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As a leading global sport, cricket will captivate and inspire people of every age, gender, background and ability while building bridges between continents, countries and communities.
Strategic Direction
A bigger, better, global game targeting more players, more fans, more competitive teams.
Our long-term success will be judged on growth in participation and public interest and the competitiveness of teams participating in men's and women's international cricket.
Mission Statement
As the international governing body for cricket, the International Cricket Council will lead by:
Providing a world class environment for international cricket
Delivering 'major' events across three formats
Providing targeted support to Members
Promoting the global game

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  1. steve gamer

    Michael starc best delivery

  2. ROHIT Sharma45 belive

    Hitman ❤️

  3. shani huma

    Shaheen afride

  4. Rahmim's

    Who is here in 2019 September??

  5. Paul Newman

    NZ were the true winners in my book 👍

  6. Khuolaqudoos Ahmed

    WAHAB Babar Imad are best cricketers

  7. Parmar Ashish

    It s a motivational and thrilling innings virat kohli

  8. Aujakapo

    I remember watching live in Australia so it was midnight here when Guptill hit the stumps direct I was so god darn happy I woke my brother up by accidentally slapping his balls.

  9. Jadeja Hardiksinh

    Captain Leader Legend

  10. Ajay reddy Pochimi reddy


  11. Aditya Jain

    Where is bumrah?

  12. Ansh shukla

    Icc tumha Virat kohli ki thamnal lagani chahiya

  13. Mehbub Alam

    Every Generation will Remember this Innings💖

  14. Tricks by Umer

    Just post the bloody full matche videos..

  15. Tricks by Umer

    Icc is doing The worst social media job of all the cricket boards... 🤬

  16. Tricks by Umer

    Icc is doing The worst social media job of all the cricket boards... 🤬

  17. Tricks by Umer

    Icc is doing The worst social media job of all the cricket boards... 🤬

  18. Mehbub Alam

    Who all Need a Biopic on Yuvraj Singh👍

  19. Mohd Asif

    Heavy name..suits his game..

  20. M7ACE

    Bangladesh played beautifully , and Pakistan made a beautiful comeback!! Much love to Bangladesh , from Pakistan❤️🇵🇰🇧🇩

  21. Jyoti Ranjan Dash

    Those 2 inches 😶.. but, We will win🇮🇳

  22. Gourab Mondal

    Joe root cover drive has sensational

  23. Farzana Shoukat

    England vs nz final

  24. Mera Kashmir

    what is this world cup come after 4 years and after 4 years a team win final with boundries shame on icc rules

  25. Ninja Gaming

    Loki ferguson yorker was amazing

  26. Parv Kamboj

    Who want dhoni in next world cup

  27. Hentry Varghese

    What a thrilling match


    Why doesn't he do hattrick


    I think New Zealand deserve the World cup

  30. buya Zitu

    The missed run out from mushfiq it cost the game for Bangladesh

  31. Muhabbat Ali

    27k dislike indian

  32. Iram Rehan

    At least they tried😂

  33. Wah Pranksters

    Love you bhai

  34. Mizanur Rahaman

    Very very interesting England

  35. Mukul Mayank Dubey


  36. siva karthik

    great w.i cricket every Indian fans like w.i cricketers zero haters.....

  37. Lateef Bhat

    Wah ka dulaye hwe hai indai ki

  38. Mukesh Soren

    H Pandya

  39. Mehbub Alam

    Who all wants Dhoni in T20 World Cup 2020💞

  40. kapil tomar

    Where is yorker speclist??? Boom boom bumrah😠😠😠😠

  41. Kenneth Wood

    fixedmatchescity*com <<=== First-class site with real fixed matches prediction that I know. Over the past 3 weeks I earned with their help 163 thousands of dollars. I am very happy))) Bookmakers will suffer greatly;)

  42. Pritam Nanda

    Starc to Mccullum in the final was totally lit ♥️

  43. Kenneth Wood

    fixedmatchescity*com <<--- The best web service with real fixed matches that I know. Over the past 4 weeks I earned with their help 170 thousands of dollars. I'm happy:) Bookmakers have to fork out XD

  44. Parimal Dakua

    13,, 4 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  45. Parimal Dakua

    😄 😄 😄 😄 😄

  46. Pritam Nanda

    Luck was totally in Simmons way and sometimes I think this innings at Wankhede was the reason Mumbai Indians dropped Simmons from their squad afterwards as a punishment 😂

  47. TechzSpo10

    No Yorker to Indian Batsman!!;

  48. Muhammad Siddique

    @Sourabh debnath Putr Haar Jeet Lgi Rehti Hai Ye Game Ka Hissa Hain💯 Is Tarah To Tum Log Ek He Match Mein Do Din Zaleel Huwey😅😅 Ho wo Bhi us Team Sey(New Zealand) Jis Ko #Pakistan🇵🇰 Ney Ba-Asaani Haraa Diya Tha💪💯

  49. Swapnil Gadilkar

    King kohli...

  50. Wasim Akram

    Good batting England very very love

  51. Aniket Sharma

    Best filder of Indian team

  52. Avinash Nayak

    Malinga Everyone's Father In Terms of Yorkers

  53. Neeraj Kumar

    अफगानिस्तान जियो शेर बहुत जबरदस्त मैच था ।

  54. Farhan K

    Just one issue with the pick No left handers in batting line up Lara can replace dhoni as AB can keep the wickets as well Two wicket keepers and no left handers

  55. Lubna akter Mary

    hats off to dilshan

  56. Haider Khan

    bin stok win the world

  57. I AM MMS

    MS Dhoni is the best captain the world has ever produce....❤️

  58. Lubna akter Mary

    wasn't there rashid

  59. ASHUTOSH Gaming

    I unsubscribe ur channel just because didn't add jasprit bumrah's Yorker I hate u buddy 😠😠

  60. Soma Pual

    How to bowling grip kuldeep yadav

  61. Hawk Who Knows All

    1 BILLION DUMMIES + 33 NATIONS Defeated by 4 MILLION + NZ Single NATION.

  62. Hawk Who Knows All



    3 sixes of Buttler to reach the final... 4 sixes of Breathwaite to win the final... 😁😁😁

  64. S G

    that is the reason why India is the father of pakistan and bangladesh

  65. James Bond

    It’s like India reds vs India blues

  66. SB Shekhar

    Umpire cheated with nz, england didn't deserve it

  67. Atif noorani

    Ravindra jadeja played very well love from pakistan

  68. ryan prince

    Pure class n cuteness at his best..2.32 to 2.37

  69. Jay Mahakal


  70. Freddie Newing

    Love how it skips twelve overs of englands innings 36 to 48

  71. Manish Singh

    Sir jadeja

  72. Boddu Rammohan

    l love u rohit anna

  73. Moe Hasan

    Well played Kohli 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  74. Ravinder Pannu

    Could have won the match if jaddu and dhoni Stayed till last over but cant blame both.they did threir best.

  75. sunil pant

    Indian team management is yet to find a suitable replacement for Suresh Raina..... excellent lower middle order batsman who can attack from ball one.... excellent fielder and a very useful part-time bowler....

  76. Shabbir Hossain

    It will take another 12 years for Bangladesh to defeat South Africa again in world cup. Till then they will experience defeat against South Africa repulsively and Successive times.

  77. Saad Ahmad

    I like New Zealand team since i started playing cricket in 2000. Do you know how many times they got to semi finals and finals...thats why my Fav Team.

  78. Sajith Saju

    Hit like for hitman..🥰😍😍

  79. Health Is Wealth

    This match was handed over deliberately by Afghanistan

  80. Hari Vignesh

    Bumrah just amazed

  81. Saad Ahmad

    You are the real winner sir👏👏👏, not those umpire's winner.hahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  82. naitik Soni

    bhai jo samefinal ko haar kohli ko balme kr rhe they vo dekhe kaise onehanded jitya hai match

  83. Ron S

    Good to see a few white players in the danish team

  84. Badal Meena

    Bad luck... 😢😢😢

  85. hassam uddin

    Eng win by cheating

  86. ps gaming

    World cup match fix hote hai

  87. YoGi ViJaY

    Soon come back raina ❤️😔

  88. Malith Eranda

    Yorker king 👑 Lasith malinga

  89. Vivek Kumar

    Raina ko team me hona chahiye

  90. Venkata Ramudu

    బుమ్రా లవ్ యూ సార్..ఇండియాకి మీలాంటి వాళ్ళ చాలా అవసరం

  91. Ankit Kumar

    Raina is my favourite player

  92. Martuza Banu

    ও হইছে মাএ ১০৬ রান করছে তাতে কি হইছে

  93. Balaram Behara

    Rohit Sharma 💯


    stock is unbeleiver


    I’ve not stopped watching this

  96. Asfar Asfar


  97. Jahn Mohd

    Mai ne ye mohali stadium mai live dekha...that was fantastic experience while seen my Pakistani team first playing in front of my eyes

  98. Maanas Ravishankar

    Video is incomplete without showing smith and Warner deal with boos.

  99. Xiaomi Entertainment

    Bangladesh is suitable with lose.

  100. reju p.varghese

    Martin guptill the ultimate messiah