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  1. StuartisUnoriginal

    Turns out he was right

  2. jessica salva-cruz

    I dont wanna see bald matt but like also something else yt is wearing a my hero academia UA shirt

  3. TheWitch KingofWolfs.

    Have you noticed that every ship reck is close to it's map's treasure this proves that the drowned got very close...

  4. VulxaniSolas

    Then who is the big brother?

  5. Moonowl

    Mat pat: runs like a baby Chief: unbelievable

  6. CantB Bothered


  7. Jess Alessandro

    But in the uk everything is free by the nhs

  8. Ultra Instinct Shaggy

    I would be wingdings

  9. Alfie Fazan-Fryer

    at 5:47 if you look into the top left of the phone airplane mode is on meaning that his phone texting works on airplane mode because it says 'Delivered' under the text

  10. Unnav Gurung

    Do u think notch put this evidence in minecraft on purpose?

  11. Modus Pwnens

    ps. that's not how karma works, whitey

  12. Jon amations

    F f

  13. Eh

    Is it just me or you sound like theodd1stone

  14. Jacob Katz

    Matpat, I love you videos and think they’re super interesting and forget. But you are SO annoying when you talk about anything real. Like seriously that girl crying in the intro made me mute my phone because I couldn’t bear to listen to her whiny voice.

  15. Adam Elkashawy

    I need nugget

  16. Jamie Joy

    Why would they make there security fish like though if they were first on land

  17. hai its amcia

    Jack O Chica Jack O Bonnie Jack O Foxy

  18. The Vault The Official Channel

    Now, what would the insurance be like?

  19. Toymation Studios

    Sorry I couldn't come Matt, my country doesn't allow donations online (apparently)

  20. Toffytastic Gaming

    What about stocks and bonds

  21. Felix Garcia

    "Why should we choose this platform?" "cuz we BIG"

  22. Sean Canniff

    GEsels actually took data of kids 12 or younger and sold that to major brands. GEsels specifically committed a crime and I’m amazed only the U.S. has done this punishing. GEsels has now thrown content creators under the bus by putting the blame and punishment on creators. If you’re reading this comment there’s more educational videos on this problem. Checkout Folding Ideas video and the other one’s Matt provided.

  23. Jon amations

    This is all starting to sound like Mesopotamia.

  24. Knot Taling

    ok so if their homes got massively flooded and such, I can get that but if so and they made the guardians, then did they make the guardians while it was being flooded? cause the guardians seem to have trouble operating on land and so if they made them to protect their religious temples then why where they purely water base?

  25. Dobril Milchev


  26. Selene Gachawolf

    9:00:11 William afton donated?! Mabye he's not so bad after all...

  27. Ria K.

    I wait for Toby Fox to confirm this for Undertale :")

  28. real smooth

    You always compare MOB’s to Steve, but shouldn’t it be the other way around? This also makes the question: What is Steve? He is the only one who can hear the gods

  29. shafin production

    Matpat idits: put a ff in the comments Me: what will that echeife ?

  30. LittenKid22

    Write a comment about your favourite animatronic....... I dont think I should...bb fans can relate

  31. Emperor Vader


  32. gucio802

    If I remember right in one of update of minecraft ocean level rise up - to theory about climate change

  33. Hadiya Waheed

    Endermen, Teleport! If we close down the frames to the seconds you closed it down it will seem like there running! But while developing a game! The mechanics! Are teleportation, but it seems like there running because of the frames! We close down! Endermen! Can teleport through walls! So that's! Clear that endermen can teleport! OKAY! -_-

  34. Eqwort

    Matpat’s minecraft villagers and pillagers theory is like geometry dash 2.2 Get it?

  35. skylar mitchell

    why is there no phantom bonnie?

  36. Isabela P. Amorim

    What if steve is actually a time traveler that needed to go to the future to try to save his people but something happend, leading him to stay alone the entire game. Idk, maybe

  37. Selene Gachawolf

    **sigh** I...I missed it...

  38. Irahooman

    You should have them play r6

  39. Fallout Fallout 4 Ever121

    Adjusting yes but what about the shields that they have

  40. Creepy Crawler

    You know, most of the time when there are disclaimers for videos I'm not scared at all but in part 1 when MatPat explained the story of that little girl I actually felt uncomfortable. It wasn't the content of her story but the fact that it actually happened to her

  41. Nicky T

    I believe Susan has the potential to make GEsels a better place, but there are hundreds of other factors that are holding her back.

  42. taco kittey

    Hot wings

  43. taco kittey

    This is shocking


    “Who is this person” BORIS!

  45. Олег Шпрингер

    How is that music called?

  46. Alejandro Pablo

    Thank you so much for making video Matt. Tuesday and today we had to choose a social issue,either agree or disagree with it,research it and write an Essay. This video helped me so so freaking much and thank you for adding the links where you found your data. Those helped me also. Im a gamer myself so ofc I was slightly closed minded but I watched this when you uploaded it but I knew this video would help me. so again,im so glad you made this video.

  47. Djole V.

    I now what those Mangle minigame means... That kid who's crying is Susie... And as we now that Mangle is a dog... Susie's dog... Chica's dog... That minigame reazeambles the moment when Susie's dog died couse... Why would Mangle be smaller than a kid... And kid is in the position like someone died and kid can't handle it... So the kid colaps becouse of saddnes.

  48. Ultra Zombie

    Espieon is the sun Pokemon it can here its trainer physically

  49. Patrick Sabou


  50. Patrick Sabou


  51. Patrick Sabou


  52. Little Kid

    Dude im under 18 but its not my job.. are they gunna make me pay up? And if so, WITH WHAT MONEY IM BROKE!

  53. kate Hurford

    come together with more child friendly youtubers

  54. Patrick Sabou


  55. Patrick Sabou


  56. Patrick Sabou


  57. Patrick Sabou


  58. Patrick Sabou


  59. Patrick Sabou


  60. Patrick Sabou


  61. Haylee Scribbles

    In 2016 my result was INFP, but now, in 2019, by results came out to ISFP. Look at that growth 🤣🤣

  62. Kostas konstantinidis

    I wonder if they cold there land the netherland . get it

  63. KanepiSFM

    The ancient civilization is weak af lol

  64. Cheese Man

    sans has the personality of a popsicle stick with a bad joke written on it

  65. KanepiSFM

    You're just writing lore for Microsoft for free

  66. Little Kid

    Does this affect me with 10 subs?

  67. Squido

    My eyes were on the minecraft cactus table the entire time tbh

  68. King Leonidas

    But that gear thing you keep showing disproves this doesn’t it? If he’s speeding himself up, wouldn’t both of the gear things stop as opposed to one at a time? I think he’s just force pushing things from all around and slowing all momentum that it currently has until that force is removed. I love the theory but the force slow doesn’t fit.

  69. Isis Cardot-Delhomme

    Is there anyone left? * Luigi appears * _well HELLO_ 😈

  70. Angèle Calmejane

    I am french lol

  71. PG ProGamer

    😲 *Inhales deeply* WHAAAAAT?!?!?!

  72. Buster Lord

    I love ads sometimes mat pats getting super dark and creepy then bam little ceasers wants to shove bread sticks down you face...

  73. Kostas konstantinidis

    If you want a theory about the Pillagers like this comment

  74. Raven The Messenger

    And, just like usual, MatPat has me feeling bad for hostile mobs... </3

  75. KENNY J

    And while that theory is happening in real Theory Rey Palpatine is walking around saying she's a Skywalker


    I wonder who is the ruler of the drowned? I bet his name is Ben...

  77. Blue__Lama

    06:02 am i the only one who thought that was a guy playing video games with a huge controller

  78. Minimation Pfft

    Miss vaaaaaanny

  79. Devil Wolf 69

    Stupidity us the reason 182 us people died

  80. Demnark Balcom

    Fun fact, the mario bit is actually how Japan has to censor dongs

  81. North Warner

    Long short thought provokingly amazing comment so let yah boy get that oculus

  82. Hepy

    1:34 it says 13M not 1.3

  83. Michael Malloy

    Get ready for American Revolution 2: Electric Boogaloo

  84. Switch Gamer37

    He was so wrong about ganon

  85. Ninja 101

    But I live in an island..

  86. Steph Kuilan

    Personally even the theories I absolutely hate I love rewatching them because you, Matpat, are a compelling story teller and they really are so much fun. You don't deserve the hate and I'm sorry that you got so much of it over videos that are suppose to just be fun. You stay strong Matpat and please don't let the haters get you down and don't let then stop you from doing what you love.

  87. Nina Nisbet

    Reverse tale the position of monsters and humans are reversed

  88. charizard xyz

    More like aCOPPAlypse!

  89. Anirban Hasan

    OK whats next? I bet it's going to be about husks and strays.

  90. Alien Boy

    "you cant knock him over" *cuts him in half* try me

  91. Nanasunoyusuf

    Hot wings

  92. Jeff Sikala

    time to find another platform other than youtube

  93. Luciana Rosin Garcia

    Será mat pat I descovery the real name of the fnaf 4 crying Child and os not Michael Afton and is in fnaf vr in the the file of the bedroom of fnaf vr and irá real name is Norman the original file is called “normanroom” thanks to the guy who discovered (not me)

  94. Declan Ziolkowski

    When is the game coming out

  95. Ash Swan

    2 questions: What is prisamarine and where did it come from? Where did the heart of the sea come from?

  96. WeDon'tWannaHearIt

    Nice common fruit reference

  97. Belle !!!!!!!!!

    The most worrying thing about me is that I actually don't know what you play outside with and I'm 12 😂😂😂

  98. Elizabeth

    What!? Key lime pie is delicious!

  99. Jaden Lyons