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  1. Elena Trowbridge

    hello and hello i like makeuppppppp

  2. 2,000k subs with zero videos! Challenge!

    Fun right? 😀😂😂😂

  3. Olivia gbinigie

    am a subscribr

  4. Lily Abbott

    this entire video is james eating his words when he said something wouldnt work and then looking perfect

  5. Evap Vinoya

    your the new puppy cause u follow the ball

  6. Hanne Vrijsen

    I love Addison :)

  7. Lilia Krastenova


  8. KB Covers

    You should react to the Tiktok that Lucas and Marcus did about you, it was hilarious 😂

  9. Vincenza Gunn

    I love your intro

  10. Edwin Correa

    I love your dreams have a good day

  11. Gigi_ playz

    James: "grab the blench" Emma: " that's Miranda sings"

  12. Edwin Correa

    I love love you

  13. Edwin Correa

    I love you

  14. Its Tokinokashi

    Actually I feel like his mom's foundation matched his skin tone

  15. Lulinha Medina

    You look like charli d melio


    Is Grayson and him together

  17. Joey Animations

    Why do you look so uncomfortable lol.

  18. Shreni Patel

    James cut a bit of Addison's eyebrow.

  19. sophia ocampo

    She kinda looks like Selena Gomez

  20. Addy DeStefano

    I feel like if james was still a boy and was ripped he would be kinda cute anyone else?

  21. SHUT UP KID IM Avatar James

    He said the C word **GASP**

  22. Edwin Correa

    I love you so much you truly are much I was watching TickTock but I am I’m also watching you doing Charlie’s make up I love you so much it’s so beautiful Charlie and you too James Charles I love how you do Charlie’s make up it’s so pretty please please see my comment please I love you so much Charlie and James Charles I TikTok because I don’t have a cow

    1. Edwin Correa

      Make up

  23. Majciksa B


  24. Addy DeStefano

    His brow looking like a worm lol

  25. Arianators fam

    Free!!! Mom: im sorry but I’m not gonna do homework

  26. Kirstie Turkowski

    I love his two different color eyes, so beautiful! James you’re so good and beautiful! 😍

  27. Complicated Queens

    Can you do Avanis makeup pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee👉🏽👈🏽🥺😙

  28. nay blanc

    5:33 jefree star

  29. ref sp

    Damn she's cute Addison too

  30. Rykenan Lee Naicker

    Where did the puppy come from omg

  31. Natasha Cammuca

    shes so beautiful omg she has the sweetest soul ever!!!

  32. Starry-moonlight _

    Charli is so adorable she’s like so quite and a lil nervous 😂

  33. Angeline Maria

    "My thoughts have lead up to a scary place" I felt that

  34. Leo Celan

    Sowas gehört ins Gefängnis

  35. ღGacha Bettyღ

    NASILSIN 😂😂😂😂

  36. *i'm oOfEd-*

    James: Back to school makeup tutorial *casual me getting hyped up* My School: *nO*

  37. Taryn Riley

    Honestly when James was saying he wasn’t in the Illuminati it seemed like he was doing really bad acting. It’s probably not but like that was weird ??

  38. Laila Mills

    dont be shy put summore DONT BE SHY PUT SUMMORE

  39. Rosita Ramosgamez

    Don't care about there bad comments I love your videos and keep it coming.💖

  40. Maela Wulan BRUNSARD

    Anyone here in 2020??

  41. Carla's world

    I love how this video is basically my life....... A complete Joke and failure

  42. JoyStick23

    i love this video

  43. Unicorn Family

    You should do a video with the Norris Nuts

  44. *yells in Bakugou*

    his nose turned into a damn exclamation point

  45. Zulmy Argueta

    JAMES you should do a video for a Beginners make up bag! Pleaseeee Im really wanting to get into make up and I need a professional (you) point of view on what to buy first.

  46. Rosalia Fendi Lila Gucciana

    Hi everyone I hope everyone feels happy right now. Go to my youtubeCHANNEL facts about kyile jenner or if she's back with Travis Scot.

  47. Rosalia Fendi Lila Gucciana

    Hi everyone I hope everyone feels happy right now. Go to my youtubeCHANNEL facts about kyile jenner or if she's back with Travis Scot.

  48. Megan Backers


  49. Sahiba Kallah


  50. Zulmy Argueta

    JAMES you should do a video for a Beginners make up bag! Pleaseeee Im really wanting to get into make up and I need a professional (you) point of view on what to buy first.

  51. Ana B.

    He was working on his eyebrows or went off camera I started reading comments I looked up and dang that eyeshadow!

  52. reed sutton

    how rude is that! hate comments suck

  53. Megan Backers


  54. kelly bachir

    omg u should do billie eillish's makeup and do like a green themed look

  55. kelly bachir

    she's literally the sweetest and most genuine and it shows

  56. Me & the manic Five

    were is jason

  57. kelly bachir


  58. kelly bachir

    please do madison beer's makeup!!!

  59. Megan Backers


  60. nova7060 nova7060

    Anyone noticed that in this video his eyes are blue?

  61. Carla's world


  62. Emma Burksfield

    your already look beutiful

  63. Atene Valiulyte

    I didn't know you could sing♡♡♡♡♡♡

  64. Arta Dalipi Xhelili

    Jaims charles are you gone get merid

  65. Juno Boy

    Omg yasss

  66. Irish iz

    You are aware the word Resigned =means= Traitor ??? RIGHT? I see all these people use it Like its some great time word.

  67. Kipa Kakum

    Reading the comments 😂

  68. oats_OOF

    James should do letting a fan pick my makeup

  69. Sahiba Kallah

    Wait wich hype house roblox hype house? Idk sorry pls don’t laugh :( Edit : I’m new to the channel

  70. Crystal Diaz

    I love Rosa she the beat

  71. kelly bachir

    13:53 OMG AWWWW

  72. Nicole Gamer

    20:48 what was that lol

  73. Ey K

    I came here to remind myself that i have no talent

  74. Blogging With Leah

    Still Kenzie’s looks better

  75. kelly bachir

    13:30 she looks stunning omg

  76. Celina

    Adam has the funnest personality lmaoo i think my face broke down from smiling through out this whole video😂 love all your videos btw!❤️❤️

  77. Śïlk Śïlk


  78. Katherine Cruise

    James: “one of these things is not like the other.....” Me: “LIKE A RAINBOW WITH ALL OF THE COLORS.........I PROMISE THAT YOU’LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER LIKE ME!”

  79. Benibelle Makanzu nana

    Who are you people and what have u become

  80. Aminta Garcia Mundo

    the way james doesn't really seemed to know what to do when its not his turn to sing gets to me

  81. Kira Oliver

    Me:what happened to my key that was the lowest of keys. James:i dont know Me: that sounded low key. James : i am the lowest of keys

  82. McGill Family Adventures

    You should do your makeup with clares kids makeup

  83. Valeria Pasitoniu



    marco is the best🇧🇷✌🏼😗

  85. dat_thic_panda _09

    Is it a rescue

  86. Marshmallow Watermelon

    Imagine if he did an intro saying hi brothers! Lol

  87. Aminta Garcia Mundo

    its been more than a year since this was posted an i'm still watching it 😳

  88. Airplane Kid

    The last one lol

  89. Toka T

    اكو عرب

  90. Sidney Strachan

    Does anyone else think that the sound effect at 2:06 sounds like Luigi's mansion? I can't get it out of my head.

  91. Marshmallow Watermelon

    James: hi sisters! Me: the poor brothers

  92. Raj Boy

    There r brother also

  93. Tamani Oreo cookies

    I screamed at my whole name for you and why is that Crayola doing that that Creole is ridiculous I hate that gorilla I'm sorry Crayola but you're not my type James I agree with you

  94. Kathy Silvey

    Omg look at his eyes

  95. Iamjustionna

    I see positive comments[who looking for hate comments]

  96. shrek

    How could people hate on you! Ur amazing.

  97. Muhd Kazhim

    Wtf did I just looked at

    1. i be kinda wasted tho fr

      Muhd Kazhim what’s your problem?

  98. Reagan Dust

    sister maddie

  99. Damon Prince

    If only Bob Ross were still alive to see this........ R.I.P Bob Ross😭😭😭

  100. Sophia Merillat

    This is crazy that he got a makeover. I'm shocked to see him without makeup UwU