What I use:
I draw my pictures on Paint Tools Sai and I edit it all in Adobe Premiere. (Really? You don't use any animation software??) (Yeah, I know it's ''''not real animation''''')
I have a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24
a Smudge Guard Glove.
I record on a Shure sm7b,
I have an Scarlett 2i 4 Audio interface
and this thing called a 'Cloudlifter.'

If these items are out of your price range then this is what I use(d) (The cheaper stuff)
-My first tablet was a Bamboo Create for ~$100. Really good tablet 5/7.
I know alot of people like the intuos's
-A good Microphone that a lot of people use is a Blue Yeti (keep in mind where you record is important.)

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  1. Mishca E.

    If you get F in class...dont be sad ...you know why??? F stands for FANTASTIC ;) Edit:I just added a wink face...

  2. Mrs_ Criticism

    Him: I was sitting in the lunch room eating Pretzels- AND WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOOD FOOD?! Me: Bish you saying Pretzels don't taste good?!

  3. wendell jun udarbe

    i m dead

  4. JRD Productions


  5. Victor Von Deathstroke

    There are plenty of States like Arizona. How about the whole south?

  6. Felicia sparks


  7. gail Carter

    James reaction is just adorable

  8. Alec Galpert

    Let's do this.....I'm gunna kick ur checkmate ass

  9. Caithleen 416

    Umm i wanna ask Who is older (you or your sister)

  10. Angela Krashes

    0:52 me when I see a spider

  11. PhoTheBowlOfNoodles

    hi i am the Aussie peeps

  12. marge j ocampo


  13. Zach Klien Fartwurty

    i dont get the logic of electronic toothbrush. i mean, seriously?

  14. Lunar_ Eclipse


  15. Nico Huang

    James i bought yo book and i got swarmed at school

  16. S Jay

    turn on captions

  17. Omar Elshazly

    Is it me or that 8:42 spin with the sprinkles in the air looks like something straight of some sort of anime

  18. Mr. Deadpool

    When i was a kid , on a fine day My father was beating me for not eating my vegetables and suddenly out of nowhere i told him i want to pee but he said no. I warned him that i was going to pee on floor and he said go right ahead so i got double pissed and peed right on the floor and i made him watch me pee.

  19. Sebastian Andersen

    oof that is scary

  20. Ninci&Sole BFF

    Can you please send me m'n'm of whatever

  21. Chaires and Tables

    also Y DO PEOPLE THINK FAIRY BREAD IS WIERD?!?!?!?! FAIRY BREAD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! im Australian btw

  22. Luke Paterson

    You affended rice gum

  23. Chaires and Tables

    this might sound really weird but does anyone think James has a really nice voice??? or is that just me.......

  24. Penguin Chatter


  25. CRYPT0 TV

    My hamster was murdered by my cat Close enough right

  26. Joseph Robinson

    You should try Warhammer my guy

  27. Indi Bindi

    3:20 - 3:23 RIP headphone users

  28. Nefertiti Marzuki

    J:Just A:Another M:Man E:Eating S:Soobway/Sprinkle.

  29. Thegamingdogvin

    This is literally the two sides of my mind

  30. Deema Ak

    What software I can use to draw like this the drawing looks cool

  31. Xx_GaMe Savage

    I’m in I wanna get better grades phase

  32. Arjun Nameirakpam

    Am i the only one that found this educational

  33. Cube Cyan

    “No matter how bad they are, they’re just *_THOTS_* “ Me telling my parents about my local bullies...

  34. Bread Loaf


  35. Rath BQ

    i thought kweblekop was in that tarzan book hahaha=]

  36. Bloep Blep

    You shot Alex??? How could you

  37. Sirus, Reaper of The Void

    Sour patch

  38. Mr Galaxy

    What about diabetes

  39. Roan Caleb SAGUM

    I made a solar-powered electroliysis in fourth grade.

  40. Bejfi ‘

    James are you going to vidcon Australia on Saturday?

  41. Tyran KH

    2:42 That's exactly Steven Universe The Movie

  42. jamie jojo

    Your giving gift cards

  43. parit prechapanyakul

    To take the action

  44. Max Couch

    I hate math but i would love it I’d James was teacher

  45. Xx_GaMe Savage

    I have the bobcat badge I started in wolf and went all the way to webelos

  46. ActiVeX

    3:50 The look at this kid's mother's face says: "You're creppy.. DON'T TOUCH MAH CHILD!!!!!"

  47. Roan Caleb SAGUM

    my mom was at target and looking for something, she didnt want to ask the wrong person, so she asked an employee do you work at walmart? so the employee said your at target maam.

  48. Xx_GaMe Savage

    The webelos

  49. super noob boy

    My classmate is more stupid that he can't even spell here,rain and forbbiden at grade 6 and spelled this hier,rayn and porbieden

  50. durriya saleem


  51. Vijay Luxmi

    Anyone watchin in 2519

  52. SirZP thundergod9001

    Come along with me, and the Spiders and the Bees....

  53. 9alle3 _Roblox

    James did u know that lyssy from blondesquad has a crush on u😂

  54. Yousof Zaid

    I hate what's inside puns

  55. Sasha Brown

    You inspire me to do lots Thank You

  56. dylan mcdonald

    Am I the only one who thought of the pringles dude when I saw the paintbrush scammer😂😂

  57. Galaxy Break

    James make a buddy cop series with jaiden

  58. Midnight_wolf 85

    I want to box you and chess you because I am a master for 2of it !!!

  59. Советская Россия


  60. Gameing Gofers with more

    James you helped meh I’m now a GEsels thank you so much 😊

  61. CRYPT0 TV

    2:54 my parents when I’m watching GEsels

  62. Danny N

    The sprinkles that missed there target have unsubscribed

  63. Maksim the Gamer

    My grandfather died i am not beging for likes i just want happenies

  64. Good Goat

    You could live without bees. *-NOT!* I did an explenation on bees.

  65. mystery character

    there IS! a shark

  66. Jasmine HO

    Jello subscribes can be me and other countries you didn't say!

  67. Melissa Hh

    R.I.P gabe the dog memes

  68. king julian

    I know how to play the pokemon card game(big brain time)

  69. 「Red Royalty姉妹」

    That’s nothing compared to SIPs

  70. Defaulti boi

    This how many times you have replayed this song.

  71. Ocarina of thoughts J

    I used to know how to play the Pokemon card game then I forgot how to 😂

  72. Louise Alexander


  73. ThePhantom Lolbit


  74. Otto Middleton

    lol 1:06 The Sea Rabbit is brilliant ;D search him up on YT

  75. XxFrostyGacha xX

    I donate a lot of my blood and guess what my blood type is 'O-' and in my country everytime we donate blood we will get money...i collected $6,250.25

  76. Gamer Girl Star

    I don’t live in america i live in finland

  77. Pusheen The Cat

    What do you even use ? for you’re art

  78. E P

    The Demons are the ones that protect you at night. Satan said it himself :(

  79. Danger Breaks

    James I’m with you I wore diapers till I was 8 and I had the alarm to lol

  80. Jim Nolan

    no i do

  81. XxCheeky GurlxX

    No one: Absolutely no one ever: That guy in a bathtub: 0:00 - 10:02

  82. A Toast With Internet Acess

    “Unless you live in Australia, you’re chances of dying by a spider is low” *I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA*

  83. Amanda Wesley


  84. keeyp.adventuring

    WE NEED MORE OF THESE!!! There’s so many more Pokémon to choose from ❤️

  85. Devansh Pruthi

    Don't worry....my lil bro was too till 8

  86. Noah Young


  87. jacob wyly

    teens react to theOdd1sout reacting to teens reacting to odd1sout , like? if your'e watching in 2019 :D

  88. Mallory Cardinal

    We don't do the science fair

  89. Jimmy Driver

    So now he has more subs than captain sparklez

  90. Awesome Angus

    I play trumpet

  91. keeyp.adventuring

    I wanna verse James in Tetris.....

  92. Liselotte Geary

    I am Australian and fairy bread is deliciuso

  93. Super Clouds

    I love how the first connection everyone makes with Irish people is about potatoes (I'm Irish Owo)

  94. Gottem Pranks

    Wow sounded like an actual good teacher coming from someone who hated MOST teachers due to my ignorance.

  95. Ryan Skelton

    Oof he was so boring back then but now (2019) he’s much funny

  96. JoNatHan K

    I have Delexyia.

  97. Beyblade Master

    What about the new M&M Bar?

  98. Luna Artz

    I feel left out i am the odd one i am dutch

  99. fattygames 19

    Subscribe to me

  100. abc 53822

    What about white Africans? (Well I live in Australia but I was born in Africa. Also, fairy bread is BOMB)