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  1. Chrrlees Whitesand

    When tom do the bromance husband think. It's killing meee

  2. Jazzmin Ortiz

    Ka$h Doll SO ICY ❄️🙌🏼🔥😍💅🏼😈💖

  3. pepeboomin


  4. Waris Sheikh

    His smile is so contagious😍😍

  5. ziyan ye


  6. Terrance White

    i don't like wearing what everyone else has...facts! LIMITED EDITION...5000

  7. Tobasaurus_DIY

    Yeeee mah boiiii dacre

  8. AshMCM - Reactions & More

    This guy still alive?

  9. Only1Jai

    🗣 yes let them know that Those Carties/Buffs/Yaes Is Detroit Swag!!💰

  10. camie clarkson

    why does it seem like i'm the only one who loves iridescence??


    All that money , and his lips out here looking like he smoke crack habitually….

  12. The Shaolin Six

    This is so corny, that couple that tries too hard to be likable GTFO

  13. Revathi Magesh

    Who’s here after late late show with James cordon😂

  14. Only1Jai

    Detroit girls!!! ❤️

  15. Only1Jai

    They fact that she had to explain layaway for ppl 😩🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  16. William Miller

    Who knew marshmelllo sounded so dark

  17. Tom Holland

    yeah thats my life :)

  18. IRCMN Frump

    If this guy above average, im a Legend

  19. Valiant Vanity

    He’s not average he is like the shitiest player ever

  20. My Thing

    Female 2 chainz

  21. collarmole

    This video kills me EVERY TIME.

  22. Boss Keon

    Who can't see the photo

  23. Secretly Ethan Robinson

    old spice man

  24. Latixfa Latixfa

    Sushitrash ummmm wow uwu 🥴😆

  25. Varapon Nootnoot

    Even i didn't like your new look, but i still like your voice and you.

  26. Dark Lord Of The Universe

    Tom Holland is Dyslexic that makes me feel happy🙂

  27. Luis Bermudez cruz

    Embustero 😃😃😃😃

  28. Jabulani Gambu

    #Gotti spends big bag's on errthing #CMG

  29. c1rcu1tn3rd

    Gaten is that friend we all want but don't deserve.

  30. Rex Ian Pahang

    Could we get @Cryaotic here Even just as someone on screen

  31. jusTOOfresh

    Blackened ranch not new Tey 😂😂

  32. Raphael Bruckermann

    Wer ist wegen Justin hier

  33. Jp Turner

    The dudes kinda buffed

  34. Axel Beyer

    Put asap rocky or travis on the rocks

  35. Joe Smith

    ...Orwellian ministry of truth... A den of vipers is to be less reviled.

  36. Texas

    Enemy freaked me out 🤯

  37. Baby Vxlly

    Who else got caught by that thumbnail 🤤

  38. Baby Vxlly

    Who else got caught by that thumbnail 🤤

  39. Satan

    I shouldn't watch this so often

  40. jarvis thomas

    *I love a women/rapper that know what the she buying! I mean she know quality, the color, and the setting of her jewelry as well! But she kept it too real with the layway!*

  41. b o i


  42. Happy Blue Duck

    Kylie:what’s our child’s name? Travis:Uh...hurricane Kylie:OMG bAbE I LoVe YouuuUu Travis:FaCtSs

  43. Amanda Lemmert

    He look like a 80s character... i wonder how he would look with flared jeans

  44. Steven Gardner


  45. Nishanthi Perera

    2:26 I DIED 😍😍😍 (why is he so cute??)

  46. B’s Rooms and Essentials

    This video is amazing 😂he is iconic , as well as the cast of river dale

  47. ŃalitaR M


  48. The Shaolin Six

    i cant wait to rob this fool

  49. 100,000 subs With not one video

    I have seen more expensive ones

  50. chiara ̇ᴗ ̇

    i'm slowly falling in love

  51. MERP

    The cell so good!

  52. Santa SB

    Why He Say Hey Whats Up Helooooo

  53. Descriptive Louis

    Does Fetty Wap get glasses half price?

  54. Descriptive Louis

    Number 1 thing fetty wap can live without is glasses.

  55. Tessa Welkins

    I weirdly like his personality

  56. Joe Grizzler

    One of it is his right eye, without it...he is fked! Cuz that left eye ain't doing wonders hahahahaha!

  57. Macsen Wledig

    Olbermann knew at this point that this conspiracy theory was a complete hoax. He just didn’t have the integrity to admit it to his halfwit fans that had bought in. So Olbermann just walked away knowing he had been played as the “useful idiot” but lacking the honour to do the right thing and tell the truth. Russia’s intent was to sow division and discontent. Olbermann along with countless other media talking heads ensured Russia succeeded way beyond their wildest expectations.

  58. Akram Ebrahim

    He looks like owen Hargreaves hes just as useless

  59. Ice_ Echo

    That’s just saying ima take my iron board to the city

  60. Ethan Martin

    He def came high

  61. Tasha Jones

    What’s the one thing fetty can live without ??

  62. ALA

    the most punchable face. ever.

  63. Robin

    niggas who freestyle know they find it hard to read the lyrics ask lil wayne, they record the song then forget about it

  64. Ese Fool


  65. Krystal She Poppin

    This videos has me walking around screamin “ ICE ME OUT !”

  66. Matt 99

    He sounds like he’s permanently high and surprised

  67. Nonya Bizz


  68. ALA

    *whats this?* casually says “10k.”

  69. Rare Eazu

    her daddy look lile Mj

  70. gamejaw

    Never trust the government or the media only yourself

  71. Eri' Carey

    more than Legendary!

  72. W sebastian

    #1 fetty wap can’t live without... his right eye

  73. Daniel Chen

    John Cho is actually the classiest millennial.

  74. Why Kebin

    bro fetty wap fell down 😂😂😂

  75. Angelo Maraboli

    What type of moron cslls himself Mustard?😂

  76. Trick_poke

    His eye

  77. NUMBUR 129

    Niggas washed

  78. Kin S

    cUrvEd OfFiCe MoNitoR

  79. Dennis King

    This man is gifted! But has some deep issue' smh

  80. vela batala

    His energy is everything 😂

  81. misterellaneous

    There is no humanly way that man has not used a vagankle

  82. Samuel Picardal

    @5:05 Zack Synder: That was too much, you could have told your mother's name was Martha

  83. Banana rama

    Why is he in the kitchen? Cuz he's bacon

  84. IGazeYouInTheHaze

    the video nobody knows we needed

  85. Kartik Verma

    I didnt see enough movement in this video actually.

  86. Chanel Jayasundera

    hes so casual about loosing a diamond ring 😂

  87. HavokDoesDN

    1 thing fetty wap is forced to live without? An eye

  88. James Rogan

    What happened to his eyes

  89. Jimmy B

    No avocado?!

  90. Jill T.


  91. HavokDoesDN

    Is this a sign that he’s gonna continue to make music?

  92. Crypto BB

    Wrote نسخ on his T-Shirt A Persian word "nasakh" meaning I need some stuff to get high

  93. Loski T

    2019 and still rockin with fetty wap.. original rap singer

  94. Brandon Acosta

    while watching i closed my left eye to see what it like

  95. misterellaneous

    $7,000... I don't pay Sudd that much LMAO

  96. Tentacion Kid

    I low key want some of these quotes to put on my senior quote lmao

  97. leo nela

    seeing them so inlove like this is honestly so refreshing AH cause u never see this omm

  98. Jordyn Williams


  99. Alex Marquez

    he’s still alive?

  100. Mere&Gee TV

    Need to drop more songs & come back ‼️