghostgames

    Adam GEsels need help we need more happiness on GEsels we love you btw are u in good health

  55. Unknown Rus

    Привет! Вы сука! Вы пришли сюда в поисках перевода. цика блять

  56. kitty cat

    can you please stop sraing

  57. Nadia Nannan

    Sick rap bruh

  58. Wolfie playzz

    I've had a bunch of ninetendo game lol

  59. Dorothy Munduruca

    Lemons!? Those were apples!

  60. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    This really goes deep, when you have clout, everyone is just going to be attracted to your status and try to befriend you, so they can maybe get a shoutout in the future. They're not friends, you have to know when to get rid of the leeches off your back.

    1. Connor Li

      Just Some Guy without a Mustache why are you freaking everywhere?!?!?

  61. Zoe DeLodovico

    this song....... its buitfull your voice tho i like how you sang it!!!!

  62. yum yum cookies

    Anyone else think he actually peed in the bottle?🤐🤐

  63. meme king

    Bro now this song has 1million likes that's awesome keep it up adam

  64. Ashtin Carmichael


  65. Exotic

    Bille Ellish: I make the most depressing songs Adam: hold my stylus

  66. FlaggrXTY

    So what is this song about

  67. Riley Boswell

    Why so many dragon ball thrases

  68. Tord is great

    Ok, its funny- lIkE ReaLly FunNy- but the Russian, Communism bits weren't really appropriate i know that this was for comedic purposes but just pLEaSe- dont do that, thank you -^-^-

  69. lycheemoon

    smol adam: gets arrested, has a pedophile enrolled in his elementary school, almost gets killed on at least one event, gets away with vodka ~~no-no juice~~ at school, ditches math class for an entire year, suffered at the wrath of billy, couldn't play pokemon or watch egoraptor, was reported as a suspicious character in a black mask for playing hide and seek, got bullied, and now an entire series full of confessions on all the sh-t he's gotten away with as a kid slightly more unsmol adam: 5 men try to break into his house (deleted video don't ask why i know it existed nor if it actually happened), another man tries to break into his backyard, car gets attacked, alien missile thing tries to probe him, gets into a physical fight about food, (almost) gets stalked home by a fan at only 800 subscribers, and probably a lot more that's a pretty f-cked up childhood *and* adulter life right there y'alls. should i be concerned for his well-being.

  70. Medoo Animation

    The classics

  71. Quilk _


  72. DANTE MD

    1:25 P.arenthesis E.qual M.ultipication D.ivsion A.ddition S.ubtraction. What it actually is P.arenthesis E.xponents M.ultipication D.ivsion A.ddition S.ubtraction. Call me a nerd but im somthing else XD

  73. GCK ICE Gaming


  74. Alastor

    5:41 that’s pretty gay Adam

  75. Bilge Akalın

    Even his fingers are hot. I say that as I have baby hands

  76. Golden Gamer281

    He's depressed

  77. A Animation fan girl

    I keep getting just aaahhhhhhhhhhhhghgg

  78. Lilyana Arenas

    you are cool

  79. Ellis Croshaw

    No one: Literally no one: Adam: GoD’S CyLiNdeR

  80. Red Hoods

    I feel like it’s a problem I was like this as a kid...

  81. Lizzo

    Me : *turns head set volume to max* Video: DA DADA DA DA me: MY EARS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Berenice Vargas

    Cool !