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  1. The Theorist Guy

    Fuck you. Why did you kill Harambe you piece of shit go commit die let him have it you nigga why did you do that you fucking bitches



  3. M Piper

    6 years on the street in a ⛺? Umm get the hell out of California is what I say. ASAP

  4. Christopher Lee

    Jerry Nadler's Troubling History Nadler supported the release of Judith Clark who participated in the two Brinks robberies ( 1981 ) where two security officers where killed.

  5. d. car

    Greatest country in the world? No



  7. morgan - lee Liebenberg

    You have to Reference the Questions, he is well within his rights to ask for this. If you ask me the Mueller Hearing went far worse.

  8. Elvis Presley hates Samuel Untermeyer

    Jared Kushner’s bed was Netanyahu’s during his visits. These candidates are the same extremists. Gantz is Netanyahu without bagage. But Netanyahu will stay PM because he supposedly has international “stature”. Poor level of politics in all countries.

  9. Halkawt The Shadow

    2:17 sound exactly like Kn-47

  10. NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia

    Israeli Democracy is One side-party/people and The natives are oppressed as usual.

  11. PelicanFly_ FlyPelican

    Guess the NRA doesn't even like gun condoms, talk about pro life!

  12. Dunirah Khan

    Natanyahu wants muslim vote but dont want muslim in government it is shame full so how can he win i dont think so.

  13. Dave LoBo

    Does anderson like a dick in his ass or in his mouth, please bring fredo and that pig stelter with the answer

  14. Rodger Dodger

    The goblin from Harry potter has asked the same questions for 3 years. Don't blame him for acting like this.

  15. alex brown

    psml these leftie scum got done



  17. Tony Colucci

    Best witness I've ever seen. Held the geek liberals at bay

  18. Virginia B. Britton

    Great another lying scumbag, Lewandowski

  19. buck thornton

    Side note when is Don Lemon’s court case for assault ?

  20. Mary Lou Johnson

    Trump is not going to leave the White House as others have. He is going to call on all this Power and turn it into a real fight so he can stay in the White House illegally. He is acting like a Mafia boss. He is threatening that anyone who dares go against him will pay the big price. TRUMP IS DANGEROUS. John Gotti spoke this way using these words and constantly tries to intimidate people verbally and if necessary in other ways. He definitely took care of anyone who went against him and was put in jail ultimately but not until he had 'taken out' those who he needed removed. This man will not go gently in the night.

  21. Setesuyara Moontreader

    Who to believe? A Navy Seal with governing experience? Or the muck-raking sensationalist?


    Ganzt needs a good tailor......Not much different from Netanyahu.....accept he has bad tailor....

  23. Milquetoast Eugenicist

    They name their towns by placing an epileptic cat on a keyboard. There's a place not far from where I live in Nova Scotia called "Ecum Secum," (EEK-um-SEEK-um) and I thought _that_ was quirky.

  24. Jeff Combest

    This is a broken record he's going to really open his eyes when Trump turn his back on him going to be crying to the Congress that he's sorry and he's real disrespectful what kind of Kool-Aid is Trump giving these people🤔

  25. Edwin Snell

    NYT retracted the outright lie. You're a damn clown.

  26. NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia

    So new the Zionist-Nazi ediology is what's the Israelites land and state is all about, Not about the land that chosen by GOD for the Jewish people

  27. Andrea Carelli

    What an ass.

  28. Juan Mann

    man I can't believe this guy didn't even work for the administration and he has a lawyer from the United States of America I mean at what's going on I mean why is this guy doing it if it was somebody a regular person he would have been doing prison time this is so pathetic this is not America this is Russia

  29. John Hanley

    Your train..your tracks...your scrap

  30. Soul Through Nicole

    this seriously breaks my heart

  31. mdogzino

    He sounds Somalian!

  32. Joseph Martin

    This man just got in front the world and said he is a liar, he cares nothing for truth. He is continuing the Trump obstruction.

  33. Samuel Clemons

    The point is they NEVER should have started this or brought him in . These are the people running Congress ? CLOWNS !!!

  34. Jerome Baker

    As not a member of The Whitehouse he can't be bound by Executive Privilege! Hold Lewandoski in contempt and lock him up!

    1. Charles Mccrea

      No, he first off should be able to ask for the references because if he answers one question falsely he can be imprisoned.. (something as small as the color of his tie or the day of the week) secondly the democrats are doing nothing more than trying to tear down trump with whatever means possible.. They spout russia, when their candidate was accepting russian connected funds through her websites foundation (which is admitted on her website!) and yet democrats aren't mad about that.. Its wildly hypocritical.

  35. 67iamsam

    Who gives a fuck. I guess people without a life I suppose. I own a masonry co. When my guys want to fire a new guy that don’t fit in. They kick his ass. Then life goes on. Pansies Americans.

  36. Darrin Grate

    The blond chick look like a porn star she's piss look at her face

  37. Gorgeous Baby

    The words of a man who hunt for fun should never be trusted. Period.

  38. Dave Schultz

    Israel has problems with liberals who don't have the best interest of their country in mind. Hey! Just like here!

  39. Ian Pat

    Anderson's candidate lost the election.

  40. Amelia Mirror

    North Korea population: 1.0% South Korea population: 1billion or something

  41. V M

    With all do respect to you Prime Minister you have serious deficiencies at your borders, no checks, the gates are wide open. Professional border control is a good starting point. Thank you nice video.

  42. Tony Pinto

    I'm just wondering why Obama created and funded terrorist group ISIS

  43. Akela DeWolf

    America voted, chose Republicans to lead the country. It's just that we are better than you.

    1. Zoey Lowlands

      The world hates Trump and his supporters.

  44. SuperChiko4000

    Dear wonderful people it's make the world a better place

  45. vince kelly

    lew catering to the president ? or blowing up the house clowns still chasing the fake russian collusion hoax

  46. Black American

    Benjamin yahoo

  47. Mr. Sensible

    Keep your exit polls away from my tight race CNN....

  48. USA Arts

    Very gracious and classy candidates for President, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Mayor Pete for being 37 years old, intellectual, war veteran who gives sensible answers in the President Debate. What a great role model for young and older voters. Voters of all ages, nationalities, democrats, independent & republicans should give him a chance

  49. Buffalo Dustin

    Off the Rails? You mean Corey just absolutely slaying Nadler, right? They are trying to get this guy to fucking perjure himself - I agree with Corey asking for specific citations & where they are - he is avoiding perjuring himself, well done Corey. Oh & by the way Doug Collins is a REALMOTHERFUCKING G!

  50. anis jerbi

    A sad day for the republican party. defending a criminal in public? damn...

  51. Crazy Horse

    Cory made that piece of shit Nadler look like a bitch. It's great when demokkkrats are pissed, that means something positive happened for the American people!

  52. Carlie M

    The truth is always easy to remember. If Trump was completely exonerated by the Mueller report as he claimed, why all the stone-walling?

    1. Charles Mccrea

      Why do I need to go answer the same question 4 times in a row? and why did Hillary delete the 30k emails that were subpoenaed by the republican congress at the time?

  53. Karl Ditz

    I hate Trump but the democrats have no idea what they are doing. Its clear to me in my third world country in my old broken house that these Trump people are never going to say anything against Donald Trump. They are playing by the rules when Trump and his people and the system are playing by another rule book. When indecency is the norm and accepted, you cannot win by playing decent. More and more I'm respecting Trump's people for holding out....I suspect that I'm not the only one.

    1. Charles Mccrea

      Interesting part is that nadler is going on about russian collusion; and yet the candidate for the democrat parties run for president in 2016.. if you go on her foundations website and review the donors list you will find people and organisations connected to Russia... and yet no one in the democrat party seems to care that she was getting funds and donations from them... they want to accuse trump of something the clinton foundation admits to. Its hypocritical.

  54. Djm Djm

    Trump doesn’t need glasses. He has 2020

  55. james enrico


  56. Ethan Anime


  57. vince kelly

    lewandoski is making this a farce? the house clowns have done that to themself

  58. John Nzomo

    You sack

  59. Da Stormcomin

    We are Americans, we pay taxes, we should know. Too many secrets.

  60. The Villain

    These two will be fucked hard by Public in Voting .

  61. Presque vu

    Welcome to America where people sue their cars for not starting in the morning.

  62. Maria Phillips

    Poor Mr Cooper we all know what it is and who you really work for. Unable fight God directly you work and rail against His will. Untill you humble yourself before God you will be so miserable and lonely. Even through your self hate God is so patiently waiting for you to turn to Him.

  63. Jared Rhodes

    Oh my god this reporter is trash. Listen to the man, don't paint your narrative over the top of it.

  64. mike 15

    Shut up Fredo

  65. G Gg

    CNN the masters of propaganda.

  66. 1BrotherMack

    WTF is the world coming to ? September 2019

  67. Chester Carter

    Lowlifes always wanting to send someone else to war. Trump is not part of MSM or the elite war mongers who want to send your children while they stay home and laugh about it. Just look at antifa, useful idiots

  68. Jacob Olivas

    He looks even worse saying he “misspoke”

  69. vince kelly

    cnn clowns still in the bubble they have no clue or idea about trump yet or most of americans for that matter

  70. HerrNilssonTheMonkey

    Already being a demagogue in 1987. Does he really think American involvement abroad is charity? Of course not. It's business and he knows that. It's his brainless voters who fall for his lowbrow rhetoric.

  71. Kory Kloth

    He's on the same side of satanists, homosexuals, abortionists, terrorists, gangs. And what do these people know about respect.

  72. Tim Smith

    Doesnt want to get caught in his lies

  73. James Hurst

    These people should all be sued for the very least.

  74. Xavier Robinson

    The House obviously needs more authority. They should be able to hold him in contempt of court. And throw him in prison. To disrespect representatives elected by the people of the United States. Shame

  75. Deborah DiPerna

    Fredo pushed me down the stairs this morning.



  76. Prespa

    Its time to take the Netanyahu s out of the golden sit. He and his wife are bad people.

  77. Global Relief

    I see Contempt of Congress Obstruction of Justice Misuse of Presidential Powers Corruption on the highest level All in two minutes....

  78. Deborah DiPerna

    Cnn is fake news. Harambe 2020.

    1. Gabriel Diggs

      Deborah DiPerna and you're a troll and belong in a DreamWorks cartoon.🤔

  79. Tony Brady

    Lock this arse hole up

  80. Zoey Lowlands

    The reason Trump is still president and will be reelected is because of the complete incompetence of America. He had no executive priveledge, was tolld so, but used it the entire day. So the law is a joke and you don't care. He is not arrested, and you decide to have discussions on TV about it. The American dream is an international nightmare. Dream on fools.

  81. Angel B

    Circus is in town, payed for by the US taxpayers.

  82. Philly eagles

    What took him so long to see Republicans don't care about Black and Brown people

  83. Nat Glob

    Dear Wonderful people! I am at 1642 so can you all make it 1650 right now!!! ?? S. U. B. SC. R. I. BE.

  84. Pamela Garris

    Explain away mayor pete. Several problems with your explanation.

  85. catalinacurio

    Tight races are good, you get more from the winner.

  86. Nat Glob

    Who is another real fan of this great channel? Let's make this comment up to 100 likes ??

  87. fasteddie

    Wow Gantz looks like Netanyahu’s twin

  88. Nat Glob

    To whoever reading this... I wish you all the best You are the best You are perfect You are YOURSELF NO haters should let you down ??Love you all brothers and sisters?? Btw ;) I am on 632 subs It would be great if i get more ?????? ?? please

  89. soulwarrior

    He's getting more and more confident; the way he flipped the script and addressed the talking point that giving money to families directly might be illegal and instead argued that we should look at the fact that giving MILLIONS to media companies is "not problematic" (officially) was excellent. And it wasn't him talking out of his ass like Kellyanne Conway always does, he raises an extremely valid point. More power to him! :-)

  90. James Hurst

    Blasey Ford is a lying cunt

  91. Diogenes69 Wesley

    Come on, Netanyahu; just promise the Israeli plebs that you'll build NAZI death camps for Palestinians. You'll be elected in a landslide!

  92. Colin Field

    The one with the orange tie is just plain scary

  93. slvr chrm



    Hurry the fuck up scientists, I wanna destroy everything on this planet and move tf on to Pluto. The plan is effective ASAP.

  95. James Hurst

    This guy's shtick is so lame, always acting like he's on his phone at the opening of his propaganda videos.

  96. Mary Lou Johnson

    This man is evil personified. By attacking Jake, he is doing exactly WHAT TRUMP DOES. HE IS DEMEANING JAKE ON A PERSONAL LEVEL. This is a Trump tool. He is a very dangerous man because he looks like a man who might tell the truth. When in truth he is bought and paid for by Trump and is a true "soldier for Trump"...

  97. vince kelly

    and here they are , the cnn clowns calling lew a liar with zero facts to present us same approach they have for every conservative surprised they did not bring out the race card , then again its not over yet meanwhile cnn has been caught hundreds of times with lies and fake stories you can't trust cnn

  98. MarshTube82

    Wow she’s hot

  99. Anthony Wolmarans

    There were very fine people on both sides.

  100. Carlos A. Garcia

    Lewandowsky was preening.... Like those women in a bathroom or in front of a mirror and taking a selfie.... Admiring himself of how gorgeous he is when doing his bidding for Donald Trump...