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  1. Salty.S

    Curry destroyed

  2. Marris Supaman

    Dawg... who are all these extra clowns... they interruption dude when he tryna talk... get them the fuck outta here yo smh... we want yo hear from the players not those clowns smh...

  3. Jayson Mayers

    Back from the butt injury🤔

  4. Aldren Picson

    Nko sinayang lang c brasley jonhson walang kwenta n player bugok ang piston management sinayangc beasley pinagpalit sa matanda na

  5. adam pruitt

    J Will sounds like Lucas Black LOL

  6. Gene Estala

    Whoever made this video needs to be fired it’s the same highlights from the NBA channel and should be more than 7 mins that’s BS

  7. arpxdagoodone

    JaVale McGee vs DeAndre Jordan's Mini-Me.

  8. God Ryujin

    I love her smile.

  9. aLper Turk

    2014 Draft night Nikola number 41 !!!! really NBA dont know anything about basketball.

  10. Dietrich Minor

    Nothing but appreciation for this. It was an amazing heartfelt season and you captured it perfectly,

  11. mistaeric

    Dwight shot his load in Orlando and hasn't been a threat since then! He strikes fear in no one. Opposing coaches dont have to change their game plan one fuckn bit when Dwight comes to town!

  12. arpxdagoodone

    -What is your favorite highlight? -Ummm...Shaqtin a fool.

  13. arpxdagoodone

    -Please ask stupid questions. -Okay.

  14. 1964mikedriscoll

    2:22 the wizards announcer got the name wrong bahaha

  15. Mark Wally

    Lucifer's butt is St Michael's cock warmer

  16. beastbuilder

    that brought back memories thanks ;)

  17. Peter Ineleo

    Plot twist, white kid had a gun is his bag and was planning to shoot everyone up if it wasn't for the other two guys

  18. Moonroof

    Favorite passer

  19. Margaret Butler

    Fuck Danny green

  20. 于昊

    Rose is handsome

  21. Mist Magma

    ya'll who cuttin the damn onions again

  22. Jose Pena

    Kenny Smith: "It's the shirt that's tight".

  23. Joshua Reid

    Love this guys attitude

  24. Rama Tri

    utah jazz

  25. Ultra Ninja

    1:42 the worlds flattest shot

  26. Yosrick Alvarez Avalos

    Shout out to Kyrie he gonna ball out with the nets, keep that same energy haters

  27. Kavin Arasu CSA CBE

    you should play Donovan Mitchell

  28. CowboyBlue M&M

    Maxi is the Man ! Mavs 4 Life

  29. 聶振杰


  30. CowboyBlue M&M

    Dwight Powell and DoDo and J.J Barea !, we be BIG TIME keys players for the dallas Mavs .💪💪👏💯

  31. Ragtime4

    Loved the mention and cameo appearance of Stromile Swift! Would be great to see him in one of these interview features. Absolutely loved watching him play!

  32. L . O . R

    This nigga tall for nothing! 💯

  33. DChoi Poker & Hay Day

    Fultz will be better than that overrated Jayson Tatum...I guarantee it

  34. Security Officer

    I already miss lonzo

  35. noob artist

    harden is a well-traveled man

  36. luke iskandar

    If I were starting a team I’d take Ben Simmons over Kemba. Change my mind.

  37. Naquan Jones

    7:48 That’s when AD knew he needed to be a Laker

  38. Press Woodard

    Jason muhphuckin like I said Williams and don’t make him repeat it again interviewer

  39. Matthew Duran

    I know he did not just say Ontario Canada, just throwing the IE under the bus like that

  40. C H A O S G R A V I T Y

    To be honest with you.... I would do same as he does

  41. ohshitgodie

    Imma miss Harkless. Wish he never lost his shot so we could've kept him

  42. M L

    JW, I'm glad you didn't become bald. Keep it that way bro

  43. luke iskandar

    Y’all really had Harden over Steph? Smdh

  44. Carl Moore

    How they forget the rondo pass fake Chris Paul shammmy

  45. J G

    3:04 the steal was so crazy that nobody noticed the travel.

  46. ThePokerbrat626

    2 ringless fags

  47. Broku Hackson

    *its MARK’S time*

  48. 飛利浦

    world best team

  49. swish.highlights

    Pause at 0:48 Dwights always been in great shape but if you're telling me a guy who has gone through countless injuries and surgeries the past 6 years at 33 is still able to get his head at the rim and look so in shape without PEDs ur trippin

  50. Ron G.

    That’s fucking traveling man wtf is this shit lol smh

  51. dvon1097

    Who knew 🐐 could dunk!!!

  52. jim edmondson

    So humble.

  53. Chris R.

    It’s hilarious reading you guys comments 75% show y’all don’t pay attention to shit in the nba if it’s not told to you by an analyst.

  54. The Homie

    hella awesome!!!!

  55. John Anders

    White Thunder was the crap. This man has more move than exlax.Only wish he had played longer.

  56. Chris R.

    Brooklyn is gonna be more lethal than the heat were in 2013 in (2021). Idc idc you don’t know basketball if you don’t realize Brooklyn is about to be the beast of the east.

    1. Laker Nation

      Chris R. 2013 would destroy the nets

  57. Unique Bartee

    Caught tf out AI nigga almost left the arena 🤣💀

  58. Saboob Sabuba

    Every team have a player in the center of picture than in spurs is pop because we know without him they would be just decent

  59. Tim Marks

    "The CRISPness. Dang. The Crispness." LOVE.

  60. Navjot Brar

    Buddy Hield?

  61. BP-_-GOAT !!!

    White chi slate is so self humbled and it’s great, let your game speak

  62. Sigurd TV

    it's very great to watch but when they just stand after the hug it is awkward as hell

  63. Flight Hits Clips

    4:00 let the old dude who hit 1 shot all series and had a terrible career have his moment before he retires....

  64. Jordan Jiang


  65. Reese B

    Fuck that

  66. Kuri Bu

    Too big for 3, to quick for 4. #StayMe7o

  67. Mr. cumy

    *Beware of the people who make that tsssss sound they are the most dangerous clan of all*

  68. Kevin Bertalotto

    We gonna make the semis, watch

  69. Jaleel Ferguson

    We did dis a football practice

  70. The Darkfrost

    1:11 has two fouls that should’ve been called smh

  71. Humbert Coloso

    who likes stephen curry like this comment

  72. Kamikaz Mbaya

    С другой ю

  73. Lisa Alley

    Washington DC Supreme Court Judge Panel Awards Lisa Alley $64 Million. Stephen Curry Sworn In: Definition of the word justice.

  74. Cyber Legal

    I miss you so much Kobe : ' (

  75. Muffin Man

    Homie them sneakers are horrible

  76. Carlos Paige

    Did his asshole finally heal from all that dick......they ripped your boy a New asshole for real for real,glad he's back walking 🤣🥳🤗

  77. cory Pick

    Oh so so sweet her face.

  78. C h a r l s i

    Dwight looking younger

  79. jay36171

    The Clippers getting Kawhi & PG is makes Jerry West being the NBA logo make sense

  80. The Jezebel Resistance

    White chocolate!!! Dude looks as cool and down to earth as he is crazy talented... Man, he was fun to watch!!!

  81. iiPuffxr

    Am I crazy or was that an offensive foul on the raptors 0:21 (look at curry)

  82. hmm hmm

    D. Jones Jr must be in preview

  83. Jim Toft

    Looks like an injury waiting to happen. Who's the trainor responsible for this?

  84. Anton Villarina

    He’s just a IQ..

  85. Alexander C. M

    I’ve watched a ton of Melo’s highlight vids throughout the years and through his hopefully brief exile but by far the greatest collection of his offensive prowess I’ve seen. Really impressed by the unfamiliar footage of his moves you showcased. Bravo bruv.

  86. Jessie Norton


  87. Derick Anok

    I’m not gonna lie but that game what stolen 🤬

  88. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    16?? These athletes are evolving

  89. James Sikes

    When shot the ball he had a defender in his face and its was 0.5 when he made it. He didn't have more time to walk it up and shoot.

  90. typicaleric04

    dude 60 % of this vid is rudy dunking lmao

  91. Slaizi


  92. gtasd wagaw

    its ridiculous how deep their lineup is, murray, harris, MPJ, millsap, jokic starting with morris, grant, barton, craig, plumlee, bol bol off the bench

    1. gtasd wagaw

      + malik beasley too

  93. Lisa Alley

    Washington DC Supreme Court Judge Panel Awards Lisa Alley $64 Million. Stephen Curry Sworn In: Lisa Alley Royal Brief and Increase In Knowledge.

  94. Malachi 2kking

    Everybody talking bout Klay being a legend and shit cause he came back from a ACL tear to shoot free throws. YET ZACH LAVINE TORE HIS AND PLAYED 6!!!! MINUTES

  95. Anthony Peralta

    Am I the only who can’t stand Omar and his vibe ?

  96. babyblack716

    1. So many Vonleh highlights, why'd we let him go? 2. Our young core/bench is gonna be PROBLEMS! The French Price, Iso Zo, Kev, Mitch, and RJ.🏳️🏳️🏳️

  97. Andrew Evans

    Shout out to pop legend

  98. Mark Williams

    Kevin showed no emotion whatsoever. I thought he was just gonna walk it off.

  99. xlJACOBxD YTlx

    Every time I see something like this I get the chills! 😢😂😢

  100. Lisa Alley

    Washington DC Supreme Court Judge Panel Awards Lisa Alley $64 Million. Lisa Alley and Seattle Army Sworn In: The Historical Execution Of The KKK.