Food cooking ideas for hungy pandas!

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  1. Varaug Carsaib

    Kids dont like your food? Refuse to feed them or play unless they eat what it's in their plate and say "thank you" to you. Let them starve for a couple hours , they surely will eat after that

  2. Israel Hernández

    Una pregunta porque te espian Las laps like si piesas lo mismo😳😳😳😳😮😮😮

  3. Ging TV

    In Philippines we don't celebrate our Christmas with sweets, we celebrate Christmas with native foods like a feast with the whole family, neighbors, friends and animals Hahaha . I want to try celebrating Christmas with sweets cause I'm a sweet tooth person and I think Christmas in your country is wonderful. 💖

  4. Bailey Bergeron

    Jveux faire 0:17 , 1:00 , 6:00 et 6:30

  5. Never.mess.with.a ARMY

    Uk u are early when theres 11 comments 😐

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  7. Gustavo Firmo

    Desenho de mulheres sensuais

  8. ievutuka _

    Kodel jus kuriat angliškai:(

  9. Kizzy Taylor

    Those hacks are sooooooo last year

  10. Amal Dehni


  11. ابو عباس


  12. ابو عباس


  13. ابو عباس


  14. Hattie Lockard

    Jellybeans in chocolate? Am I the only one who's a little concerned?🤨😂

  15. ITZ Meh!


    1. Hattie Lockard

      Or freezer but yes

  16. Myi Sielunsa Paholainen

    Amazing :)

  17. im so QuIrKy

    10:18 bruh it's a tampon

    1. Hattie Lockard

      @Elisabeth Bachmaier has saying it looks like one

    2. Elisabeth Bachmaier

      @im so QuIrKy i know. But i do not think so.

    3. im so QuIrKy

      @Elisabeth Bachmaier ik it not, it's a joke

    4. Elisabeth Bachmaier

      Do you think so?

  18. Alessia D'Errico


  19. Owen Clenaghan

    I love slime

  20. kawaii cupcake uincorn

    Also you do great hacks

  21. kawaii cupcake uincorn

    yes you are trying to coppy 5 min craft food fingers they did not use onion just saying. not trying to be mean

  22. Meherima rannaghor & tukitaki r u....

  23. Manush Krasniqi

    Mettete i like se vi piacciono le sue labbra.

  24. Audinga

    Emily, you sooo cuteee!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤

  25. Ashley Morris

    Pepper pig

  26. منتظر الزيادي

    اوي اوي يجنن 👄👄👄👄

  27. Абра Кадабра


  28. Little Monkey

    Good for entertaining family and kids on Christmas holidays

  29. Paige Draney

    So much better than 5-Minute crafts.

  30. U ya


  31. Shazia Ahmed

    Omg i love love loved yr video...!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍

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  33. Eeppinen Etana LOL

    So yummy👌🏾😋😍

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  35. Mirijam Messavussu

    Making my ♥️💓💞♥️melt.

  36. Eldina Samardzic

    Jesam ena samrdžić,😍😍😘😘

  37. Eldina Samardzic


  38. Eldina Samardzic


  39. Aziz Ros

    Amazing video. I like it

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  45. Taimoor Ali

    Mike ka stand banane ka tarika

  46. just my name

    jokes just for malaysia: panda lapar ke? makan la babun

  47. Lò Nam

    Các chỉ làm kiểu gì vậy sao mn

  48. Geovani Birgita Gacha life


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  50. WhoopsieHD

    @9:14 I know it’s not an actual like pretzel but, who dips their pretzels in milk

  51. Мая Тологонова

    жаман экен😠😲😭🙍😾💩💀✋

  52. cico cimbolo

    The first is a... Douffle??

  53. Poonam smart kitchen

    So yummy 😋

  54. وردت الربيع


  55. Emilie Sofie Gudberg Lerbjerg 4C Hedelyskolen

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  56. DiddleTheSkittle

    All these deserts look so good and yummy! Also i'm early! :-D

  57. Bao Gia

    Wow ! Yummy ! Very good ! I love you ! 😍😍😍

  58. Светлана Зайцева

    Theeee beeeeest channeeeeeel❤❤❤❤❤😗

  59. very easy art and craft

    Very very much appreciated

    1. Rana Aayan

      Have you ever tried something

  60. gjylnaze Telaku

    Hellovin hoooo

  61. gjylnaze Telaku

    Hey ju llajk paddy

  62. محمد الاحمد

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  63. Nata12380

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  64. Appun Sarah Sungkrang

    Jacoo and Emily you are best

  65. Queen Elease Toney

    Hell nawl

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  68. Tiu Bui

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  69. Chris B

    At 5:27 you KILLED THE BEAR😭😂🤣

  70. Tiu Bui

    hay thật như ok co dê

  71. Peñaranda campofrio

    Like si esta padre

  72. Create d

    Hey guys i love this vid by the way after 5 mins my mouth was watering lol

  73. massrunrun1213


  74. RODNY_FANS doraditos de corazon

    lol xd

  75. Marilia Hasegawa

    i like pink hair

  76. autumnspring

    It's early Nov. My brain is like *oh xmas, xmas music* but it's also like *IT'S NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING U MORON* But like *oh xmas, xmas music*

  77. Lori Saldana

    if these are ideas how come it does not say how long to chill for?

  78. Isabella ¿

    Poor fucking panda 😹 couldve put it in the ass instead of decapitating him

  79. Edna Lima


  80. Shalini Jagdeo

    The pink hair girl is the worst

  81. Ardita Ibranj

    I love you

  82. PAL 16

    Who cares if it's November? I mean the day of Halloween Walmart already had already set a bunch of Christmas decorations up.

    1. FloP20

      In my country, the supermarkets have started in September!

  83. Winter Bucky

    0:50 Play we have some fans here.

  84. Lara Bohn

    Ich finde die Nummer 19 am coolsten das ist sehr kreativ gestaltet worden!

  85. biba gata

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  87. Oana Oprinoiu


    1. Oana Oprinoiu

      The beautiful.!!!!

  88. Oana Oprinoiu

    The cuteeeeee😘😍🤩

  89. Maja Vlog

    Ktoś z Polski?

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    👏👏👏 WELL DONE good idea😄

  92. Raven Rose

    This video has more transitions than your average TikTok 😂😂

  93. Andy De Lopez

    🎄🎄 felices fiestas a todos ❤️ me encanto el video

  94. Mine Aydın

    Tik toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook

  95. Danielle Leeks

    Why do they keep using Skittles instead of M&Ms???

  96. Lujan Albornoz

    todos se copian entre si dejen de joder

  97. Dina die welt

    Wow i love you

  98. Ataman Axrorov


  99. Roopam Mishra

    5 minutes craft is better than crafty panda and troom troom

  100. RICO YAN