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  1. Jade Yu

    What movie are they talking about

  2. Eye On Antisemitism Monitoring

    He was always the best I cry every time I watch rob lowe and Demi Moore about last night from the book 📚 my childhood

  3. Mandy

    Surprising he didn't marry a woman closer to family reliability and culture though...

  4. 0

    This is my wish

  5. alice johnson

    "closure or whatever" ... ellen really ?

  6. Martin Pokmat

    WHO is he?


    Is ellen laughing or dying?

  8. Julio Jimenez

    "Ask everybody" - My sis Dakota was having none of it.

  9. tbohfela

    Will seems rushed, panicky and not composed. When you are in that state the mind can temporarily lock and the simplest memories blank. Nonetheless he should have at least remembered one of Martin's kids.

  10. blackcolouredgirl

    I once accidentally left the hospital with the catheter still attached to my arm so I wouldn't be surprised if someone accidentally left a clinic with acupuncture needles still on them

  11. MsJoiBella

    So he opened for Grace Jones then she was in Boomerang with him...and the only snl character I'd like to see is Mr. Robinson because the Mr. Rogers' movie is out now.

  12. 9vlanneh

    Very well done Jaden! Keep up the good work, your interview skills are merticulous! :)

  13. Golden Retriever

    She is soooo pretty


    He is boring man

  15. Iruka Ibay

    I’m so jealous 😣

  16. Gloria Nuńez

    I seriously loveeee these guys together they are dope asfff ‼️💯💯💯💯

  17. mawuena adzodo

    Hello from Togo (West Africa). Through Macey's eyes, I am recalling the USA we were dreaming of in childhood, its multicultural, tolerance and equality values. Stuck on you Macey

  18. Rita Jasso

    Keep sharing your gift, you beautiful soul💛🙏💛

  19. jerry123456789101112

    Trump 2020. Greta: “ HOW DARE YOU”!!!!!

  20. God of Thunder

    Merry Christmas Ellen... From India... I love you soooooooooo muchhhhhhh

  21. Beauty By Amina

    Love them so much !! Made my day

  22. Lois Loves Cheese

    i want that too...I dont live anywhere where i can watch disney+

  23. fantasie x aj

    Funny how i wouldn’t want my kids names out there and Martin pretty private will could have done it on purpose

  24. JustMe

    Joeyyy 😂😂😂 my favorite

  25. Gary Messler

    Michelle Obama has a pene'us

  26. SourSoul

    i love that bill hader just scouts random people out at coffees and comes up with the best characters based on them

  27. nope

    This man is just hilarious i could watch him all day long and not get bored

  28. Mike Nsumu

    hellen...if u ever become straight. please let me know. and I'm praying. lool

  29. Art With me


  30. Benny Roso


  31. Luis Mercury

    She so hlerious

  32. Kimberley Smith

    Brava Greta Thunberg... we are grateful for your courage!

  33. Blossom

    The fresh prince of Belair pick up line 1:30 😂

  34. Chris Johnson

    Martin seem different. And y he all of a sudden need glasses???

  35. Damon Gonzalez

    Lousy song tho

  36. Christina

    only he can make Ellen laugh that way

  37. jerky junkie

    To each their own.

  38. 《Rose Płayz》

    I cant hear jungkook voice cuz all of the fan was shouting😅

  39. Ahmed Omar

    6:12 she got shot up anyways!!! LOL

  40. Olivier Gahungu

    you are excellent Ellen

  41. maks


  42. blitheyohj.gaming

    Can i meet you billie plsss visit here in philippines

  43. Olivier Gahungu

    delighted for them

  44. Slothion

    She is soooooo sweeeeet !

  45. Isimhemhe oboh

    Smiling ear to ear just seeing them together

  46. blitheyohj.gaming

    Wish i can met billie eilish too

  47. J Abu-Risha

    Great Job Miley

  48. Anish Pradhan

    1:47 which song?

  49. TrixMTL L

    Instant Nicki Minaj. I approve

  50. jo rei

    I love watching ellen... watching from the philippines

  51. marko marko

    Will Smith is so fake mark my words people

  52. Delfin -YT

    Oh My I've seen That Coming

  53. DownsviewD

    George is so proud of these two degenerates!

  54. Zelalem Abera

    Love has no color!!!

  55. Jorge Muiño

    Say my name

  56. Rachel Stanley Jones

    Ellen's shop could be the first to come up with Tequila scented candles.😂

  57. Paige Moor

    “That’s what guys say” 😂👏🏻 My god, it’s like watching Julian and Jenna I’m the kitchen.

  58. Khadija Faisal

    The bravest is the camara man

  59. jo rei

    Hello ellen... i just love your show... watching from the philippines

  60. K Marie

    😂 this isn’t the first time Will Smith played this game.. and he’s not very good at it😂😂 Will Smith you are awesome!

  61. Kara Me

    Being arrested is a “really difficult journey to experience?” Well, you know how not to experience that, right? Completely avoidable.

  62. Rafael Arianto

    Martin and Will are a better duo than Dwayne and Kevin hart. Fight me😎 Imagine a rap battle between those 2


    Ellen looks younger than these two

  64. Anna Lee

    not kids ELLEN.. dont go their with children .. thats horrible... ur funny and all that , i love your videos and show, but please dont use pics of children in what looks like compromising situations to make a joke..

  65. Blacktie Title

    Has she had an invite to a royal party yet?

  66. Sara08376666

    When is the movie coming out?

  67. Phương Trang Võ

    they're so funny :"))

  68. Alyanna Mangahas

    kristen is so cute 😭❤️

  69. Annie

    i wish one day you come to kenya you have many fans here i looooove you soooo much

  70. xuvolc

    Ok boomer

  71. Hildy Nove

    AnD thaTs WhEn YoU beCAmE a StRRiper

  72. Ramdom Thoughts

    Clearly, she's trying to make her voi ce deep.

  73. Nderim Dema

    Bebe is an angel ❤️

  74. F15HSTICK Gaming

    He should interview Samantha next

  75. Revy The Cat

    I love Joaquin

  76. rdbetta

    And then will doesn't remember martin's kids name🤦🏾‍♂️

  77. masna sicid

    I like this man will hhhhhhhhh

  78. ahmed saleh Alafifi

    Opera was funny

  79. Bijen Luwang

    She is so so so so lucky

  80. Rıdvan Bilgiç

    2:38 Yeah Ellen *SO HE CAN SHOOT BETTER* Sure

  81. Suzy Phalin

    Share Christmas presents with all other audience members not just the one that is present

  82. rdbetta

    Wow not knowing martin's kids name wow

  83. K. Peace

    the media put fire into this interview like it was sth HORRIBLE.. but IT IS NOT AT ALL..

  84. Olivier Gahungu

    it's really amazing what you do

  85. Vanamala Swathi


  86. Fudanshi the Koreaboo

    This is great

  87. Faizah nazreen

    Ellen u have to call Billie Eilish again mahn she’s a legend

  88. Faizah nazreen

    Ellen u have to call Billie Eilish again mahn she’s a legend

  89. Eaffy Channel prooo

    I wish i can come meet Ellen

  90. meh idk

    Ellen is not a comedian... She’s not funny. 🤷‍♀️

  91. Faizah nazreen

    Ellen u have to call Billie Eilish again mahn she’s a legend

  92. Faizah nazreen

    Ellen u have to call Billie Eilish again mahn she’s a legend

  93. Noura Alzahrani

    Tig is so funny!

  94. justice Change

    Who want the Martin show back

  95. nash al- nash

    Martin Lawrence he is in movie again after his huge debt now he can pay the money back good for you man

  96. Ipah 1397

    Love you guys

  97. KIMermaid Stories


  98. Sabrina G.

    Martin has major health issues...

  99. Pa7NaSS

    i thought he was gonna start at 5$!!! 500 is way too much

  100. a z

    Russell Brand reminds me of Alfie Deyes