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  1. Ben Boguslavsky

    A music video hasn't scared me like this before

  2. Data Flow

    Wow!!! Just love this monster....

  3. Jose Juan

    RIP kobe lil peep xxxtentacion and juice wrld

  4. Vxyy Snorts FunDip

    i was the last comment on this video.

  5. Younis Ameer

    One of the Boys are with dhar mann

  6. It’s me Rnx

    is that a tribute fo juice wlrd da skeleton on da quad? bc they wus ridin a quad on bandit..

  7. Dark_King Kam

    Other rappers: wear no shirt Lil Mosey: Wears Shaquille O’Neal jersey

  8. The Nyc Plug

    Was expecting heat smh

  9. Austin Rogers


  10. Shanta Jackson

    I FEEL SAME my girl left me then im on yt makeing money now she want me

  11. Jiiviac ky

    I dont know why he named himself YoungBoy Never Broke Again I mean I would've just taken Young Boy instead a whole sentence

  12. Lova Bohm Lundberg

    0:42 tiktok lilhuddy

  13. Darren Begay

    Who the lady in blue twerkin?

  14. Donnn


  15. thiago_gg

    RIP 999 forever bro❤

  16. AJ with friend's

    Me at home :- with family Lil mosey :- pool party with some Bigg ass and girls

  17. MPG GAME


  18. Brannon Ford

    I think it's because all the ice

  19. Ceaux Kane

    I could hear young dolph on this

  20. charles johnson

    Fuckin garbage

  21. 1,000 subscribers without a video

    Why does Eminem look so different now

  22. 1,000 subscribers without a video

    Is it just me or that doesn’t look like Eminem

  23. juan laborde


  24. GNK RAPG

    Everyone calling him fat are actually fat themselves.

  25. 1,000 subscribers without a video

    Dad: can you stop playing that music Me: why Dad: because we have bigger speakers downstairs

  26. Alexander Molina

    When ur mom gets the belt Me:3:01

    1. Alexander Molina


  27. WalterINdaHouse

    Why the hell is the lil Huoddi

  28. Founderdraco 25

    Just making an ORIGINAL comment, why ain’t anyone talking about lil mosey being the whitest black guy

  29. Riley Martin

    God chose to let him go so I hade to be the right time

  30. 愛Moha AMV’s ❶


  31. Jordan Daniels


  32. danipvz-_-


  33. พยูน ไม่ได้ฆ่า


  34. Wil 718bx


  35. GtX_ Nerox

    Mike says like he realy wanted to hit eminem/ ahahhahhaahahahahahahhahhah)))))))

  36. Brandon Hendrickson

    I'll be here for 2020, 2021, 2022, etc etc

  37. Fløw

    Black boi huddy made an apperance

  38. Splash Out Kelz


  39. Lurkz

    who oversize shorty there

  40. Jaclyn King


  41. Wotsup Homie

    Ok what is dat 2:38

  42. GtX_ Nerox

    GEsels: Here's no subtitles/ We give give

  43. HV AJ

    Why he using lifeguards

  44. Znp3r Swain

    High school friend: I got ur back. Me: gun on me no need for body guard

  45. Andre Rahman

    0:24 aye addison Rae

  46. Beats N Tatts

    A perfectionist walked into a bar...apparently, the bar wasn’t set high enough.

  47. Mario Junior Segundo

    if u dislike u gay

  48. BMM Studios

    Rap God 2.0

  49. Spyder

    Em: if you ever gave a damn raise your hand Me:Raises hand while watchin music video

  50. Mackenzie Chambliss

    who else is here because of imdontai???

  51. tabyuula_rasa

    How to use snapchat well? Eminem : hold my beer.

  52. Ethan Benjamin

  53. Faustas Steponavičius


  54. Bruce Lamont

    Why every nigga say he stealing styles he himself own style how i feel is that it don't matter everybody own the dripp

  55. OP Cut

    Still the best rapper with that beard

  56. Anissa De La Rosa


  57. Antony Nunez

    Rip king❤️🙏🙏🙏

  58. Air gamer wolf

    Why does he sound like juice wrld no cap

  59. Sprat-Lane

    This is RAP MUSIC????? *BWHAHAHAHAHAHA* MmmKay😂

  60. Ömer Can

    Shitty songz from NBA

  61. Oskar m

    whats the ig of the blond girl dancing in the room?

  62. Crocket

    The comments Week 1: Tic toc ruined this! The comments Week 2: back to the whitest black guy comments

  63. Young Bart

    2:10 nice ass

  64. Beats N Tatts

    I ate a clock yesterday, it was very time-consuming.


    Good <3

  66. fafafagat

    The whitest black dude I've ever seen that wasn't albino. He should rename himself to King Redbone. Maybe Lil Redbone

  67. Jaxson Johnson

    It feels good to hear juice's voice from when he was alive.....

  68. GtX_ Nerox

    Godzillas' have got tail without penises

  69. Albert Lamb jr

    Is 2 to Tik tokers

  70. S A D V I B E S

    the first one looks like the kid that would bite u in first grade

  71. Ollie_likes_to_MountainBike

    999 forever

  72. Outrun

    0:05 Imagine you heard a knocking noise and you look through the small hole, you see Lil Mosey like that.

  73. Z.Y17

    I not gonna forget this legend😥😣 Greatest voice i heard😫

  74. xx II G O a T II

    He's off beat And I hate it

  75. Rungrawin Chunprakhon


  76. epic legend


  77. 38 CAPSULE

    0:19 when you playing the game and yo sister turn it off and tell you to clean up

  78. Se_lia

    My song is the confinement 😻

  79. Akash Kumayu

    Speed at 0.75X. Thank me later!

  80. Dalmacijoo moja ružo procvala

    Kale dzedaj zatebe izmislia rap

  81. kuba włodarczyk

    Eminem looks like my dad

  82. ultraviolent

    ugh, is this what hip hop/rap is nowadays?? _d i s g u s t i n g._ Like, anyone can do this dude: generic beat, sexual lyrics and swear words every 2 seconds, some auto tune and boom, soundcloud rap. No talent or creativity.

  83. Sadie Stock

    I love this song so so much I can’t stop listening to it ❤️😂x

  84. Mason googoo 5

    Here this same new track once in awhile but it never changed

  85. S K

    Tecca seems like the kind of guy that would finish the HW... but NOT turn it in cuz other kids didn't finish it

  86. Edusane Gaming

    Imagine blueface was driving the bus!🙃😅

  87. Daz Dollaz

    Lil cuz got a slap with this.

  88. Deanna Young

    Something humanity will never hear: A Trash Nba Song

  89. Jonáš Němec

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, I came for this part, And so did you. 3:10

  90. Josue Espinoza


  91. Stanisław mądzielewski


  92. Creator Community

    umm guys blue face is a crip and YG + Cardi B are bloods

  93. The Hidden one

    Im not tone Lie i found out about Jim not long before he died but i love his music r.i.p he is a legend

    1. LEON Vlogs

      Hi please can u subscribe to me

  94. Project Hyde

    1:46 is it just me or do yall also hear that?

  95. Brayden Rogers

    godly like

  96. 100,000 subscribers without a video

    3:11: when you know you holding up the line at the McDonald’s drivethru

  97. Ypc Dro

    Pause this nigga said rich nigga shit sucks on a rich nigga dick

  98. ShReD_Rytoz007

    1:38 when he is in basketball

  99. XI Channel

    Nasty C’s remix is better dont @ me

  100. Litspace

    The more I see the names Addison Rae and lil huddy the more I want to stick the barrel of a 9 down my fucking throat